Jean-Claude Juncker’s latest BLUNDER is truly HORRIFIC

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Jean-Claude Juncker’s latest BLUNDER is truly HORRIFIC
Is Juncher as arrogant as Britain's Labour MPs, too stupid to realise that insulting British people is not the way to win them over? Why should he want to 'win us over'? We're the most conceited bastards ever, and now we're still in a cloud of confusion of what Brexit actually means, despite the main land of the UK rushing to the Brexit means Brexit party. Jean-Claude Juncker (just so you remember the spelling of his surname, Brit in chains) realises our stupidity, since the fall of the Empire comes with the packet, where you live in a capital still too full of itself where you have to pay almost a fiver for a milky coffee, and things tend to 'get better' only for the few.
Has Angela Merkel got a curious view of how democracy should work in the EU when she dictates that EU countries must take illegal immigrants? Germany's leader, Angela Merkel, is warning other European Union countries there will be "consequences" if they refuse to sign up to quotas for refugees. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has unveiled a plan to distribute Syrian refugees among EU states - but there is resistance in...
? Who is your best friend? Jean-Claude Van Damme.
Who wrote Voodoo child? Jean-Claude Duvalier.
It this real or not? Jean Claude? O ho ho he is dee internet policeman.
Even Trump's anti-EU friend Teresa May ADMITS Russia is interfering in other countries' system. What do you think? x TM PROCLAIMS russia's attempts to disrupt democratic societies in the West. and i KNO dt did yet another of his 24 hr flipflops on this, NOW [nov 13] he says US intell is like, you know, like totally the best in the world, nothing like it! x PS: anti EU is the right way to go. EU means nations must surrender their VERY VERY hard won sovereignty to some imperious committees of bureaucrats in brussels. Committees that command them to accept x 1000s of immigrants from somalia, yemen, syria, afgan, etc etc. x . . EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said . “national borders are the worst invention ever” . and more help must be given to the refugees and their children. . His comments were quickly countered by new U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May. . "This is not something the Prime Minister would agree with. . “The British people think borders are important, having more control over our borders is important, . and that is an issue we need to address," a spokesperson for May said. . x
Jean-Claude Juncker to set out his vision of Europe The European Commission President will set out the European Union's key policy priorities for the next 12 months in an address to MEPs in Strasbourg this morning.
Jean-Claude Juncker says UK should rejoin EU using Article 49
Jean-Claude Juncker's Plan for the EU Revealed The EU commission president's report offers five options for the bloc’s future direction.
EU taxpayers should not pay for Brexit, says Jean-Claude Juncker
Opinion: Jean-Claude Juncker on the high EU seas It was an optimistic speech. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker sees tailwinds for Europe and has proposed far-reaching reforms. A number of these, says Barbara Wesel, are doomed to fail.
Jean-Claude Juncker clears the confusion over Catalonia
Jean-Claude Juncker: I would respect Catalonia 'yes' vote
Jean-Claude Juncker Launches Plan for EU's Rebirth The president of the European Commission has five different options for the future of the EU.
Jean-Claude Juncker's federalist vision for the EU is far from reality Despite the European commission chief’s ambitions, opposing national interests may mean some policies will remain slogans Never mind the Brexit. If Jean-Claude Juncker had a message for the UK in his state of the union speech on Wednesday, this was it. “[Brexit] is not the be all and end all,” the European commission president said, devoting around two minutes to the trauma of Britain’s EU exit in an address that ran for one hour and spanned a range of topics from geopolitics to fishfingers . “The wind is back in Europe’s sails,”
No breakthrough in Brexit talks, says EU's Jean-Claude Juncker The head of the European Commission, the EU's executive body, signaled a failure in reaching a breakthrough in Brexit talks. But the UK's premier Theresa May said she is "confident" that a fair deal will be reached.
"While the sun is shining we need to do everything that is needed, before the next storm comes" Jean-Claude Juncker
Jean-Claude Juncker pours scorn on UK’s Brexit documents British negotiators are growingly exasperated at what they see as the EU’s stubbornness
'Wind Is Back In Europe's Sails': Jean-Claude Juncker European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in a flagship speech Wednesday that the "wind is back in Europe's sails" after last year's shock Brexit vote, an act he insisted Britain would...
UK will live to regret voting for Brexit - Jean Claude Juncker The president of the European Commission says Britain will be left to rue voting for Brexit.
Jean-Claude Juncker: None of UK Government's papers on Brexit satisfactory European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker says none of the UK Government's papers outlining its stance on Brexit are satisfactory.
Jean-Claude Juncker: Migrants 'need legal ways to come to Europe The European Union must not remain silent in the face of slave markets in Libya, says EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker. Speaking with DW, Juncker reiterated his call for more legal migration routes to the EU.
EU's Jean-Claude Juncker: Bulgaria will deliver results for Europe Bulgaria has achieved a great deal since it became an EU member in 2007, says EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. In an interview with DW, he explains why he has such high expectations for its EU presidency.
'You'll soon regret it': Jean-Claude Juncker slaps down Britain over Brexit Europe’s most powerful official today said Britain will “soon regret” Brexit as he mapped out plans for a powerful superstate without the UK. In a keynote speech, Jean-Claude Juncker used Britain’s departure to embark on a drive towards deeper integration of the 27 remaining states. He airily dismissed Britain’s departure as “not the be all and end all” for the other 27 states. “Brexit is not the future of Europe,” he said, stressing that the rest would “move on”. His speech came as a former Brexit Minister made a dramatic
Can Jean-Claude Juncker Make Brussels More Political and Less Bureaucratic Pouring Political Oil on Troubled Bureaucracy Brussels Beat: An EU attempt to ban refillable olive-oil containers in restaurants, illustrates how Brussels is run by bureaucrats. Jean-Claude Juncker, who becomes president of the EU’s executive arm Saturday has promised to change that, writes Matthew Dalton.
Jean-Claude Juncker says wind back in Europe's sails European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has said that the "wind is back in Europe's sails" as the continent becomes more united and economic momentum picks up a year after Brexit.
Germany's Angela Merkel Confirms Support for Jean-Claude Juncker Germany's Angela Merkel Confirms Support for Jean-Claude Juncker German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday reiterated her support for Jean-Claude Juncker as the next president of the European Commission
Nigel Farage Absolutely Lets Rip At Jean-Claude Juncker’s Response To Catalonia
Britain needs a 'miracle' to meet deadline for Brexit deal, says Jean-Claude Juncker
Jean-Claude Juncker outlines vision to win back 'hearts and minds' of EU citizens In his State of the Union speech, European Commission President Juncker has praised the bloc for "bouncing back" after 10 years of crises. He has outlined bold proposals for the eurozone, trade and migration.
Did Jean-Claude Van Damme do a suspended split between two trucks? This Volvo Trucks ad shows actor and martial artist, Jean-Claude Van Damme, performing a suspended split between two moving trucks, driving in reverse. I tend to think that what we see in the video ...
Did Juncker say he spoke with other planet leaders? In this video you can see the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker in a speech on EU Parliament in Brussels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QM-KVAXY7Gs At 0:08 his translated ...
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Horrific squealing when car is first turned on? This is a really classic and common old car problem. I see it all the time but this is the first time it's started happening to my own car. Basically when I first turn the car on, there's instantly a ...
->Horrific squealing when car is first turned on? This is a really classic and common old car problem. I see it all the time but this is the first time it's started happening to my own car. Basically when I first turn the car on, there's instantly a ...
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