EU chief spent £70k on Baku trip but Brussels says releasing expenses cost TOO MUCH

AN 18-year-old youth has died after a fight in which three other people were injured.
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  • Ben-Oni “Baku, If you’re were a couple of inches taller a lot of girls would go for you.”Jester “He wouldn’t be the same person. A couple of inches accounts for whole acres of personality. Case in point, I’m four inches taller and dry as the Sahara itself. Baku “That’s not true, you’re funny!”Jester: “I was. But I got what I wanted and have lost my mirth. Inexplicably, you keep going. I keep waiting for you to burn out but you don’t, I thought it was because you were stupid and you were, but you studied, listened, and are smarter than us now.”Baku “So I’ve got personality?”Jester “You’re indefatigable Baku. You’re an asshole occasionally like the rest of us but you’re a bloody stampede of pigs on fire most of the time.”Baku “That’s a movie isn’t it?”Jester “Yes.”Baku “I thought it was cows.”Jester “Whatever, bacon, porterhouse, regardless, you’ll be a fragrant offering when you’re dead and you die you must. You must run until you die.”Baku “Why?”Jester “Someone has to set the bar.”Baku “What happens if I get what I want?”Jester “I’m curious to see that for myself.”Baku “And if never?”Jester “Then you’ll always be sweet, a fool, but a sweet one.”
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  • ???????????? ¡Bakú nos da la bienvenida! - ???????????? Baku welcomes us! #AúpaAtleti #GoAtleti #Atleti #Atlético...
  • Euractiv - 31 Oct 2016Günther Oettinger described Chinese ministers visiting Brussels as “slitty-eyed” and “chisellers” at Wednesday’s Hamburg speech.He also mocked women and gay marriage.Oettinger,who is facing calls in Brussels and Berlin for his resignation,defended his comments in a newspaper interview on Sunday.He said they were “sloppy” but denied they were racist or homophobic.Commission Chief Spokesman Margaritis Schinas repeatedly batted away demands by reporters for an apology.“We have nothing to add,” he told incredulous journalists in Brussels. (…)
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  • [28-09] #MadeleineMcCann in numbers: Search cost to date: £11m UK missing persons per year: 300k Cost if £11m spent on all: £3.3tn UK GDP: £2.6tn
  • [11-08] Of course: but #BREXIT to cost UK taxpayer grossly in excess of EU expenses.
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  • [09-11] Meet Meritxell Budó one of the Catalan Mayors who was In Brussels today supporting #Puigdemont All expenses met by taxpay
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  • [08-10] Enter our #SWEEPSTAKES for a chance to win a $3,000 all-expenses-paid trip for two to #Italy! Sign up now -->
  • [08-10] Enter our #SWEEPSTAKES for a chance to win a $3,000 all-expenses-paid trip for two to #Italy! Sign up now -->
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  • [14-11] Chief Sustainability Officer @Unilever, @Jeffseabright: Need to create new #forest economy as $700bn is spent by sectors that dr
EU chief spent £70k on Baku trip but Brussels says releasing expenses cost TOO MUCH
AN 18-year-old youth has died after a fight in which three other people were injured.
Im from the US. I will be in UK this July and Amsterdam in August. I want to go to Brussels for a day trip is going from Amsterdam cheaper?
Around how much should it cost for this trip?
Cost of a 40 Day Euro Trip?
VA chief took in Wimbledon, river cruise on European work trip; wife’s expenses covered
1 VA chief took in Wimbledon, river cruise on European work trip; wife’s expenses covered by taxpayers
Chelsea FC to subsidize fans trip to Baku for Qarabag match
Chelsea Football Club is subsidizing an official trip to Azerbaijan for supporters wishing to attend the club`s away game at Qarabag. “With the return journey to the far east of the continent totalling almost 6000 miles, the club have lowered the cost
Over 14 lakh spent on Pondy L-G's travel expenses
New York Bridge Fund Spent on Other Expenses
New York Bridge Fund Spent on Other Expenses More than three-fourths of New York's Dedicated Highway and Bridge Trust Fund is paying for debt and state agency operations, the state comptroller reported.
If you had an all expenses paid trip to go anywhere, where would you go and why?
PM’s Brussels trip as scheduled
Puigdemont proves elusive on Brussels trip
EC asks Alagiri to reimburse expenses incurred on trip
Ethiopia: Oromo Politician Arrested After Brussels Trip
Police arrested Merera Gudina for “communicating with a banned terrorist organization.”
