Conman made £15,000 by filing fake claims for late trains

Manish Patel, 57, of Thornton Heath in South London, pocketed £14,987 in total since 2015. From March that year Patel started making one or two claims a day then grew ‘more and more confident’. 13-01-18
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Conman made £15,000 by filing fake claims for late trains
Manish Patel, 57, of Thornton Heath in South London, pocketed £14,987 in total since 2015. From March that year Patel started making one or two claims a day then grew ‘more and more confident’.
Virgin Trains banning the Daily Mail......worrying assault on free speech? Simply answer, don't use Virgin trains. It's time they were more concerned about their late trains and excessive fares.
Is there a penalty for failure to file a 1041 on time when no taxes are due like it is with a 1040? As a tax accountant, I find it very useful to read the current form instructions, as they provide a lot of guidance on filing the form. The first thing to consider is whether you have a filing requirement in the first place. For 2016, a trust must file a Form 1041 if any of the following are true: 1. There is taxable income 2. Gross income is over $600 3. One of the beneficiaries is a nonresident alien If any one of those is true, you must file a Form 1041, whether or not you owe any taxes. Now we will discuss penalties. The penalty for filing a late return is 5% of the tax due each month up to 25%. However, if your return is more than 60 days late, the minimum penalty is the smaller of $205 or the tax due. There is also a late payment penalty of 0.5% of the tax unpaid each month up to 25%. If you do not owe any tax, neither of these penalties should be an issue. If the trust allocated anything to the beneficiaries through Schedule K-1, you may be imposed a penalty for failure to provide information timely of $260 for each one. However, this penalty might be waived if you can prove that there was reasonable cause to file late and that it was not the result of willful neglect. As long as you do not owe any tax and had reasonable cause to not file on time, I think there is a good chance that you will not be imposed any penalties. At the end of the day, it is up to the discretion of the IRS. Good luck!
If someone haven't enrolled in ACA in the last 3 years with no Health Insurance while employed. Can the IRS penalize you for those years? since the enactment of ACA anyone who has not filed a tax return is not even reporting having insurance or not having insurance if you were employed and required to have health insurance but didn't there are penalties if you are filing late taxes all the tax laws in place at the time of the filing year, all penalties will be in effect
Easy math question I'm too dumb to figure out myself.? Depends on which is x ----------------------- If elephants are x Then trains are y 25x + 15y = 1440 Subtract 25x from both sides 15y = -25x + 1440 Divide both sides by 15 y = -(5/3)x + 96 Slope = -5/3  (5 less trains are made for every 3 elephants made) y-int = 96 This is shown in the graph below -------------------- If trains are x Then elephants are y 15x + 25y = 1440 Subtract 15x from both sides 25y = -15x + 1440 Divide both sides by 25 y = -(3/5)x + 57.6 Slope = -3/5 (3 less elephants are made for every 5 trains made) y-int = 57.6 This result is not graphed ------------------ .
Why does anybody still believe what's in the Bible in the year 2017? It is almost exclusively due to childhood indoctrination. They were mentally abused to unquestioningly believe certain religious claims before their minds were capable of critical consideration of the claims being made and they have been accustomed to accepting such claims though social conditioning.
Is kevin spacey receiving milder admonishments for his crimes than harvey weinstein's condemnations? I had not read up on the claims against Spacey. The young guy claims he mad advances on him and Spacey acknowledges this. He (the young guy) also says Spacey then fell asleep and so he got out of bed and left. There are other claims but all are just of a man making advances on other men. One of the people I read is a person who claims Spacey made advances on him but this is an anonymous person I would suggest that just about any man could have similar allegations levelled at them as most men have made advances on women (or and men) which were not wanted.
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Premier's chief of staff admits late filing, appears to break lobbying rules It appears the premier's chief of staff, Greg Mercer, violated lobbying rules before working for Dwight Ball by not filing required documents on time. Mercer was a lobbyist for several companies before being tapped to run the premier's office, including Tata Steel, which owns an iron ore mine on the border between Labrador and Quebec. According to the registry of lobbyists, he finished up work for them Aug. 31, 2015, but didn't file that information until March 10, 2016, more than six months later.
