Impartiality, firmness and independence - Ian Stewart on his new book about the history of The Scotsman

When Ian Stewart turned from The Scotsman’s editor to its chronicler, he was gratified to discover how closely it had always stuck to its principles 07-12-17
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Impartiality, firmness and independence - Ian Stewart on his new book about the history of The Scotsman
When Ian Stewart turned from The Scotsman’s editor to its chronicler, he was gratified to discover how closely it had always stuck to its principles
im going to be moving to Edinburgh in around two years time? I suggest that you look at the Scotsman website. The Scotsman is Edinburgh's daily newspaper http://thescotsman.scotsman.com/
Scotlands monarchy? If you follow the Stewart line from James I up to the present day the heir to the Stewart throne is, incredible as it sounds, the man who would also be King of Bavaria if they still had a monarchy, Prince Franz, born in 1933. He is the Stewart claimant to the British throne as the Stewart line was barred in favour of the Hanoverians in 1701.
will Britain first stand against Scottish independence? I hope so.Its not independence.They already have that.Its pulling out of the UK that no Scotsman wants. What money will they have ? That awful little woman. https://uk.yahoo.com/news/eu-says-indepe...
What would it mean for the rest of the UK if Scotland became fully independent? If by some unforeseen miracle that the Scottish actually got independence then all the the rest of the UK would benefit quite a lot. Mainly because taxes would be a lot lower. But none of this will happen, a Scotsman will always fall to an Englishman's gold.
What are the choice of Tartans that can be worn by Queen Elizabeth II? The Queen has numerous tartans to choose from; however, only members of the Royal Family can wear the Balmoral tartan. The Queen often wears the Stewart Hunting or the Stewart (old) tartan on holiday. The Stewart (old) tartan was a favorite of the Queen Mother. During the 1930s, the Princess Elizabeth tartan, a version of the Inverness tartan, was created for her. The Stewart Victorian tartan is reserved for furnishings at Balmoral.
And is this why you think us Scots are tight with our money? A true story:- I was in a shop in Moffat some years ago and an elderly Scotsman asked the assistant how much the large brown envelopes were. She replied "two pence each" (I told you it was some years ago!). The man then said "How much fer two?" The young girl said "Four pence". The Scotsman's response was "Dae ye no get them eny cheaper if ye buy mair than one?" Having said that I worked in Glasgow for two years and found everyone very helpful and generous so I think the "mean Scotsman" tag is really undeserved.
Book Review: 'Nature's God' by Matthew Stewart & 'Independence' by Thomas P. Slaughter How Radical Were the Founders? Was America's revolution driven by political philosophers or practical men reacting to events?
Catalonia’s media drop impartiality for independence The starkly divergent news agendas promoted in Madrid and Barcelona expose the crisis that state-funded journalism can face when the political stakes rise Some fundamental media questions can never be definitively answered. One is: who should be allowed to own a newspaper or news organisation? Another – a core problem as those crucial Catalonian regional elections near – is who controls the public service apparatus that supposedly delivers independent but state-sanctified journalism? Hollow laugh. You might have hoped that the high-profile
Alex Salmond joins bid to take control of anti-independence paper the Scotsman Alex Salmond said he wanted the Johnston Press’s Scotsman title to be more ‘pro-Scotland’. Former Scottish first minister Alex Salmond has joined an activist investor seeking to oust the board and chief executive of Johnston Press, owner of titles including the Scotsman and national newspaper i. Salmond, who lost his Gordon seat in the last general election, has teamed up with Christen Ager-Hanssen, the struggling newspaper publisher’s largest investor, who is looking to take control.
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TIL during a performance on MTV's "The Jon Stewart Show", Marilyn Manson threw instruments around the stage and ended with a piggyback ride by Jon Stewart.
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What is the history of Catalan Separatist Movement? Were there any other attempts to gain independence?
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60 years of front page news in The Scotsman As this newspaper celebrates its 200th birthday with a reception at the Scottish Parliament, this year marks another big anniversary and a defining moment – replacing adverts with news and pictures on the front page
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What is the meaning of “impartiality” in this paragraph? The failure of Iran's Hezbollah paramilitaries to make "a serious attempt to break up" the peaceful reformist student protests over the sentence was thought to be associated with Supreme Leader ...
If Moses wrote the Book of Job, was he Job's contemporary and writing history or is the Book an inspirational work of fiction? The Talmud at Bava Basra 14b-15b teaches that Moses wrote the Book of Job before the Exodus. If so, was he a contemporary and a witness to Job's suffering, was he describing a historical figure he ...
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Is there a dutch book argument for the “independence of irrelevant alternatives” axiom?
Does independence on semi rings imply independence on the generated sigma algebras? Let $\Omega$ be a set and let $M$ be a sigma algebra on it. That is, $M$ contains $\emptyset$, $M$ is closed under complements and $M$ is closed under countable unions. Furthermore assume that $P$ is a probability measure on $M$. Now we define a semi ring $A$ as a collection of subsets of $\Omega$ such that $A$ contains $\emptyset$, $A$ is closed under finite intersections and such that for all $S, T \in A$ we have that $S \setminus T$ can be written as a finite disjoint union of elements of $A$. Let $A_1$ and $A_2$ be two semi rings contained in $M$ and assume that for all $S_1 \in A_1$ and all $S_2 \in A_2$ we have that $S_1$ and $S_2$ are independent; $P(S_1 \cap S_2) = P(S_1)P(S_2)$. Let $M_1$ and $M_2$ be the sigma algebras generated by $A_1$ and $A_2$ respectively. Does independence of the semi rings carry over to the sigma algebras generated by them? That is, does it hold that for all $S_1 \in M_1$ and all $S_2 \in M_2$ we have $P(S_1 \cap S_2) = P(S_1)P(S_2)$?
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