From Mamma Mia to The Inbetweeners, 30 top movies which have inspired holidays

More than one in five Brits have booked a holiday just DAYS after watching a movie, according to new research. A nation-wide poll has revealed the film that has most inspired Brits to jet off to sunnier climes, is the 2008 remake of the hit musical Mamma Mia. In fact, almost one in twenty of […] 13-01-18
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  • [04-10] Io: Mamma potrei fare #XFactor ? Mamma: No, faresti una figura di merda. Grazie mamma tvb
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  • [18-12] Mamma mia che delusione il finale di Gossip Girl, mamma mia. Si salva giusto il matrimonio di Chuck e Blair. #GossipGirl
  • [12-12] @trendinaliaAU Yes, I was trying to get @BoyGeorge to put #swingingsafari on his list of movies these holidays!
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  • [15-08] #christmas movies, oh no, debra messing, nothing like the holidays, oh boy, oh gosh via Giphy
  • [16-12] The café looks like it’s right out of one of Anderson’s 1960’s inspired movies:
  • [17-11] Just in time for the holidays! It’s one thing to watch #movies with audio description or captions on your own, but…
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  • [23-11] #movies #holidays #WhitneyHouston This movie--this soundtrack-- a forever favorite. My Heart Is Calling
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  • [11-11] #ImSoOldSchoolThat every tv series and movies i wanted to watch has always been inspired by the 80s and set in d 80s. #strangerthings2
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  • [20-09] The Raging Bull, #JakeLaMotta, has passed away. Inspired one of the greatest movies ever.
  • [28-09] Amazing keynote of Ed Catmull. He inspired us as much as the Pixar's movies #INBOUND17
  • [04-11] jay from the inbetweeners as a mechanoid!!!#RedDwarfXII
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  • [22-11] #Movies: @InventChristmas a smart inspired tale with superbly cast @thatdanstevens and #ChristopherPlummer
  • [09-08] Just remember folks, the Movies are stories told on the silverscreen. They're not nearly as flawed as the Bible. They were inspired. #GOD
  • [23-11] #HappyBirthdaySRK @iamsrk U hav inspired me & millions other thru ur movies, success, failures, humility, passion, lov
  • [21-09] I love #movies that quote #arthistory. Modigliani's unsettling portraits inspired a creepy new monster in #IT…
  • [20-09] So I've realised that Jane from #GBBO is a combo between Jay off Inbetweeners and Hayley from Corrie... #Jayley :
  • [05-10] On #WorldTeachersDay our shift has decided our favourite teacher is #MrGilbert from #Inbetweeners. Who's yours?! Thanks teachers you're fab!
  • [25-12] Feeling this vintage inspired holiday hairstyle. Show us your holiday looks! Happy Holidays to all.?…
  • [12-10] @itvcorrie @debbie_rush @OfficialNTAs Every voting plea reminds me of the inbetweeners... Thumbs up friends #Corrie
  • [08-01] Eddie Izzard, Doc Brown, Jay from The Inbetweeners... can you hear me? Your boys took one hell of a beating!#BHACRY #bhafc
  • [21-01] Creative Spotlight // 6 Artists Inspired by Wes Anderson's Fantasical Movies 🏨👉🏻
  • [21-01] Wish your home looked like a set in the #movies? Check out these #WesAnderson inspired room designs! Here’s the…
From Mamma Mia to The Inbetweeners, 30 top movies which have inspired holidays
More than one in five Brits have booked a holiday just DAYS after watching a movie, according to new research. A nation-wide poll has revealed the film that has most inspired Brits to jet off to sunnier climes, is the 2008 remake of the hit musical Mamma Mia. In fact, almost one in twenty of […]
What are all the Fall Out Boy songs that are movie inspired and the movies that inspired them?
Why is each Hallmark Movie the same? Agree. Their movies are really getting stale. I watch the older movies because they had better plots. But, I still like most of the women in their movies, and they seem to make one or two every year with the same women. But, if I have one big gripe, it's that the families in their movies live in extravagant homes, many in mansions, and decorated to excess. The decorations are so over the top, and not how I celebrate the holidays. So many people in their movies are very well off, but can't seem to stay away from men and women who are obviously not right for them. But, a person who isn't well off, is right for them. Sadly, we never get to see how their lives really end up, simply because the movie ends right after they find each other again.
Why would anybody be shocked about all the "new" scandals being uncovered about Hollywood and sexual improprieties, etc. ? Yeah! we just want to watch movies, we dont give a sh*t about their personal lives! Why do they think we give a crap if theyre raped when they do the same sh*t in their movies, It wouldve just inspired more movies, and why are "reality" stars getting the boot in, dont these actors see theyre just trying to f*ck them over and exploit them so they can get a good story,
Are there any movies that have inspired you?
