Senior doctor ‘should be STRUCK-OFF to protect the public’

Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba could be struck off for her role in six-year-old Jack Adcock's death after the General Medical Council appealed to the High Court in London to have her suspension upgraded. 07-12-17
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Senior doctor ‘should be STRUCK-OFF to protect the public’
Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba could be struck off for her role in six-year-old Jack Adcock's death after the General Medical Council appealed to the High Court in London to have her suspension upgraded.
What does "struck off" mean? In that context "struck off" means "departed from the obvious path or highway". Another use for "struck off" is for people who have been removed from an approved list. Your doctor might "strike you off" if you did not respect normal standards of good behaviour. You would then have to find another doctor.
What are the resources I can tap into to give my mother the help she needs when she becomes too old to take care for herself? Always talk to the family doctor to get all options available for her, because the doctor will get her either into a senior home or a nursing home, depending what she needs. With this you need to contact senior services and they also can help a lot with expenses and such.
Yesterday my vangina started iching i shave it and i am sexually active. please help me? Most people shave their public area so don't be ashamed by the answer of the person before! And most likely that's why you're itchy, if it does get worse however within the next week than you should definitely see a doctor, for now refrain from shaving so you can know what is causing the itching. If it burns when you pee and you have weird spots or redness that isn't going away you may possibly have an infection, maybe yeast, maybe UTI... all in all, keep an eye on it. Make sure you're using clean and sharp razor(not a rusty one) when shaving and remembered to always protect when having sex, only condoms protect against sexual diseases!
What age do senior citizen starts? The arbitrary ages are 62 (the age one can begin drawing early Social Security benefits) or 65, the age when Medicare kicks in (U.S.). Personally, I think one becomes a senior citizen when they stop working (not for wages per se, but just stop doing anything to keep themselves busy). I'm 73 and volunteer at the senior center, delivering Meals on Wheels, driving others to doctor appointments, to shopping , etc. so I see myself as someone who helps senior citizens.
I got an MRI of my eye socket and the test showed the spinal fluid was very sensitive, what could this mean? Related to the EYE, see an Ophthalmologist (MD). "doctor treating me"... cannot give you an opinion of merit, Ask you Doctor for a Referral to one who does know about the subject. [You might report your doctor to the medical board, not that it will do much. "protect their own" situation.]
What does "struck off" mean? strike off v. To start a journey or proceed in a new direction: The hikers struck off into the forest. It's a little confusing because the writer combined two "offs" into one, from "struck off" and "off the highway." "Struck off from the highway" would have been clearer.
Crowdfunding drive for doctor struck off over six-year-old boy's death Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba was convicted of manslaughter by gross negligence in 2015 A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to pay legal costs for a junior doctor who was struck off the medical register following a conviction for manslaughter. More than £160,000 has been raised in support of Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba, who was Continue reading...
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Is it correct to say 'struck an example'? When teaching people, is it correct to say: 'The author struck an example.' ? Can anybody give me another word used to mean 'give an example' when using examples or parables to teach people.
Struck vs Stricken Is struck or stricken correct in these sentences? The house was stricken / struck by lightning. The house had been stricken / struck by lightning. He was stricken / struck by grief, cancer, etc. ...
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