Chinese tourists arrested after posing for Hitler salutes in front of the Reichstag

It is illegal to give a Hitler salute in Germany. 06-08-17
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Chinese tourists arrested after posing for Hitler salutes in front of the Reichstag
It is illegal to give a Hitler salute in Germany.
What people are the most rude on this earth? IMO, Chinese are. Before anyone calls me racist, i've been to China. Idk how many times chinese spit everywhere, even in front of you, cough in people's face, sneeze everywhere, don't even care about random people, and many more. I've once witnissed a guy being beaten up badly by another guy. Out of all the Chinese that walk by, I mean like dozens and dozens of them, just one chinese has even bothered intervening, stoping the fight, or even helped the guy with the rest of the tourists.
Long term consequences of the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party? Hitler tried to prevent smoking. After ww2 smoking took off on an industrial level especially by the cancerous USA who wanted to kill as many of their citizens as possible. The success of the Marlboro man is directly linked to the fall of die Reichstag
Should the UCLA baskeball players have to have to stay in jail in China like everybody else would have had to? If they were arrested for shoplifting in the USA, they would have been allowed to post bail and and go free until their trial. They would have been allowed to hire an attorney to represent them. Even if they were found guilty, a shoplifting conviction is highly unlikely to result in any jail time. Most likely a fine and some community service. They were arrested in China, where the rules are different. The Chinese legal system is much different than our own. We still don't know what they actually did, or are accused of doing. Maybe the Chinese authorities made the whole thing up? Maybe there was a misunderstanding, where the players thought something was free even though it wasn't?
World history question!!???? 10 points to whoever can answer correctly!? This Wikipedia entry probably answers your question: Although Hitler lost the presidential election of 1932, he achieved his goals when he was appointed chancellor on 30 January 1933. On February 27, Hindenburg paved the way to dictatorship and war by issuing the Reichstag Fire Decree which nullified civil liberties. Hitler succeeded Hindenburg as head of state upon his death in 1934, whereafter he abolished the office entirely, and replaced it with the new position of Führer und Reichskanzler ("Leader and Reich Chancellor"), cementing his rule.
Bitcoin vs Gold which one will you put your money in ? Why are they pushing Bitcoin more than Gold ? A Bitcoin is a digital number owned by the Chinese America owes the Chinese trillions of dollars now if you can't figure this out let me explain it to you the Chinese want their money and they're going to put out a little trap for us to get us to invest in their Bitcoin no matter how high they have to raise the value and shake it in front of our faces like a steak in front of a dog's face they know that as soon as they have our money invested in there Bitcoin that they can go ahead and D value that Bitcoin and that we have no legal recourse whatsoever because America owes them so much money to start with they will say oh you America's Owed us trillions of dollars anyway so sorry. Me if I have some money that I have to invest it's going to be in gold or silver
Guess who posing next for playboy ashanti douglas i cant believe my eyes that she posing for it go girl.what yall think about it?
Chinese Tourists Arrested for Nazi Salute Germany has strict laws on hate speech and symbols linked to Hitler and the Nazis.
Attack of the Drones: Chinese Tourists Arrested for Flying UAVs in France China’s embassy in France had to remind Chinese tourists to follow local laws after a few tourists were arrested for illegally flying drones at renowned landmarks in Paris.
Leader of German Anti-Islam Marches Pictured Posing as Hitler Lutz Bachmann deleted the picture after being contacted by German media.
China Focus: Emerson boss salutes Chinese innovation
You Can't Look More Epic Than Kim Posing in Front of His Fearful Missile (PHOTO) Don't even try to look more epic and outshine North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in taking pictures, especially if you don't have a truckload of photos with a missile being launched across a neighboring country and striking fear into half of the world.
Pose with Hitler?! Indonesian museum offers happy snaps in front of Auschwitz display for ‘fun’ Visitors at a visual effects museum in Indonesia can pose for a snap with a wax Adolf Hitler, against a banner depicting the Auschwitz death camp. Seen as “fun” by the museum, HRW and a US Jewish organization called it “sickening” and “wrong.” Read Full Article at RT
Man posing as DIG arrested
Man arrested for posing as cop
Man posing as SI arrested
[r/KerbalSpaceProgram] The twelve brave Bug Rovers of the Swarm Munar Science Mission posing in front of their lander by /u/SwedishishKSP
Man posing as CBI officer arrested
Arrested for posing as a CBI officer
Man posing as judge arrested
Man arrested for posing as policeman
Woman posing as SI arrested
Man posing as official arrested
One arrested for posing as doctor
Man posing as journalist arrested
Men posing as CBI officials arrested
Man posing as lawyer arrested
Man posing as DIG arrested in Coimbatore
Duo posing as TTEs arrested
Man arrested for posing as cop, lawyer
Man posing as IAS officer arrested
Which parts of the Reichstag building are open for tourists? I would like to visit the Reichstag building in Berlin, Germany and I wonder: Which parts of the building are open for tourists?Is it for free?Do I need a reservation?Are there any restrictions for non-German citizens?