Person has twice as many movies on DVD as they have on Blu-ray find the number of DVDs if she has a total of 126 movies please show work? 42 Blu-ray movies 84 DVD movies Explanation: Step 1: There is a total of 126 movies, so the blu-ray movies and the DVD movies need to add up to 126. And there are two times as many DVD movies than blu-ray movies. We can put this into a formula: Blu-ray(B)+DVD(D)=126 & D=2B Step 2: substitute 2B for D and add the variables B+2B=126 3B=126 Step 3: isolate B, by dividing both sides by 3 3B=126 Divide by 3 | Divide by 3 B=42 Step 4: Now that we know there are 42 blu-ray movies, we can multiply Blu-ray movies (42) by 2 to find out how Many DVD movies there are. 2(42) D=84 Step 5: check to make sure the blu-ray and DVD movies add up to 126 B+D=126 84+42= 126
Please tell me few good English movies to get inspired from?
First 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again' trailer offers second dose of ABBA-inspired musical comedy The film, starring Amanda Seyfried and Meryl Streep, arrives next summer, but you can get a taste of its ABBA-scored craziness now.
Do you think PLL got inspired by Slasher Movies?
Inspired by movies like Driver & Tarantino
Real Gadgets Inspired by Top Movies Real Gadgets Inspired by Top Movies The futuristic gadgets seen in blockbuster films are now becoming reality as science catches up with fantasy.
Best Christmas movies: 10 best Xmas films to stream these holidays Ho ho ho! It's that time of year again! You know, the time where families all around Australia get together to eat, drink, be merry, open presents and suffer through the sweltering summer heat while watching winter-set Christmas movies! Now, thanks to the magic of streaming, it's possible to watch a number of classic holiday movies on demand – right from the air-conditioned comfort of your living room. It's a Christmas miracle!To make this the most holly jolly Xmas ever, we've taken the liberty of browsing Netfli
Just inspired or copied from English, other foreign language movies?
[Entertainment] - This New Yorker inspired John and Yoko to make movies | NY Post
Are You More "The Inbetweeners" Or "Skins"? I think you already know the answer, don't you?<br/><br/>View Entire Post ›
If "Inbetweeners Movie" was a Horror Trailer
(JPost/Op) The Sukkot identity: Understanding our peoplehood through the holidays | This is the true identity of the committed Jew, inspired by the spiritual, yet prepared to confront the material in a way that brings us closer to our tradition and Creat
22 [F4M] Hey are you bored? Lets chat! Tell or show me what you want for the holidays ^_^ are you traveling? Seeing family? Working? Tell me all about you. We can chat about video games, movies, legos, cool socks, and animals ^_^ ( i have pet fish)
Piers Morgan gets brutally shut down with the perfect 'Inbetweeners' photo Piers Morgan just sunk to a new low, and Twitter can't take it any more Or, if you happen to be taking aim at Piers Morgan, it might just take one simple image. November 12, 2017 Yep: that's Jay from The Inbetweeners , in all his glory. In case you don't remember Jay (or if for some inexcusable reason you've never seen The Inbetweeners ), he's the one who's constantly bragging about stuff and making up ridiculously far-fetched lies. Twitter , Funny , Shut Down
Rotten Tomatoes is owned by Warner Bros since 2011. Could someone make a visualization based on the scores of the movies to see how biased they are towards their own movies compared to movies made by other movie studios.
Poor excuse for BuyEtizolam.com late shipment. Seller said it's due to holidays but there's only 2 holidays in all of September!
Mamma Mia! It’s here
Mamma Mia! What a cat!
Why I like... Mamma Mia
Mamma spice How Munaf Kapadia runs a successful "pop up" restaurant at his family home in Mumbai.
The “Mamma Moo” tale
Mamma Mia it’s Mammala!
‘Mamma Moo’ goes to town
Moon (2009) essentially requires having seen several sci-fi movies to fully enjoy it, but it’s obscure enough that only people who have seen a lot of sci-fi movies would watch it.
Movies Anywhere brings your movies from Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes together into one app Being able to buy a digital copy of a movie in a second through something like Google Play or iTunes or Amazon is great. Keeping track of where you bought each movie, though, is pretty busted. When you’re buying based on where it’s cheapest or which device you’re currently watching on, it’s easy to end up with a bunch of movies sitting behind a bunch of different…
Can't stream movies. Looking for stores that offer a wide range of movies, old and new.
Was Chicken Run inspired by any specific movies? If so, which? In the 2000 film Chicken Run, we see a bunch of chickens attempting to escape their coop. The film draws obvious parallels to escapes from World War II PoW camps. Was there any specific prison camp ...
Movies 'based on' v. 'inspired by' true events I have heard there is a difference between movies 'based on' verses those 'inspired by' true events. Does one relationship with the 'true events' have more license than another, or is it just the ...
