Ed Sheeran receives an MBE from the Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace

ED Sheeran was awarded an MBE at Buckingham Palace today for his services to music and charity. The 26-year-old pop star, who this year topped the charts with his third album Divide, was presented with the honour by Prince Charles. The Shape of You singer was all smiles as he shook HRH’s hand whilst collecting […] 07-12-17
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Ed Sheeran receives an MBE from the Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace
ED Sheeran was awarded an MBE at Buckingham Palace today for his services to music and charity. The 26-year-old pop star, who this year topped the charts with his third album Divide, was presented with the honour by Prince Charles. The Shape of You singer was all smiles as he shook HRH’s hand whilst collecting […]
Now Charles has stated he doesn't want to live in Buckingham palace, how should the unloved white elephant be made use of.? LOL I thought I'd answered this one before!! Fact is apparently the Prince has suggested he doesn't want to LIVE in the Palace, but chances are, especially if he lets Clarence House go to another Royal, he'll still use the Palace as a London base, as does the Queen - mainly as offices. I can't see Buckingham Palace, which belongs to the Nation in any case, not being used - and it's far from 'unloved'. It would possibly become a museum - there are a lot of priceless articles, pictures, furniture, in there.
Will the royal family move out of London ? The Queen is known to dislike Buckingham Palace and regards Windsor Castle as he "main home". She stays at Buckingham Palace when necessary (State opening of Parliament, Trooping the Colour, most state visits but her preference is to stay at Windsor if possible. She normally spends her actual birthday (21st April) at Windsor and rarely undertakes official engagements on it. She spends eight weeks during the Summer at Balmoral (the same weeks Buckingham Palace is opened to the public) and Christmas is spent at Sandringham.
Are Wales and Scotland countries or principalities? OK you seem very confused when actually its quite simple 1) Wales is a country, Scotland is a country. England is also a country 2) Great Britain is not a country, its an island which contains England, Scotland and Wales. Although the UK is sometimes referred to informally as "Britain", this is wholly incorrect 3) The countries of Great Britain along with Northern Ireland make up the United Kingdom (UK), which is in itself a country 4) A principality is a sovereign state reigned over by a monarch with the title of prince or princess. Its just a type of country. Liechtenstein and Monaco are principalities ruled over by Prince Hans-Adam II and Prince Albert II respectively 5) Wales WAS a principality between 1216 and 1542. The last ruling Prince of Wales was Owain Glyndŵr. Yes, we still have the Prince of Wales i.e. Prince Charles, but he doesn't actually reign over the country of Wales, it is reigned over by a queen or king (currently Queen Elizabeth II), therefore it cannot be considered a principality
How upset are the british people by prince harold's choice of a bride? "Harold" is not the name of the Prince who is engaged to Meghan Markle, you numb skull. He is often referred to as "Prince Harry" (a diminutive of Henry), but his name is HRH Prince Henry Charles Albert David. He is the youngest child of the Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales; and is currently 5th in the direct line of succession to the throne.
Now Charles has stated he doesn't want to live in Buckingham palace, how should the unloved white elephant be made use of.? This story is about a week old and more information has come---Buckingham Palace is already mostly offices. It will continue to be offices. It also will continue to be the official London residence of the monarch. Hear-say of hear-say is not fact. If the monarch no longer lived at the palace, it still would be offices. More rooms would be open to the public full time instead of for a few months of the year. State functions would continue to take place--- the palace is not an unloved white elephant. Media has reported that sources say Charles stated a wish, not that Charles made the statement. This is not fact. Clarence House did release a statement :'Buckingham Palace will remain the official London residence of the monarch.' A senior royal aide categorically ruled out the prince staying at Clarence House in any capacity once he accedes to the throne. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-...