“To Put the flag up the pole and see who salutes” Is this a common expression? Is it used in an ironic way nowadays? If the latter is the case: Is there a similar phrase that is usually not used ironically?
Is Huawei the front for a Chinese espionage attempt? There are a lot of rumors and claims being made that products manufactured by Huawei act suspiciously or in a non-standard way in order to send information "back home" or to facilitate unauthorized ...
Help to understand: "have arrested" vs "have been arrested" I want to know difference between these example.If 2nd example is correct then i want to know the process is still going on or not. 1) Police have arrested two men in connection with the robbery 2) Police have been arrested two men in connection with the robbery.
“Hitler will send no warning” vs “Hitler won't send warnings” As in this WWII poster: Are they the same thing, or are there differences in expression? Why do native speakers choose the first one?
posing a character with the help of motion tracking
Did Hitler kill himself when thesoviets were invading the Reichstag?
If Hitler was not elected a deputy in the Reichstag why was he appointed chancellor? There was no need for the Chancellor of Germany to be member of the Reichstag.
Why didn't the British drop tallboy bombs on the reichstag where Hitler was?
What is the difference between foreign tourists overseas tourists and domestic tourists?
Who was the mystery woman sleeping with Hermann Fegelein when he was arrested and taken back to Hitler's Bunker?
[10-11] Why is i believed that gun salutes are set off in odd numbers?
Did Hitler hate Chinese people?
Why are domestic tourists relatively neglected by researchers and government in comparison to international tourists in Australia? Relatively little is know about domestic tourists compared with their international counterparts, despite their numbers and economic importance. One reason is that national governments do not consider domestic tourists to be as worthy of scrutiny, since they do not bring much valued foreign exchange into the country but 'merely' redistribute wealth from one part of the country to another.Another reason for the relative neglect is that domestic tourists are usually difficult to count than international tourists, since they are not subject, in democratic countries at least, to the border formali
[29-11] Why would a tourist destination prefer loyal tourists than novelty seeking tourists?
What is the movie where tourists can go back in time to hunt a dinosaur and one of the tourists accidentally steps on a bugs changing the entire course of history? the butterfly effect! is not it
In the UK do armed forces salute each other eg Army salutes Naval Officer? yes, of course they do. being an officer, whether it's in the army, navy or air force, they have still earned their rank, therefore still deserve to be paid respect by anyone especially wearing a uniform, whether they are in the same force or not.
Your husband was arrested for battery I protected myself against him and was not arrested can I still get arrested?
Where is Reichstag in Nuremberg?
What were the effects after the Reichstag fire?
Why is there so much disagreement over the Reichstag Fire?
Who started the Reichstag fire? no one really knows who started it although the main suspect is a dutch man called van der lubbe who was found in the building during the fire and was seen inside just before the fire broke. It is more likely that he was placed there by the Nazis though.
[18-12] Why were the Bundesrat more powerful than the Reichstag?
Who was the last person to be alive in the reichstag in world war 2?
Badly behaved tourists: Chinese tourists clear out fruit plate in seconds - Compilation - 1. Mar 25, 2016 — A video capturing a group of Chinese tourists clearing out a fruit plate at a hotel in Vietnam has gone viral on social media. 2. Mar 21, 2016 ...
Ostriches Mating in Front of Tourists - Ostrich at Ilagan Sanctuary. This is certainly a fascinating video to watch! Most people have probably never seen the show a male ostrich puts on to woo his girl.
Rhinos Mating in Front of Tourists - During the approaching mating period, a territorial bull rhino will join the female for up to 20 days. At first he accompanies the female by keeping a fair distance ...
Tourists pose for selfies in front of Bali's Mt Ag ung - Insta-crass or a once-in-lifetime picture? Tourists pose for selfies in bikinis and doing handstands in front of Bali's erupting Mt Agung – as locals fear for their ...
Gay Chinese tourists flock to Thailand for fun, acceptance - Breaking News & News Headlines, top news, top breaking news, world news, latest news, news update, headline news, important news update, end times, end ...
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