Trump's history of making controversial comments about

Trump has longed been accused of stoking racial tension by making incendiary comments about ethnic minorities 13-01-18
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Trump's history of making controversial comments about
Trump has longed been accused of stoking racial tension by making incendiary comments about ethnic minorities
Where can I ask urgent controversial questions without being directly regarded as a troll? You need to reword them so they are less controversial. If your opinion is showing in the question, you will always have troll attached. Examples would help. Questions like "Why does Trump.......?" have no chance of gaining knowledge and are just posted to be controversial.
Why is it the people that call Trump racist never say specifically what he said that makes him racist? People often say what comments divulge Trump's racism. You, the asker just can't do decent research; lists of racist Trump comments are EASY to find. Here's a little list: Here's another list: Yet another list: Watch the video: . The reason Trump's Muslim bans have all been overturned in court is because of Trump's explicitly racist comments during the campaign. Muslim bans are unconstitutional, but Trump doesn't seem to realize this.
How the hell is Trump "anti-establishment" if he does tax cuts for the rich? Because of his stupid comments on things and controversial policies.
Isn't noticeable by now the MSM is running a hate show against the president by making up statements he probably never said? So far according to the Washington post 12 sources confirmed his comments, including several named sources such as Dick Durbin. One person in the room has said that he did not make those comments, Donald Trump, and he was super squirrely about his denial, which didn't really make sense in the english language. Also Trump has a well documented pattern of telling lies. I believe with great certainty that Trump made those comments exactly as reported.
Liberals how come you will "listen and believe" every female accuser, but you won't "listen and believe" what Trump said about Gillibrand? Well, there's a couple of reasons. First, statistically it's pretty rare for women to make false allegations of sexual assault or rape. These situations, they usually have little or nothing to gain from making false allegations. on the other hand, Trump has a lot to gain from making false allegations. Trump also has an extremely long history of telling lies, both in his private life and in his public life. For example, Trump heavily implied that he had audio tapes of his conversations with former FBI director James Comey. Eventually, Trump admitted that he had no such tapes. Trump also has a long history of trying to smear women, especially powerful women, with sexist talk and innuendo. Also, in the Roy Moore and Donald Trump cases, we don't have just one woman who is accusing them of bad behavior. We have several women who have accused them, and, in the Royal were case, we have dozens of people who corroborate a stories
Why are liberals saying Trump lost last night Trump wasn't on any ballot last night? While I agree with most of the comments that this was no big deal in terms of these being two Democratic states, the general consensus out there is that even those that supported Trump and now getting very weary of this the continual dysfunction and chaos, the majority of which, is of his own making!!! Or as one Trump supporter so rightly put it, he drained the swamp, but then he restocked it!!! Trump's face says it all these days, and I guarantee he won't run for a second term!!!
Trump Netherlands Rep Won’t Talk Controversial Comments ?This is the Netherlands, you have to answer questions,” a Dutch reporter told the ambassador.
Trump Calls for End to Bigotry, Nearly a Week After Controversial Charlottesville Comments Trump Calls for End to Bigotry President Donald Trump called for peace and an end to bigotry in the U.S., nearly a week after a combative news conference in which he said both sides were to blame for a violent confrontation in Charlottesville, Va.
Alex Smith Destroys Donald Trump After Controversial NFL Comments Alex Smith normally is about as soft-spoken as they come. But that wasn’t the case Sunday when President Donald Trump was brought up after the Kansas City Chiefs’ win over the Los Angeles Chargers. After the game, Smith was asked about his feelings on Trump’s divisive rhetoric that caused wide-spread protests across the NFL on Sunday. And the veteran quarterback didn’t hold back at all. “I’m talking about the comments that were made by the president, yeah,” Smith said. “Targeting the NFL, targeting the quality of the character o
Trump Energy official who said controversial comments were result of hacking resigns William C. Bradford, a Trump administration appointee who heads the Energy Department's Office of Indian Energy, resigned Thursday after claiming this week inflammatory comments that appeared to have been made by him online were the result of hacking.
Trump's History of Controversial 9/11 Remarks President Donald Trump stuck to the script during his first presidential speech commemorating 9/11, but he hasn't always been so tactful.
