BBC's John Humphrys jokes about pay gap in leaked chat

The corporation responds to the "ill-advised" conversation. 12-01-18
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  • [16-10] Nice cosy chat between John Redwood and John Humphrys on #r4todayNo deal #brexit is going to be just fine apparently
  • [06-10] #r4today it’s John Humphrys not Humphries etc. As in “The reactionary Daily Mail columnist John Humphrys...” etc
  • [23-11] Today in John Humphrys: Dowsing is definitely real, his ploughman told him so.Also today in John Humphrys: Only w…
  • [27-11] BBC could keep 20 researchers researching #Brexit dark money for cost of one #r4today John Humphrys. Instead #Humphrys t
  • [12-01] John Humphrys is an overpaid useless Tory turd. So is John Sopel. Both should be sacked on the spot. #r4today #bbcpm
  • [31-10] I have to say I agree with John Humphrys here #r4today
  • [28-09] Does John Humphrys still keep on saying "The tiiiime is etcetc"?#BBCR4today
  • [06-10] John Humphrys uses 'we' when talking about the Tory party, again. #r4today
  • [13-12] Thought of the day, why is John Humphrys still even a presenter on #r4today considering how awful he is?
  • [18-12] The fact that John humphrys has “never got cricket at all “ is probably its best recommendation#r4today
  • [13-12] #r4today John Humphrys attacking Rayner relentlessly regardless of what she actually says
  • [24-11] Watching @EMKInstitute #JohnKerry Award thing..He had jokes.. impeachment jokes, Trump jokes, GOP failure jokes
  • [06-11] #r4today it's not difficult, John Humphrys. Pay tax where the profit is generated. Are you dim or complicit?
  • [13-12] @BBCr4today's John Humphrys really is a rude old man, it's time @BBCRadio4 got rid. #R4Today.
  • [13-12] "Catch John Humphrys talking about trees that communicate the other day?""He's insufferable and does nothing for…
  • [15-12] John Humphrys is so excruciating this morning that I need a drink. And so do my kids. #BBCR4today
  • [23-11] "Now you're in a bit of trouble yourself aren't you Chancellor"... oh John Humphrys I love you! #BBCR4Today
  • [06-11] Apparently John Humphrys thinks this would be 'colonial behaviour'. #BBCr4today
  • [23-11] John Humphrys making me almost spill my coffee in shock. ? #BBCR4today
  • [06-11] The bias against Labour on #r4today is phenomenal. It's even more so when John Humphrys is interviewing.
  • [12-01] John Humphrys #r4today presenter paid £650,000That's £650k too much.He must GO
  • [06-11] Jon Humphrys to John McDonnell: “well what are you going to do about it now?!”Isn’t he supposed to be impartial #r4today #bbcr4today
  • [13-12] John Humphrys on #r4today doing his best to tell @AngelaRayner she's plain wrong rather than trying to find out what a Nat
  • [20-11] Sue Crocombe @shinybluedress speaking to John Humphrys about #CSA on @BBCr4today #r4today
  • [30-10] #theguardian> John Humphrys says Thought for the Day message 'deeply boring'
  • [12-01] What's that line of@campbellclaret 's? - once you become the story...Time to go John Humphrys.#wato
  • [16-10] Another comedy morning on #r4today as John Humphrys asks an interviewee isn’t a salary of £280,000 “too much?”
  • [12-01] maybe I’m overreacting - but I suspect this will be the end of John Humphrys. Very hard to lead #r4today and be this vulnerable
  • [09-10] while the BBC are busy picking over everyone else’s bias, it’s high time they did something about John Humphrys #r4today :
  • [12-01] Get this guy on #r4today. I bet he's cheaper than the pointless, money-grabbing antique, John Humphrys.
  • [13-12] John Humphrys is using his special ‘talking to a Labour person’ voice #r4today
  • [10-10] The DPP is rightly and patiently explaining to John Humphrys on #r4today that an acquittal does *not* mean that a comp
  • [31-10] #r4today presenter John Humphrys says Thought for the Day is "inappropriate" and "deeply boring" Have your say here :
  • [18-01] The report by John Steenhuisen leaked to the media to deal with #PatriciaDeLille
  • [20-01] @JohnCornyn Look out the window John. America not Russia wants to chat. #WomensMarch2018 . Every lie you tell, ever…
BBC's John Humphrys jokes about pay gap in leaked chat
The corporation responds to the "ill-advised" conversation.
I keep making lib jokes and con jokes. All the lib jokes get removed. The libs flag my Q's. The cons don't. Who's more tolerant??
Is the problem with Trump's "jokes" that no body knows they are jokes,but he likes to CLAIM they were jokes AFTER he realized he has f-ed up?
What does 's meN?
What does 'sstandfor? mean?
Are "What do you think...?" questions, violations? Or "Which do you prefer..."? I would consider What do you think is more of a chat while Which do you prefer was more of a knowledge seeking. I would post it in P&S just to be on the safe side. I can give you the guidelines but all you going to read you already ready, it just says don't chat, so people will look at what you consider chat. I seen worse like the person who always post she tired and going to bed in given an answer. I consider that chat, plus it has nothing to do with the question. The answer to you is to each their own. People will make there own determination of what a chat is. If you feel it is not appeal and see what some person from South Asia think it is. (check the names on email from customer care). English is a second language for them but they make the determinations.