Short story collection inspired by 50s drive in horror movies Looking for a book of short stories I read in 1998. I can't swear it was written in the 90s, but that seems right. It was sci fi-horror and was inspired by drive-in B movies. I'm pretty sure the cover ...
Was Lenny's dance scene inspired by James Bond movies? In Legion Season 1 Episode 6, there is this dance scene performed by Lenny (Aubrey Plaza): This is the Goldeneye one: And The spy ...
Would it be more correct to say “active winter holidays” or “winter activity holidays”? [closed] I have seen both phrases used by tourism websites. Are both correct?
Are different versions of movies being released on purpose? or do some cinemas censor parts of movies? I have seen movies at different cinemas, but sometimes I could swear that some scenes were addded or removed to the point of almost making the movie having a completely different impact! First time I ...
What movies were inspired by Beowulf's story? Beowulf (with Christopher Lambert) Beowulf (Robert Zemeckis CG version)Beowulf and Grendel (with Gerard Butler)The Thirteenth Warrior (with Antonio Banderas)
Which Christmas movies are played often during the holidays? Holiday favorites include: It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street and A Christmas Story.
Why aren't more Chistmas movies on during the holidays? Turner Classic Movies, AMC, Lifetime, ABC Family all televise Holiday movies. NBC televises "It's a Wonderful Life" twice each December and TBS shows "A Christmas Story".
What movies or small videos are about or show a part of unprivileged children on Christmas and related holidays? A Christmas Carol...
Who was the real life pilot who inspired the song that inspired the movie Wing and a prayer?
What inspired H N Wadsworth inspired to invent the toothbrush?
When people say Happy Holidays indicating that they are not celebrating Christ's birth instead of saying Merry Christmas are they referring to winter or other holidays? Although there are some genuine holidays near or on Dec 25th most use the generic Happy Holidays expression to minimize the affect that Christianity and it's influence in the public discussion. Secularists continue to attack Christianity and won't be satisfied until it is eliminated, unfortunately. If there are other holidays near or on that date then simply refer to them by name, no problem. But if you're talking about Christmas Trees and Christmas Cards and Christmas Gifts and baby Jesus well then you need to call it what it is, Christmas. Check out the awesome website listed on the Related
When will there be a third of the Inbetweeners? the third series is on 4oD to watch anytime :)
Why is the inbetweeners an 18? It contains a lot of adult content although the 18 rating means nothing as the series is like an exact replica of teenage life.
What is the car in the inbetweeners?
[30-11] What are the main holidays in Italy and when do these holidays take place and who celebrates?
Is the inbetweeners r-rated? I has been rated a 15!
What age is the inbetweeners movie? Not announced yet but either 15 or 18, as been showing trailers at 15 movies but the dvds 18 :/ I hope 15!
Who is the best character in the inbetweeners?
When does the inbetweeners movie come out on DVD? around february time.
When does the inbetweeners movie come out? 22 September 2011 (U.S) 14 february 2012 (U.K)
What is the soundtrack to the inbetweeners?
Is there any Inbetweeners merchandise with Neil on? They are all scams, they are amongst the sliskect scams on the internet.Don't fall for the one were they send you a cheque and you're supposed to bank it and wire some of the money to them. This is done under the guise that you are mystery shopping at the bank. The cheque will eventually bounce when the bank realise it's a fake, this can take up to 4 weeks and always leaves you in a heap of debt.You withdraw money from the cheque before it has gone through the clearance process and send it to the scammer, when the cheque bounces it obviously leaves you with an overdrawn balance, but the scamme
City Breaks Europe 2017 / 2018 | Cheap Holidays Deals |Christmas Holidays 2 New Year Holidays - Book your flight & hotels together for #CityBreaks #Europe 2017 / 2018 with Super Escapes travel to enjoy your #ChristmasHolidays to #NewYear parties.
New movies this week: 'Daddy's Home' for the holidays, and Agatha Christie rides the rails - Shenanigans galore arrive with the "Daddy's Home" sequel, and Agatha Christie's beloved murder-on-a-train mystery gets a cinematic update.
Vita Con Mamma VS Senza Mamma - iPantellas - 1OO.OOO LIKE ENTRO MEZZANOTTE PER UN NUOVO VIDEO CON MAMMASATANA☆ Video in collaborazione con Cameo :) #SponsorizzatodaCameo ...
The Oppressed Wife - African Movies| 2017 Nollywood Movies|Latest Nigerian Movies 2016|Family Movies - This movie showcases how some mothers have vehemently refused their daughter in-laws to be in their husbands house but expects their daughters to be ...
Life of a Playboy 1 - Nigerian Movies 2017 African Movies Nollywood Movies Latest Full Movies - After being tricked by her houseboy lover who posed as a business man from the United States, she decides to do away with men until she meets Arnold (John ...
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