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Filing late taxes in October I'm a non-resident alien in the US with a work visa. All this taxing process is new for me since I moved into the US on July 2012 as my first job and never knowing much about tax processes here. Then ...
What's the penalty for filing taxes late in canada if you're owed a refund? For a number of totally avoidable reasons, I just filed my taxes. I'm owed ~3500$ and I was wondering what I should expect to get from the CRA. I've heard there's no penalty for filing late unless you ...
Why do trains in the UK start running so late on Sunday morning? On a Sunday, the first train from Lancaster to Manchester departs at 11:24 (this is the Furness line). On Saturdays this is at 6:24. To Birmingham, the first train on Saturdays is 6:58, on Sundays 11:58. To Glasgow, Saturdays 6:64, Sundays 11:54. The pattern is true elsewhere as well: from Blackpool, first Saturday train departs 5:18, first Sunday train 11:21. Boston, Saturdays 6:13, Sundays 12:13. Lincoln, Saturdays 5:26, Sundays 11:05. It's not true everywhere, but it is in many places. For the rest of the day, the Sunday frequency is not much less than the Saturday frequency.I've taken the first Sunday train from Lancaster to Manchester twice. Both times, the train was extremely busy. On neither occasion could I find a place to sit. On one occasion, people were left behind on the platform as they could not board the overfull train. Although a sample size of two is small, I will assume this train is always busy.Considering that demand clearly outstrips supply on Sunday morning, why do trains start running so late?
How can I fix a mistake I made on my income tax filing? [US] How can I fix a mistake I made on my income tax filing?
Does filing bankruptcy improve a credit score if there were a lot of charged off credit cards and late payments prior to filing?
Can you be on 2 immigration filing to go to the US at the same time one of the filing you are a dependent in an r1 filing now you want to do a fiancee filing because the 1st filing is taking too long?
What is the timely filing for n.j. no fault claims? 45 Days from Date of Service
Is there filing limit on medical claims in Texas?
What is the process for filing a case in small claims court?
What is the timely manner for filing insurance claims in Texas? It is always a good idea to file insurance claims as soon as possible. There is no good reason to delay (although if you are hospitalized, you might need help filing the claim). Delays of a month would not be unusual. People have lots of things on their minds, and it could take that long to get around to the matter of insurance claims. Longer delays than that would seem excessive although not necessarily so excessive as to cause the insurance company to reject the claim. If you let it go for a year, however, that is too long.
What is the time limits for filing insurance claims to a commercial carrier? There is no time limit
What is the timely filing for workers compensation claims for providers in Connecticut? 180 days
Should Claims about single individuals should be treated as an Equivalent claims a Negative claims a Affirmative claims or none of the them? Claims about single individuals should be treated as A claims or E claims. pg 254 in your textbook
Where do you report a parent for filing false disability claims for the minor child?
Do you have to give deposition at defendants lawyer's after filing small claims suit? Defendant should not have a lawyer in Small Claims Court. Most small claims actions forbid having an attorney appear unless the attorney is the plaintiff or defendant.
In Texas can a mechanic who claims you owe him money have a recovery agency repo your car without first filing a mechanics lien through the court?
How do you regain a guy's interest in you even if he claims it's too late?
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How do you make an explanation letter for late filing of documents? An explanation letter explaining why documents were filed late can be hand written. The letter should include the reasons the documents were filed late.
Is creating a fake profile with fake photos on a social networking site out of wanting to stay anonymous and building virtual friendships with people under a fake name and fake photos a fraud? yes and it is punishable by law.
How can you get lower auto insurance rates after being canceled for being late and having some claims? The best thing to do is shop around, no company is ever the cheapest. Make sure you feel comfortable with the companies reputation for paying claims, it's best to do some research before buying based on rate alone.
Can the IRS charge a penalty for filing late 2 weeks on a s corp. They charged me 975.00 for the 2011 but 89.00 in 2009?
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