Why did my post get removed? Chat questions and chat answers, and that is a chat question, get deleted.
John Humphrys calls Radio 4's Thought for the Day 'deeply boring' John Humphrys has described the Thought for the Day slot on BBC Radio 4's Today programme as "deeply, deeply boring". Humphrys, the most senior presenter on the programme, said the nearly three-minute slot, which begins at 7.45am, was inappropriate in a society which is becoming increasingly secular. Asked what he thought of Thought of the Day in an interview with the Radio Times, the 74-year-old said: “Deeply, deeply boring, often.
John Humphrys criticised for suggesting Westminster abuse allegations are 'going too far' John Humphrys criticised for suggesting Westminster abuse allegations are 'going too far'
John Humphrys says Thought for the Day message 'deeply boring' Today presenter John Humphrys says Thought for the Day ‘deeply boring’. John Humphrys, the most senior presenter on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, has described the daily Thought for the Day slot as often “deeply boring”. Humphrys said the 7.45am slot, which lasts two minutes and 45 seconds, was inappropriate in an increasingly secular society and only occasionally interesting.
John Humphrys: Thought for the Day is 'deeply, deeply boring'  John Humphrys: Thought for the Day is 'deeply, deeply boring' 
'Dowsing works' says Humphrys after using it to find water on his Welsh farm  Dowsing works, John Humphrys has said, after he used it on his farm to find a broken pipe.  Speaking to Professor Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertfordshire, the Today Programme presenter said he "felt a force" when using the method, also known as water divining, to find a pipe which had been cut through by a plough.  The exchange followed the discovery earlier this week that engineers from most of the UK's major water companies use the method to find leaks or broken pipes.  10 of the 12 companies admitted on Twitter
John Humphrys Laments Westminster Sex Harassment Scandal Could Make It Harder For MPs To Date John Humphrys has caused outrage by asking if male politicians could soon be unable to date because of the growing Westminster sexual harassment scandal.
John Hawkes on 'Three Billboards,' his boozy new neo-noir 'Small Town Crime,' and the long-rumored 'Deadwood' reunion Not only is he currently starring in one of this year's Oscar favorites, but Hollywood's go-to character actor shines in the spotlight in crime thriller out this weekend.
Saint John cruise season 'vital' or 'dismal' for retailers, depending on proximity to ship When the cruise season in Saint John is in full swing, the scene at Steamers Lobster Co. is "organized chaos," said owner Roy Billingsley. "The cruise season is vital," he said. It's less than a kilometre away, but few passengers meander that far, said co-owner Wendy Matheson.
Fan of Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy Arrested After Mom's Body Is Found: 'Mama's Under the Front Porch' Susan Mayo had been missing since June, authorities said.
'We can't afford this robbery': St. John's store owner believes weapon was bear spray The owner of a convenience store that was robbed Friday night in St. John's says he doesn't know what else to do to protect his staff and his business. Imran Dar, who also works as a cashier at Shalimar Convenience on Forest Road, said the latest incident took less than a couple of minutes. The employee was sprayed with "an animal repellant," the RNC confirmed Monday, but couldn't say whether it was the bear spray that Dar and the employee believe it was.
St. John's Board of Trade wants 'holiday' from city's development fees The St. John's Board of Trade wants a break from development fees from the City of St. John's. "We think it's time for a holiday so that we can drive some development and some growth around the city to help turn around what's occurring here in terms of our economics right now," Dorothy Keating, chair of the St. John's Board of Trade, told CBC Radio's On the Go.
The most hilarious #CelebsWhiteLies from 'Titanic' to Taylor Swift jokes #CelebsWhiteLies trended on Twitter in the US Tuesday, which imagined what little lies celebrities tell — and the results were pretty amusing.        
Trump Jokes Rep. Steve Scalise Getting Shot Was 'A Hell Of A Way To Lose Weight' CBS News (@CBSNews) December 20, 2017 President Donald Trump took a moment during his speech praising Republicans for passing tax cuts for the country’s wealthiest individuals to single out House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.).
Garrison Keillor Jokes About Improper Behavior Allegations: 'All My Heroes Got Fired' The radio host appeared to downplay allegations
'It's a lot of new tonight': Island Storm battle St. John's Edge
'Is Ambassador Kislyak in the Room?' Jeff Sessions Jokes About Russia Ties During Conference The attorney general's relationship with Russia is under scrutiny
Trevor Noah jokes the eclipse was an opportune time for Melania Trump 'to escape' The 'Daily Show' host provided commentary as he showed his audience footage of a low-key eclipse watch party at the White House.        
Trump jokes about 'deplorable' North Korea "I'm happy you used the world 'deplorable,’” Trump told South Korean President Moon Jae-in. “That's been a very lucky word for me and many millions of people."
