How well is your luggage really treated at an airport? A peek behind the scenes

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How well is your luggage really treated at an airport? A peek behind the scenes
Can you bring scissors with you on a plane in Britain? In the UK and Ireland, you can take scissors in your hand luggage provided they are not pointed and the total length is less than 4 inches. That's hairdressing scissors out although you can take them in you hold luggage. You can't take any scissors in your hand luggage when you board a plane in Italy. Italian airport security must be amassing a huge collection of scissors that people have taken out and can't bring back.
How early can you check your luggage in at the lima airport check in? It took me more than 2 hours to get from the airplane through customs in the Lima airport. It can be a real mess. Then the traffic is horrible.and you need at least 2 hours back at the airport before your flight leaves. If you're checked through, you'll recheck your luggage after going through customs, and only have your carry on. I don't know if there are lockers, but they won't be in the area after customs. I can't remember if that's one of the airports where they only open up the check in desk two hours before the flight- if this is a separate flight, booked separately, you might not be able to check luggage until 2 hours before the flight.
If I fly by Canada Air, is the baggage claim system the same as the US? , I am a minor (17.) If you do not have Parental Permission you will be returned home. I have since been informed that the baggage claim system in Canada is different from the ones in the USA, Really you have been told that. Baggage claim systems in Airports are Similar but not identical place to place. For you your baggage will arrive on one of the baggage carousels in the Canada Customs inspection area. just after Immigration Passport Control. You will claim your luggage and proceed towards the Exit where a Canada Customs Officer will ask some questions and may want to search your stuff. Being the Age of 17 you will not be allowed out of the secure area until Officials verify there is an ADULT to greet you. This Adult will be the one your Parents have selected. t I didn't need to register as an unaccompanied minor and it was optional. TRUE. Your PARENTS must check you in for your flight. The flying on the plane part is not a concern for a 17 year old. What do I need to know? You need to know you are a CHILD for the purpose of International Law and Border Crossing. How would I go about retrieving my baggage in the airport after the flight? Use your eyes look for your luggage. READ the tags many look the same. Use your arms and hands to LIFT the bag from the luggage conveyor and place on the ground. Lots of bags? Look first for a luggage cart to assist you with taking your luggage from the Customs area. Your friends will not be at the luggage area to help you. YOU DO IT YOURSELF until you exit Customs Canadian Officials will decide when you can leave. They usually want to talk with the Adult that will greet you before you can exit. Toronto Pearson Airport. Very Large Airport. This video show the Toronto Airport Arrival area for International Flights. When you go home you do a US Customs Inspection BEFORE you get on the plane. GO EARLY 3-4 hours before departure.It can get busy.
Visa to visit London during stopover? As Nola Guy says you don't need a visa but you need to take into account how long it takes to get through a London airport and into the centre. I assume you are landing at Heathrow? It will take you about two hours at least to disembark and go through customs and immigration. If you are arriving in the early morning when a lot of the long haul flights land, the queues at immigration will be horrendous. You should allow at least two hours to check in and clear security when you return to the airport as well. Even if you take the Heathrow Express which takes only 15 mins to Paddington, think of the real journey time as nearer 40 mins by the time you have got to the Heathrow Express terminal in the airport, bought tickets and boarded the train. Paddington is not exactly central London and depending on what you want to see or do, you will probably need to take a tube, taxi or bus to somewhere else. Can you check your luggage through or will you have to reclaim it and either lug it with you (ugh!) or check it into left luggage? You should allow time for that as well. Not trying to put you off but don't underestimate how much time it takes to get through the formalities at the airport and actually get into London itself. If you are really determined to see some of London, you would be far better off booking one of the sightseeing tours operating from the airport and which will return you to the airport at the end in time for your onward flight. http:// http://
How early can you check your luggage in at the lima airport check in? I have a flight that arrive at 10 amd by the time i get thorugh customs it will be 11 and i have a 7 hour layover and i want to check out the city, but i don't want to carry my luggage around the city
can anyone recommend a cheap hotel in edinburgh? Hi there, Do you have any preference as to where you would like to stay in Edinburgh, such as near the airport? If you have a look at the London Luton Airport website they have a range of hotels near the airport: http:// There are many festivals going on in Edinburgh such as the Literary bus tour and the hispanic arts festival. You can also take an Edinburgh tour bus or visit the zoo which will be great for the little one! Alternatively if you like your sport you could take a behind the scenes tour of the Murrayfield stadium. Hope that helps! Happy travels :) Claire
A peek behind the scenes
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Chinese couple had 200 roaches in airport hand luggage Staff were surprised to find live cockroaches in a Chinese couple's airport hand luggage.
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Copenhagen: Police close part of airport over 'odd size luggage' Danish police have reopened one of the main terminals at Copenhagen airport, after it was evacuated earlier in the morning. Would-be passengers have been told to still expect delays at Scandinavia's busiest airport.