Hill Democrats weigh strategies to link GOP to Trump's controversial 'both sides' comments Congressional Democrats plan to relentlessly hammer President Donald Trump's controversial comments arguing that "both sides" were responsible after a protest led by white supremacists in Charlottesville resulted in the death of a young women and ignited a national firestorm.
Trump’s not-so-brief history of controversial moments with Native Americans
A History Of Donald Trump's Tasteless Comments About 9/11 WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump on Monday commemorated the 16th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, leading a moment of silence at the White House to mark the moment the first plane struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York.
Trump caught on tape making lewd comments in 2005 In audio from 2005, recently obtained by the Washington Post, Donald Trump is heard making lewd comments about an unnamed woman to former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush.
Melania Trump Says Husband Was ‘Egged On’ in Making Lewd Comments Melania Trump Says Husband Was ‘Egged On’ in Making Lewd Remarks Donald Trump’s wife said she believes her husband was “egged on” in making his lewd comments about women in a now-infamous 2005 tape, remarks she called “inappropriate” but classified as “boy talk.”
Video Puts Spotlight on Donald Trump’s History of Lewd Comments Video Puts Spotlight on Donald Trump’s History of Lewd Comments The 2005 video that emerged Friday of Donald Trump talking about how he groped women has put a new spotlight on a decadeslong history of lewd comments by the Republican presidential nominee, as well as lawsuits against him by women who allege he sexually abused them.
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Trump making history by seeking changes to Iran deal, says Israel’s intelligence minister
Me when people bring up Jon's controversial comments
Moore’s controversial comments provoke outrage
Papa John's CEO Steps Down After Controversial Comments Some people say John Schnatter's political views were the only reason they ate Papa John's pizza.
Karlsson says controversial comments from Senators owner is 'none of our business Erik Karlsson wasn't about to let Eugene Melnyk's comments take away from one of the greatest weekends of his life. The Senators captain played his best game of the season Saturday night in the NHL 100 Classic outdoor game as Ottawa blanked the Montreal Canadiens 3-0 at TD Place. Sunday was even better as Karlsson found out he and wife Melinda are expecting a boy. Some of the good feeling around the outdoor game was tainted when Melnyk, the Senators' owner, made comments Friday criticizing fan support and speculating on the relocation of the f
L’Oreal drops trans model over controversial comments   PARIS: French cosmetics giant L’Oreal on Friday confirmed it had dropped a British transgender model over comments the company deemed “at odds with our values,” after she was hired as part of a diversity campaign. “L’Oreal champions diversity,” the beauty brand said on Twitter. “Comments by Munroe Bergdorf are at odds with our values […]
L'Oreal Drops Transgender Model Over Controversial Comments French cosmetics giant L'Oreal on Friday confirmed it had dropped a British transgender model over comments the company deemed "at odds with our values," after she was hired as part of a diversity...
Japanese deputy PM apologizes for latest controversial Nazi comments One of Japan's top leaders has apologized for making controversial remarks about Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.
Natural History Museum: Donald Trump Jr 'likes' tweet reporting Sadiq Khan's comments about victims injured in London car crash
We Are Stopping Cold the Attacks on Judeo-Christian Values': Trump's History-Making Values Voters Speech
Opposition to Kid Rock’s Potential Senate Run Grows After His Controversial Concert Comments Before  Kid Rock  took the stage at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit on Tuesday night, civil rights groups gathered outside to stand firmly against the singer’s maybe campaign for U.S. Senate. Inspired to take action after Rock  delivered a profanity-laden stump speech  earlier this month at another concert in his home state of Michigan, activists from the National Action Network arrived to peacefully speak out against the star’s  use of a Confederate flag onstage, as well as his divisive commentary about NFL star Colin Kaeperni
Roy Moore's controversial history Roy Moore, the GOP nominee in Alabama for a US Senate seat, has been involved in controversial issues in the past. CNN's Randi Kaye reports.
Why is President Trump ending the DACA program so controversial? There is currently a lot of controversy about President Trump ending the DACA program. However I don't understand why it's so controversial — Donald Trump was specifically elected on an anti-immigration platform and canceling a large scale amnesty program seems reasonable within the framework of his electoral promises. So why is there so much controversy about ending the program?
