North Korea says outbreak of war has become 'an established fact

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North Korea says outbreak of war has become 'an established fact
How do Trump fans feel that North Korea might bomb us now thanks to Trumps childish attacks on them? North Korea has been building weapons since shortly after the Korean Conflict back in the 1950's for one purpose. To defeat the United States. Our previous presidents have done nothing to stop them. In fact, some have even assisted North Korea in their efforts. One even gave North Korea two reactors supposedly for peaceful purposes. Now that we've finally got a president with enough spunk they're unhappy that they won't be getting more aid. War is most likely going to happen in time. We just can't let them build more.
US sends F 22's, B1A's, and nuclear aircraft carriers to S. Korea, in response to NK missle test. War or show? Thoughts? when they move the marines from Okinawa to north korea, then we are going to war. the USA has been in the icbm race since the 1950s; our response should be to drop a hundred heavy nuclear bombs and missiles the length and breadth of north korea, so it becomes completely uninhabitable. the only real threat from north korea's missiles, is that in devastating the north koreans in return for an attack, we will have a war with china and russia. the only benefit is that no one will miss north korea.
Why is Trump brave enough to travel in North Korea's backyard but Kim won't dare leave North Korea? Kim Jong-un has a bounty on his head. South Korea has already said they are putting together beheading squads to infiltrate North Korea, and take out their leader. You have to believe South Korea already has agents in North Korea waiting for Kim Jong-un to go out in public. The South Koreans want him out just as much as we do. He's blocking the unification of South and North Korea. North Korea pours all their money into the military. They don't have enough food to feed the civilians, and have placed the military personnel ahead of civilians to get the food. If Kim Jong-un got on a plane and left North Korean airspace, he'd get shot down. He knows the people of North Korea, South Korea, and the US military want him dead. And, China doesn't want to deal with him and his supposed nuclear threat either.
Why do you people still love Donald Trump after threatening to go to war with North Korea? We have not threatened to start a war with North Korea. North Korea has presented maps of missiles aimed at Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. North Korea is at war with the US - they never signed a peace treaty after the First Korean War. They intend to take South Korea.
What if North Korea bombed US, who do you think will win the war? what do you think will happen to our future if one of them is crushed/gone? If lets say north korea launched a missile with a nuke on it and it hit seattle or LA or Arizona. America wpuld respond no one would say word one against president trump if he said i declare war on north korea. If you watch the north korean films with all the troops marching and the tanks and stuff you think north korea would be hard to fo to war with but the us has more airplans more aircraft carriers and bombs a plenty. The retired militarty peopleall over the news channels say we could easly win over north korea. No contest. But the north haa thousands of artillary pointed at south korea so they could pummel seoul cause lots of damage and kill lots of people in the south
If the US is afraid of North Korea that has only nuclear ballistic missiles...? Russia and China use North Korea, the US is a very aggressive nation. Kim is crazy and wants to make sure US doesn't try to remove him from power. Russia is sanctioned by US, why would Russia actually help US put pressure on North Korea, they have nothing to gain from it. The Chinese have a trading relationship with North Korea why would they honestly stop trading with North Korea instead of just lying that they're trying to stop "illegal activity". The US does the same thing everywhere from Ukraine to Korea, they try to control situation so it's to their liking but when it doesn't work out like when Crimea gets annexed or North Korea reaches nuclear capabilities they freak out and feel the world is out of their control.
North Korea says outbreak of war has become 'an established fact' after US threats and air drills North Korea has said war has been made inevitable by threats from the United States and huge military drills which are currently being conducted by the US and South Korea. An unnamed North Korean foreign ministry official said the outbreak of war has become “an established fact” in a statement published in official media. “The remaining question now is: when will the war break out,” the spokesman added. The official blamed “confrontational warmongering” and “the largest-ever joint aerial drill” by the US and South Korea for push
North Korea Says Nuclear War on the Peninsula Is Inevitable and an 'Established Fact' North Korea says a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula has become a matter of when, not if, as it continued to lash out at a massive joint military exercise between the United States and South Korean involving hundreds of advanced warplanes.
North Korea says US will pay for Nikki Haley's 'hysteric fit' - South Korea detects radioactive material following North Korean nuclear test - What would happen if North Korea fires a missile at the US?
North Korea short-range missiles failed after launch, US military says - North Korea says country 'safer than an evening walk in London,' as it targets Russian tourists - OPINION: North Korea sanctions are finally getting serious
Trump's Latest Tweet on North Korea, Fact-Checked Fact-checking this statement means unpacking the three claims contained within it: that the U.S. has been talking to North Korea for 25 years, that the U.S. has been somehow financially supporting North Korea for 25 years, and that talks have been inconclusive.
