Canadian couple died after meeting WA doomsday leader

Two seemingly happy Canadian backpackers took their own lives shortly after meeting the WA-based leader of a doomsday cult who disappeared a decade ago, an inquest heard. 07-12-17
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Canadian couple died after meeting WA doomsday leader
Two seemingly happy Canadian backpackers took their own lives shortly after meeting the WA-based leader of a doomsday cult who disappeared a decade ago, an inquest heard.
Why did Trump tell the Senate "Put together a bipartisan immigration bill and I'll sign it", then, when presented with a bipartisan bill...? He told the group (all of it) that was in the meeting to do that, not just a couple of idiots. Everyone in that meeting had to agree and since they did not he should not have even talked to anybody else.
Six years ago, Harold Camping of family radio predicted the end of the world.now that he's gone, are his doomsday prophecy died with him?
A film I think its zombie when they build a huge gate in newcastle/scotland cant remember but what film is it? More information would help, but from your description it sounds like Doomsday, a virus/plague movie that came out in 2008. It's set in the UK, and it's about a virus getting loose in Scotland. In an attempt to contain the infection, the powers-that-be in London have a wall built, isolating Scotland from the rest of the isle of Britain and essentially turning Scotland into a huge quarantine zone. Years later, there's an outbreak of the virus in London, and the same powers-that-be order a team to go into Scotland to investigate rumors of a cure. Doomsday isn't a zombie flick, but it does have a few scenes featuring plague survivors who have gone off the deep end and have gotten into cannibalism, which could easily give that impression. Also, while Doomsday has a lot of similarities to the 28 Days Later movies, walling off Scotland is the main feature that distinguishes them from each other. Since you mentioned a gate in Scotland, that makes it sound like Doomsday. Hope that helps! EDIT - Your additional details are a spot-on description of Doomsday, so that's definitely it.
How can I acquire a Canadian passport since I left Canada in 1968, have U.S. citizenship? Only Canadian citizens can obtain Canadian passports. How did you acquire Canadian citizenship? And if you did have Canadian citizenship, you needed your Canadian passport some 50 years ago!
Did you know that the Manchester bomber was not British? I don't know that. And I am skeptical of your claim. Daesh is a horrible doomsday cult, and it can seduce people, even British people. People who are dejected from being alienated from their society are prime targets, since they're looking for some place to belong. Daesh wants the West to oppress and expel Muslims because Daesh thinks its fighting a doomsday war and wants to represent all Muslims. Don't get played by a murderous doomsday cult. It shouldn't be too hard to be smarter and better people than them. But so many Westerners want to give Daesh exactly what it wants. They're being dumber and aspiring to the same rottenness as Daesh.
UK Electrician moving to america? You both need the proper paperwork to apply to become landed immigrants to get a work permit. If you are moving from the UK, apply at the Canadian Embassy or through the Canadian Government website that give you all the details. If she is already qualified to enter and work there, maybe you can both get in on her ticket as a couple. I am not entirely clear from your question how she can work there. Also being qualified in Scotland is different from being qualified in Canada. The electrical codes are different and Canada has 110 volts. Also they are fussy about having Canadian qualifications to enable you to work, so you may have to take courses. You can look at indeed.com to see sample jobs in whatever city you want to go to. Good luck though. (The west coast is the warmest).
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Canadian billionaire couple 'murdered Deaths of Canadian billionaire couple Barry and Honey Sherman treated as murder, Toronto police say.
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Canadian billionaire Sherman couple 'murdered Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered in a targeted killing last month, Toronto police say.
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US-Canadian couple released from Taliban's Haqqani network Canadian Joshua Boyle and his wife Caitlan Coleman, who is from the United States, have been set free by the Taliban in Pakistan. The couple's three children, who were born in captivity, were also released.
Kidnapped US-Canadian couple return to Canada with family
Family Seeks Answers on Canadian Couple's Fate Family Seeks Answers on Canadian Couple's Fate in China Kevin and Julia Dawn Garratt, Canadians who spent decades living and doing humanitarian work in China, are facing one of the most serious public investigations announced against foreigners in China in recent memory.
Canadian pharmaceutical billionaire couple was murdered: police TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian pharmaceutical billionaire couple Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered in a targeted killing, Toronto police investigators said on Friday in their first detailed comments on the case since the couple's bodies were found on Dec. 15.
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