How do you discuss a controversial history topic with a child? There are many controversial history episodes that are still relevant and actively discussed today. I don't mean cruel or bloody stories, rather episodes that different people have opposite viewpoints ...
Is this picture of Trump making people swear to vote for him genuine? From https://twitter.com/wpjenna/status/706227458777993216 (5K retweets, Washington Post reporter, verified user) Donald Trump makes members of his Orlando crowd raise their right hands and ...
Why is President Trump making such a big deal about fake news, and specifically targeting reputable organizations like The New York Times and CNN?
Has Trump's administration been making more human trafficking arrests than the Obama administration?
Can you play trump if trump hasn't been played and you have action cards in Rage? Is it true you can’t lead a trump card unless trump has already been played or all you have in your hand are trump cards? Can you play an “Out Rage” card on top of an “Out Rage” card? Can you play a “...
What is the name for comments making an illuminating or entertaining point?
Who is the most controversial Australian cricketer in history? Shane Warne   The 2007 ICC World Cup most controversial cricketer is Adam Gilchrist as he used a squash ball in his glove. There is nothing wrong with that as the law doesn't say any thing specifically about not allowing squash balls. Shane Warne certainly is the most FAMOUS, most controversial is purely an opinion. Some would say Dean Jones or even Ian Chappell; both had clashes with authority and opposition players.
[18-12] Why was Justinian such a controversial figure in history?
How do you deal with your ex-girlfriend's friends making comments to you about her new relationship that she left you for?
Is it normal for a man to flirt with his best mate even when the man's girlfriend is present i.e. making comments like get on your knees and give me oral sex?
This girl I like keeps making dumb comments to me like your butt instead of your face and keeps thinking that my friend said I was cute she sits down at the same time as me does she like me how can i?
[15-12] How Machiavelli and use of tone and various literary techniques make him one of the history and most controversial political writers subject to an array of interpretations?
Son 15 doesn't refuses to visit his father because he says his father is making comments that disturb him is this something the judge will want to hear?
Why would a guy that you have been friends for years suddenly start making comments about you meeting other guys and saying things about other guys and you?
Can you sue a public website and it's anonymous comments for defamation when the primary objective of the website is to publicly bash people and leave comments under the photos?
1991 Trooper GM gas engine comments on manual hubs and general comments on engine and AC upgrade?
When was History in the Making created?
How many car making companies are in the whole history of cars?
What has been the most widepread and familiar way of making music throughout history? singing
Who is the biggest money making musical act in history? the king of kings michael. the most famous person in world history period outside christ. that makes mj the biggest money maker of all time on that alone period. hes not global hes galaxy.noooo ones even close. end of discussion.
[16-12] What role did new weapons play in making the deadliest in European history?
What are some careers that have to do with animals history travelling and making good money?
What is the history of Chicago movie making and West and East Side Theaters? From the information I found some time ago is that movies were first made in Chicago before going to Hollywood. There they could make movies all year round. The Chicago river was the sine of some of the westerns and I recognized some of the sines from the Pilsen area of Chicago. So that's what I know. Anybody add something?
Trump's history of making controversial comments about - Trump has longed been accused of stoking racial tension by making incendiary comments about ethnic minorities while taking a delicate approach to white supremacists.Before wining the 2016...
Trump's history of controversial comments about women - President Trump's tweets Thursday marked the second time this week that his comments about women have come under scrutiny. The issue dogged him on the campaign trail as well. A group of Democratic...
Trump’s history of making offensive comments about nonwhite immigrants - President Trump appears to have a habit of making offensive comments about nonwhite immigrants. And while many of his surrogates argue that the president is not against this particular population,...
Trump says Im not a racist, denies making vulgar comments - Trump says Im not a racist, denies making vulgar comments President Donald Trump is defending himself anew against accusations that he is racist, this time af...
MICHAEL RAPAPORT Comments About Ex-Trump campaign adviser pleading guilty to making false statement - MICHAEL RAPAPORT Comments About Ex-Trump campaign adviser pleading guilty to making false statement balleralert: From the desk of #MichaelRapaport ...
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