Sigrid interview: 'Making pop is like a treasure hunt

Norwegian pop sensation Sigrid started singing in a circus and ended up winning the BBC's Sound of 2018. 12-01-18
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Sigrid interview: 'Making pop is like a treasure hunt
Norwegian pop sensation Sigrid started singing in a circus and ended up winning the BBC's Sound of 2018.
I want to die but i don’t want to kill myself.? There is only one you. There was never another you. There will never be, another you. That is the only power you have. Your singularity. Your uniqueness amongst the billions. Past, present, and future, Your story is yours. They can never see all of the dreams that you can dream. The secret treasure you have, buried deep inside of you. People will try to steal it from you. And since only you know where that treasure is buried, they want to destroy you. By putting you down, or insulting you, or making you feel worthless. It's true because your dream is so intense, such a heavy burden to carry, that not even you want to carry it! You're even trying to destroy it yourself. But the heavier the treasure chest inside you, the more treasure there is inside.
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