Was Wales ever independent from England? In 1542 Wales was formally united with England. However before then Wales had been ruled by the King of England, the English Prince of Wales and the Marcher lords for over a hundred years. Llywelyn ap Gruffydd was recognised as Prince of Wales by the English in 1267. He was killed in battle in 1282 whilst fighting the forces of Edward I. At this point the destinies of Wales and England became intertwined,
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Inside Buckingham Palace Marvel at the royal grandeur of the halls that have been home to British kings and queens for 180 years.
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Second man nabbed over attack near Buckingham Palace
Man with knife arrested outside Buckingham Palace A MAN has been arrested outside Buckingham Palace on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and assault after two officers were injured, Scotland Yard has said.
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Second man arrested over attack outside Buckingham Palace
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For $17.67 Million, a Replica of Buckingham Palace Living History 18,676 Square Feet of British History for Sale A grand English estate built 300 years ago—and modeled on Buckingham Palace—is listed for $17.67 million.
What electricians are finding in Buckingham Palace If walls could talk, Buckingham Palace would certainly have some fascinating conversations. The headquarters of the British Monarchy is currently undergoing a 10-year electrical update, and the project is uncovering the next best thing -- pieces of history, balled up here and there, hidden for decades.
A Stately Home Near Buckingham Palace A Stately Home Near Buckingham Palace Built in 1827, this five-bedroom, six-story house in London’s Belgravia neighborhood comes with a terrace, garden and staff quarters.
Attacker Had 4-Foot Sword Outside of Buckingham Palace The Metropolitan Police force said two London police officers were slightly injured
UK police hold man with knife outside Buckingham Palace Two officers slightly hurt arresting knife-wielding man outside London residence of British monarch
Suspect 'reached for a 4ft sword' outside Buckingham Palace A suspect deliberately drove a car at police outside Buckingham Palace and then "reached for a 4ft sword", the Met Police have said.
Second man arrested over Buckingham Palace 'terrorist incident' A 30-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a "terrorist incident" near Buckingham Palace, where a man drove up to a police van then reached for a 1.2-metre sword.
Second man arrested in Buckingham Palace terrorism incident British police announced Sunday a second arrest in connection with an assault on three police officers by a man armed with a 4-foot (120 cm) ...
Man detained outside Buckingham Palace after attack on police Two London police officers suffered minor injuries to their arms while detaining a man on The Mall outside Buckingham Palace, Metropolitan Police said.
Second man arrested over Buckingham Palace 'terror incident' Three officers were injured on Friday when a suspect drove a car at police outside the Palace and then "reached for a four foot sword".
Man attacks officers outside Buckingham Palace during arrest Two officers received minor injuries while arresting the alleged assailant.
Why was there no flag over Buckingham Palace when Diana died? I have just watched Helen Mirren as Her Majesty in 'The Queen', 2006, Directed by Frears. Why was there such a big deal with the people of the United Kingdom when Princess Diana died over the flag ...
Why doesn't Buckingham Palace require an article? [duplicate] There's a whole bunch of them that look as if they would require one, but actually don't: Times Square, Trafalgar Square, Union Square, Carnegie Hall, Central Park, Hyde Park, Westminster Abbey, ...
Does Ed Sheeran sing out of key on a few studio songs?
Can Prince Charles pass the throne to Prince William of his own free will?
Prince of Persia: Zurvan and Dark Prince In Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, the Vizier stabs himself with the Dagger of Time and turns into a sand monster known as the Zurvan. If the titular Prince had impaled himself with the dagger, ...
Identify movie or tv show in fan edited Ed Sheeran "Save Myself" music video. Link and description provided below [on hold] This is the link for the music video: The clips in the music video seem to be about a young boy and a young girl being bullied. At the beginning of the video, the bullies confront the young boy about not being able to weat a black hat and proceed to take it from him (Their accent seems to be a west london accent). The young boy then runs away. The other clips focus on a young girl being bullied in the girls bathroom of a uniformed school. She is cornered by 3 girls and is being physically and verbally abused by them. She too eventually runs away. The video seems to be quite recent, 2010 and up. It seems to be a British tv show or movie. It is not animated.
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