Passenger hiding 50 snakes, 25 spiders in carry-on luggage detained at Belarus airport The man was turned over to customs officers, while his exotic ‘pets’ were sent for examination
Rio police bust airport drugs ring that exploited innocent passengers' luggage labels Twenty-seven people arrested in drugs bust including airline staff Police say criminals duplicated luggage labels to send cocaine abroad Brazilian police have busted a drug-smuggling ring that operated in Rio de Janeiro’s international airport by duplicating the luggage labels of innocent passengers traveling domestically to send suitcases of cocaine abroad. Twenty-seven people were arrested, including airline and airport staff, one foreigner, and an official from the Brazilian tax office, police said. A large amount of foreign currency was
[r/todayilearned] TIL an Irish nurse has been stuck in the Phillipines for 4 years awaiting an appeal of a 14 year jail sentence for possession of .38 grams of Marijuana which he says was planted in his luggage by airport officials to extort money (see t
[#614|+1325|131] TIL an Irish nurse has been stuck in the Phillipines for 4 years awaiting an appeal of a 14 year jail sentence for possession of .38 grams of Marijuana which he says was planted in his luggage by airport officials to extort money (see ta
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Minors who commit a crime can be tried and treated as an adult, but minors who wish to make adult decisions are considered unable to be treated as an adult?
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Luggage That Won’t Get Lost Luggage That Won’t Get Lost A new company wants travelers to have it all—form and function—in a package that will definitely stand out on the baggage carousel.
Luggage That Is More Than Meets the Eye Luggage That Is More Than Meets the Eye From weekend jaunt to morning commute, bags that transform to the situation.
Better to look after your luggage than look for the police
Can I use German Rail Luggage Service to send luggage from Frankfurt Main Airport to Airbnb in Chemnitz? I want to use Bahn Gepaeckservice to send my luggage from Frankfurt Main Airport to an Airbnb in Chemnitz. The Airbnb is a private apartment. I'm a tourist and do not live in Germany. The Bahn's web page mentions: Selbstverständlich übernimmt die Gepäckaufbewahrung auch bei Ihrer Rückreise den Gepäckversand nach Hause.Which means the Bahn (or the airport's luggage service) will send the luggage from the airport to the persons home ("nach Hause") — which I assume must be in Germany.I already asked on bahn.de but the answer does not clearly state that tourists can use the service and they directed me to the airport's left-luggage-office (although it seems the Bahn is offering this service).Can a tourist (non resident) use this service to send luggage to an Airbnb address?I'm worried that the Bahn wants to see an ID document which shows a permanent address in Germany.If I can use the service, where do I go to at the airport — the Bahn or the left-luggage-office?Alternatively, can I send my heavy luggage from Frankfurt airport to Chemnitz some other way?
Shipping luggage from Narita Airport to Haneda Airport and storing it there I will be arriving at Narita Airport in December and will be staying in Japan for a month, I have two large suitcases because right after Japan I will be going to Vietnam leaving from Haneda Airport. Is there a service that can take one of my luggage from Narita to Haneda and storing it there for approx a month? I've heard there's a limit to the amount of luggage you can bring on a Shinkasen because I will be traveling around Japan and not just staying in one area. Any recommendations?
Chennai Airport Luggage Storage Please let me know is there any cloak rooms available in chennai international and domestic terminals for leaving luggage?
Luggage storage at El Alto La Paz airport I am looking for a place to leave 2 pieces of luggage for 3 days in La Paz, Bolivia - preferrably at La Paz El Alto airport (LPB) Does anybody know if such a service is available there?If one simply searches the internet, then the answer is yes - it is supposed to be somewhere in the main hall.However, I was at the airport today, on arrival from Cuzco, Peru. I was specifically looking for this counter/service and was not able to find it. There was a single currency exchange counter, a souvenir shop and a hallway to connecting flights and that was it.It seems to be a really small airport/terminal and also there is some construction going on - which might be the reason why I could not find it.The webpage for the airport has been down for weeks and is of no use. To give an overview of what I saw at the airport - first there were the usual passport check booths, right after the booths there was a single belt, from which we picked up our luggage. Then there was the customs check and finally we were in a relatively smallish hall with exit (to taxis) to the left and the currency exchange to the right of us. Maybe the international arrivals are just separated from everything else?Does anyone know now for sure that this service really does exist as of December 2014? Maybe I did not look for it long and hard enough - if that is the case - where exactly would it be located?
Is it safe to check in luggage one day before at airport? Some airlines allow you to check-in luggage at airport a day before travel. This far I haven't been using that option because the risk of lost luggage concerns me. Is my concern valid? To be more specific, I'm only interested in big international airports.
Dubrovnik Airport Luggage Storage Is there luggage storage service in Dubrovnik Airport?If so, how much is the service and who is the operator? (The Airport authority or a contracted service provider?)
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