Larry David criticized for 'SNL' Holocaust jokes NEW YORK — Larry David is facing criticism from the Anti-Defamation League and others for joking about dating in concentration camps during his monologue while hosting "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend.
'SNL' Does Its Best To Catch Up On A Summer Of Trump Jokes “Saturday Night Live” returned with vengeance in its 43rd season Saturday, desperately trying to catch up on a summer of President Donald Trump changes.
How bacon and the 'love of 'zaa!' are changing pizza in St. John's "It started as a joke just for me and the b'ys, basically, me and a couple friends," said group founder Thomas Bishop. "The more I see people coming in, the more I see the people enjoying my pizza, I'm flattered," he said.
'I just don't see the downturn': What's behind the bravado of the St. John's car trade In the busiest times of the year, according to car trade veteran Doug Russell, there are as many as 5,000 cars along a strip he calls "dealership row," each of them waiting to be bought. Car dealers in the metro St. John's area have been quietly making huge investments in Newfoundland and Labrador's car business, buying more land to house more vehicles. Russell, for example, just bought more land on Kenmount, adding to the 40 acres he already owns for Terra Nova Motors.
Leaked data from massive Malaysian breach 'likely available online for long time' KUALA LUMPUR/SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Personal details of tens of millions of Malaysians obtained from a 2014 data breach have likely been available for sale for a long time, according to the founder of an online portal who revealed the massive data breach this week. Malaysia said on Wednesday it was investigating an alleged attempt to sell the data of more than 46 million mobile phone subscribers online, in what appears to be one of the largest leaks of customer data in Asia. Vijandren Ramadass, the founder of tech portal Lowyat, uncovered the da
Donald Trump 'starts his official work day at 11am', leaked schedules reveal Donald Trump begins his official work day as late as 11am and is known to clock off at 6pm, leaked copies of his private schedule reportedly reveal.  The US president often has ill-defined “executive time” scheduled in the early morning and at other points in the day, according to the political website Axios.  The periods are used for Mr Trump to make phone calls, watch television and send tweets, it was claimed – often from his private residence in the White House.  The late official start contrasts with Mr Trump’s early months in t
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How to pop up contact record on live agent chat accept without pre-chat and Deployment API?
Using the Kinect Microphone for Chat, how does one set it up correctly to use video chat, but not in games? I am a little confused on a particular config on the Kinect, when it comes to chatting. If you go to the settings, there is a way to turn 'Microphone on/off for chat'. When I set up my nephews, I ...
Comments Box + Interuser Chat + Chat Support - altogether in the same site. How?
Can one say, “John Doe for World Cup,” meaning “I vote for John Doe to have a place in the national team”? Or, in the same manner, "John Smith for Olympics" meaning any place in a team, crew, etc? I know that it's common practice to say "John Doe for president," but here "president" is a profession/title, ...
Does Olivia Newton-John have any jokes? Yes, but she's much too much of a lady to tell them.
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Does 'clear chat history' on Facebook chat clear the history of your chat for the person you talked too? No. It is just like in texting. If you delete all your messages, you cannot access them from your phone. But your friend can still access them from their phone. You must be sure that they delete their chat history too.(Note: Your parents or other people can still see your messages and texts if they contact Facebook or your cellphone provider with username and password or phone number and get every, single message you've ever typed or texted.
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If your husband of 10 years is calling chat lines but denies it even though it's on the bill should you give up if there is no proof of physical cheating but they are local chat lines? Beware! He could very well be telling the truth. If it's a phone you're talking about I once got a huge bill for the same sort of thing. I didn't even accuse my husband because I know he wouldn't do that. It turned out someone simply decided to use our phone # and put everything on our bill. I phoned "Telus" our telephone company in British Columbia, and they checked it out and took it off my bill. If it's the web, your husband (or you) could have given out info that other people could use and basically do the same thing that would happen on your phone bill. Check your desktop
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BBC's John Humphrys breaks silence over leaked off-air chat about gender pay gap - BBC's John Humphrys breaks silence over leaked off-air chat about gender pay gap Radio 4 Today host John Humphrys says controversial comments made in an off-air chat about the BBC 's gender...
Recording of John Humphrys' 'jokey' off air equal pay comments leaked - Recording of John Humphrys' 'jokey' off-air equal pay comments leaked. Radio presenter John Humphrys' controversial off-air comments about the equal pay row at the BBC, which he has defended...
John Humphrys equal pay row 'A nasty person leaked my private conversation' - John Humphrys equal pay row 'A nasty person leaked my private conversation'. John Humphrys did not know his jokes about equal pay were being recorded by the BBC, he has said, as he dismissed...
Recording of John Humphrys gender chat leaks - It doesn't sound like they're joking at all': BBC faces new calls to sack John Humphrys after 'damning' recording of his gender pay gap conversation with Jon Sopel leaks online.The BBC is...
BBC presenter John Humphrys slammed by the public over pay gap chat with Jon Sopel after trying - BBC presenter John Humphrys slammed by the public over pay gap chat with Jon Sopel after trying to brush 'damning' remarks off as 'satire' and a 'joke'.SOCIAL media users have reacted...
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