Original ‘Jean Brodie’ manuscript on show in Edinburgh’s Muriel Spark exhibition

Dame Muriel Spark's fans will get the chance to see the handwritten manuscript of her most famous novel for the first time ever in a major new exhibition in her home city of Edinburgh. 07-12-17
  • [18-12] The manuscript of one of Scotland’s most famous novels, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, is part of an exhibition on…
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  • [29-09] #LeGrandJury Muriel Pénicaud "fait le job", selon Jean-Claude Mailly
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  • [14-10] Someone life a scrap of paper in a manuscript I am reading numbers of other manuscript collections...thanks for the lead #fromthearchives
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  • [29-07] Deacon Brodie's Tavern #Edinburgh Deacon Brodie war das historische Vorbild für Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
  • [29-09] "You can't say your modern, you must show it at every touchpoint" - Muriel Lotto @WesternUnion at #dotsconf…
Original ‘Jean Brodie’ manuscript on show in Edinburgh’s Muriel Spark exhibition
Dame Muriel Spark's fans will get the chance to see the handwritten manuscript of her most famous novel for the first time ever in a major new exhibition in her home city of Edinburgh.
Literary Edinburgh? How about The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark? It is set in Edinburgh in the 1930's.
Any good novels based in edinburgh? 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brody' by Muriel Spark is wonderful, or you could try '44 Scotland Street' by Alexander McCall Smith, which is an episodic novel (ie it is a series of novels all set in the same boarding house in a street in Edinburgh). Spark's novel is hugely funny but also quite dark in places; the 'Scotland Street' novels are very amusing and just the thing for reading on a plane or long-distance bus journey. Enjoy your visit - but for goodness sake, bring warm, waterproof clothes!
glasgow or edinburgh? Glasgow is much bigger than Edinburgh . Both cities have their good points . Glasgow is easily accessible to the charm of the west coast and spectacular scenery . It has also been European City of Culture . Lots of nice places to live in . Embra is compact and also well endowed with museums and art galleries . Its schooling is based mostly on the alleged superiority of the fee paying schools over those in the public sector . Edinburgh parents are somewhat over sensitive about this . Miss Jean Brodie lives !
I am in AP English and I have to pick an author and read 2 of his/her books for my research paper... who should I pick? Thanks in advance :)? Trying not to repeat anyone's suggestions and making an effort to mention some more ladies: Isabel Allende Gabriel Garcia Marquez Daniel Defoe DH Lawrence Flannery O'Connor Doris Lessing Jean Rhys Muriel Spark JM Coetzee Walter Scott Karen Blixen (NB she used several pseudonyms, many of her books published in English are by Isak Dinesen) Sigrid Undset Anne Radcliffe Elizabeth Gaskell Arnold Bennett Eyvind Johnson
? Are novels too long? Try Muriel Spark. Most of her novels are quite short, and eminently readable.
what attractions are must to see in Edinburgh for 1 day visit ? Edinburgh Castle definitely, Edinburgh Dungeons is a fun one too, Edinburgh Zoo is good also and Edinburgh National Gallery, if you are there before 21st September then there is a Vanity Fair exhibition on. Good Luck.
Celebrated Scots author Muriel Spark ‘haunted by family rifts’ A new book on Dame Muriel Spark by a journalist who became a close friend in her final 16 years of her life is to lift the lid on how she was haunted by long-running family rifts and relationships which turned sour.
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Brodie, today is KD's birthday. Westbrook:
This is Jean-Baptiste Kempf, the creator of the VLC media player, he refused tens of millions of euros in order to keep VLC ads-free. Gracias, Jean!
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