FACT: In July 1950, North Korea Defeated the U.S. Army (Could It Happen Again?) The U.S. howitzers had HEAT antitank rounds, but only a few, and too few to stop the North Korean tanks from overrunning the American positions. The tank assault should have been repulsed by Task Force Smith’s bazookas, except that the rockets couldn’t penetrate the armor of the Soviet-made vehicles. In July 1950, North Korea defeated the United States Army.
FACT: The U.S. Military Considered Using Nuclear Weapons on North Korea and China Nuclear escalation on the Korean Peninsula would have gone terribly for everyone involved. The United States would have caused dreadful pain to uncertain strategic advantage, potentially pushing the Communist powers to escalate.  The physical and human terrain of Korea would have endured awful suffering.
North Korea says country 'safer than an evening walk in London,' as it targets Russian tourists - OPINION: North Korea sanctions are finally getting serious - North Korea-related sanctions anger China, Russia but is real problem overlooked?
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Trump warns US military response would mark ‘very sad day for North Korea’ - North Korea celebrates nuclear tests - North Korea may launch ICBM on Saturday, South Korean president warns - China holds drills in waters near Korean Peninsula
TIL North Korea appears pitch black at night based on NASA satellite images. Entire streets shut down, and people go to bed early with nothing else to do in the darkness. South Korea use 10,162 kilowatt hours per person a year compared to North Korea who
Russia Provides New Internet Connection to North Korea | 38 North: Informed Analysis of North Korea
North Korea expert: 'No way to stop' Kim Jong Un's regime - North Korea's nuclear and missile program moving 'faster than expected,' expert says - N. Korea resuming work at nuke test site: report
The North Korea nuke situation is Colombine on a more macroscopic level. Especially considering all of the sanctnions. What does North Korea have left to lose but to take out as many of the enemy as possible on the way out?
US and South Korean troops start drills amid North Korea standoff - COVERAGE OF THE NORTH KOREA CRISIS
Parents of American student who died after imprisonment in North Korea watch as Trump calls North Korea leadership “depraved.”
North Korea resuming work at nuke test site: report - Why Russia props up North Korea
NORTH KOREA CONFLICT - Washington, Seoul agree to pursue diplomatic solutions to North Korea crisis
NORTH KOREA EXPLOSION - Merkel, Macron call for tougher EU sanctions on North Korea after nuclear test
CSIS study (retweeted by next ambassador to S-Korea Victor Cha): periods when the U.S. negotiates with North Korea correlate with a decrease in North Korean provocations.
NORTH KOREA EXPLOSION - Tremors detected in North Korea caused by nuclear test, says Japan
USA NORTH KOREA - US secretary of state sees changed attitude in North Korea, hope for dialogue
NORTH KOREA NUCLEAR - US, South Korea to deploy aircraft carrier post North's new test
Where might I observe refugees escaping across the North Korea-China or North Korea Russia border illegally? I will try to visit northern China and/or eastern Russia on this trip.I've visited South Korea many times and I'm really interested in the plight of North Koreans trying to flee from the repressive regime in the their country.Which spots on the border are known for escapes? I know I've seen documentaries and news stories on it but don't know if they said where.Actually even if I don't see anybody going for it it would still feel amazing to be at a place where I know people do often attempt this amazing personal challenge to find their freedom.Is there somewhere near Weihai perhaps?
Will North Korea point some nukes toward Beijing if China bans oil exports to North Korea?
Is there a museum in South Korea about defectors and refugees who escaped North Korea? I was just watching a History Channel documentary on YouTube called "Kingjongilia" about people who have managed to escape North Korea.Having visited South Korea a bunch of times now, I realize I didn't notice any kind of museum on these people and their plight. Googling for one now isn't helping much either.Is there such a museum somewhere in South Korea?
Why did South Korea (and the UN) accept an armistice line that put Seoul in artillery range of North Korea?
Are there any tours into North Korea that depart from Japan or South Korea? I'm in Japan for 3 weeks, and then looking to go across to South Korea. I'm wondering if there's anyway to organise a tour of North Korea that departs from either Japan or South Korea?Bearing in mind, I'm a NZ Citizen so would possibly require time to organise visas...depending on whether or not it goes through China as well.
Why doesn't South Korea give up its claim on North Korea?
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