Theresa May to make surprise Brussels trip for Brexit meeting
What is the cost and schedule of the bus between Alat and Baku in Azerbaijan? What does the bus between the Alat port and Baku cost? I will be arriving in Alat on a Ferry from Aktau (Kazakhstan) and need to get to Baku from there.
What is the best alternative to work one afternoon in Brussels during a trip? I have a friend traveling through/visiting Belgium. He needs to work one afternoon in Brussels before his flight. He is looking for something cheap. Preferably free. With Internet. Since it's winter ...
How do I show that the company I own will pay UK trip expenses? There are two of us who are partners in our own company. I plan to go to UK for business trip and our company will cover the expenses. On the UK visa application, after selecting self employed and ...
Additional needed documents for UK trip if someone will shoulder all expenses Someone (a relative) from the UK (already a naturalized British Citizen) will be financing my trip, as well as taking care of my accommodation. What are the documents I need to submit aside from bank ...
What would a month holiday to Australia from Amsterdam/Brussels roughly cost to a family of four? [closed] We would really like to visit Australia next year. We are a couple with two kids. We are still in the very early stage of planning. This means that we don't even know if it is at all affordable when ...
Was Chief O' Brien demoted from Lieutenant to Chief? [duplicate] Originally he was seen as a Lieutenant (2 full pips) but later he doesn't have any is referred to as an NCO with the rank of Chief Petty Officer (TNG s4 and DS9) So it wasn't because of his transfer ...
Husband inherited 400Kyears ago and spent half on the family expenses but they are divorcing and he wants the marital estate to reimburse him for what he spent from inheritance and we think he can not?
What is the percentage of income spent on household expenses?
What percentage of the Reed's expenses is spent on housing and food?
What is the order of steps to make a personal budget A Reduce expenses B Categorize expenses to required versus luxury C Add all income sources D Add all expenses D Are expenses below income?
What is the prime cost of an item which has material cost of 9 labor cost of 4 direct expenses of 3 and factory overhead of 2?
Edmund rented a mid-size car for a 3-day business trip His client's office was 12 miles from the hotel Gasoline cost 1.80 per day and he made a trip to the office and a trip back to the hotel each?
If I already spent my inheritance can Florida medicaid still recover the deceased persons medical expenses from me?
What train would be recomemded from a trip from Boston to New York and how much is the cost of the trip?
How much does it cost to get from brussels to dinant by train?
What part of the expenses of a major league baseball road trip are paid by the team? All of it. Hotel, travel, everything. Players get $85 per diem a day. Certainly that would pay for their daily bread.
A family spends 1 10 of its annual income for housing 1 4 for food and clothing 1 5 for general expenses and 2 15 for entertainment What fractional part of their income is spent on these items a?
What is the cost per day of a trip if the total cost is 1995 and the length of stay is 5 days?
Gasoline sells for 51 cents per gallon what will be the cost of the gasoline on a 2200 mile trip if an average of 22 miles per gallon is made on the trip?
How much does a trip to Chicago cost and how much would the plane ticket cost?
When is baku-con 2012?
Who is the baku demon?
Kari spent half her money at the mall - at the movies she spent a fourth of her remaining money - then she spent 1 on the bus ride home - she had 5 left how much money did she spend?
Jamie spent half her money at the arcade at the pretzel stand she spent one fourth of her remaining money Then she spent 2 on the merry go round she had 10 left how much money did she have at 1st?
The Cost of Funerals and Final Expenses Continues to Rise in the US - The cost of burying a loved one in America has risen faster than virtually everything else over the last 30 years. The price index for funerals has risen almost ...
Sunk Cost Fallacy - What happens when you have spent too much money ? - Are you using something even when you do not like because you spent more money on it? Are you watching that movie even when you have some important ...
Cel Baku/Objective Baku - film dokumentalny w kolorze LEKTOR PL -
Brussels & Bruges Trip - 2017 -
Puigdemont proves elusive on Brussels trip - Puigdemont proves elusive on Brussels trip On Monday, journalists in Brussels played “Where is Wally?” to the tune of “Where is Carles?”, as Catalan leader ...
BT European chief to resign over Italian scandal -- Homes cost more than seven times income -- Insurer Lloyd's of London confirms new Brussels subsidiary -- ITV chief executive Adam Crozier steps down --
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