EU chief spent £70k on Baku trip but Brussels says releasing expenses cost TOO MUCH

AN 18-year-old youth has died after a fight in which three other people were injured.
Two Buddhists fined £15,000 for releasing crustaceans into sea
Zhixiong Li and Ni Li caused ‘untold damage’ to environment by releasing non-native crabs and lobsters off Brighton Two Buddhists who released £5,000 worth of crustaceans into the Channel as part of a religious ceremony have been fined almost £15,000 for causing “untold damage” to the environment. Zhixiong Li and Ni Li helped throw live crabs and lobsters into the sea off Brighton as part of a “life release” ceremony in 2015, a court has heard. Continue reading...
Chelsea FC to subsidize fans trip to Baku for Qarabag match
Chelsea Football Club is subsidizing an official trip to Azerbaijan for supporters wishing to attend the club`s away game at Qarabag. “With the return journey to the far east of the continent totalling almost 6000 miles, the club have lowered the cost
Over 14 lakh spent on Pondy L-G's travel expenses
New York Bridge Fund Spent on Other Expenses
New York Bridge Fund Spent on Other Expenses More than three-fourths of New York's Dedicated Highway and Bridge Trust Fund is paying for debt and state agency operations, the state comptroller reported.
PM’s Brussels trip as scheduled
EC asks Alagiri to reimburse expenses incurred on trip
Ethiopia: Oromo Politician Arrested After Brussels Trip
Police arrested Merera Gudina for “communicating with a banned terrorist organization.”
A family spends 1 10 of its annual income for housing 1 4 for food and clothing 1 5 for general expenses and 2 15 for entertainment What fractional part of their income is spent on these items a?
What is the cost per day of a trip if the total cost is 1995 and the length of stay is 5 days?
What is the approximate cost including all expenses which you should bear to complete a 2 year postgraduate course at Monash university Australia?
The estimated yearly cost of attending Monash University is about $22,500, so two years would cost about $45,000. This cost includes tuitiioon and fees, international student health coverage, books,
How much does a trip to a spa cost?
How much will it cost when you will trip to US?
[09-08] Drove in 7 countries on family trip to #Lietuva for a week, cost £1200 - #EU chief spent £67,000 trip to Armenia?
[21-08] Grifter-In-Chief #Trump has BANKRUPTED the #SecretService??$3 MILLION for each Mar-a-Lago trip, $60,000 spent just for g
[18-09] #HealthForAll would cost more money than the USA gov spent in 2014. Who will cover cost since democrats only like free handouts
[11-08] Of course: but #BREXIT to cost UK taxpayer grossly in excess of EU expenses.
[23-09] How on earth can Mrs May justify her expenses for that trip to #Florence?
[25-08] When you #RollFloatTravel in groups use a #TravelAgent to help manage the expenses and plans for the trip. #Travel
[13-09] Want to win an all expenses paid trip to #Gibraltar ? Then follow the links below. @Gibraltarlitfes #VisitGibraltar
[15-08] Are medical expenses incurred on a foreign trip covered in a #travel insurance policy?
[01-08] One of our #Birmingham young ladies had a treat - an all expenses paid trip to London for winning a personal achiev
[13-08] @POLITICOEurope Member nations contribute to exorbitant #cost of #EU #bureaucracy only to be let down by Brussels a
[10-08] #EU chief spent £24K on private plane to #Rome
[20-09] HHS chief #TomPrice spent $25K for private jet from D.C. to Philly .
[13-08] Cocky Brussels chiefs have spent months putting a price tag on Brexit and it's time
[10-08] EU Commission chief Juncker spent £24K on 'air taxi' to Rome
[16-07] Edinburgh Tattoo chief’s fury over soaring cost for police
[20-09] EU chief admits can't stop May securing new economic pacts set to go live on day Britain quits Brussels club #Brexit
[10-08] EU Commission chief Juncker spent £24k on 'air taxi' to Rome and more stuff, I would imagine! #Brexit
[20-09] Health insurance premiums for me & my daughter cost $1,010 per mo. #TomPrice spent 25 TIMES that to fly private jet 100
[11-08] 'Putin laughing at EU!' Ex army chief DESTROYS Brussels dream for 'pointless' euro army No UK Taxpayer Cash #Brexit
* Euractiv - 31 Oct 2016Günther Oettinger described Chinese ministers visiting Brussels as “slitty-eyed” and “chisellers” at Wednesday’s Hamburg speech.He also mocked women and gay marriage.Oettinger,who is facing calls in Brussels and Berlin for his resignation,defended his comments in a newspaper interview on Sunday.He said they were “sloppy” but denied they were racist or homophobic.Commission Chief Spokesman Margaritis Schinas repeatedly batted away demands by reporters for an apology.“We have nothing to add,” he told incredulous journalists in Brussels. (…)
* Deadline: 18 September 2017In co-operation with KulturKontakt Austria, the Austrian Federal Chancellery makes available 50 residencies in Austria (Vienna and Salzburg) for the year 2018.The residency is designed to offer an opportunity to familiarise oneself with the Austrian art scene and cultural environment and to make contact with Austrian artists. Residents are expected to complete a project during their stay. In the field of cultural education, the stay is primarily designed to foster exchanges and networking and not the realisation of a project. This call is open to artists whose permanent place of residence is outside of Austria and who have completed their training. The age limit for applicants is 40 years.The residency includes studio, accommodation, and a contribution to cost of living expenses of €800 per month. Travel and visa expenses are not covered.Read the details of the open call
* “The Old Trafford club spent £495.5m assembling their current squad, meaning each point they’ve won this season has cost £7.86m so far.”
  • [18-09] #HealthForAll would cost more money than the USA gov spent in 2014. Who will cover cost since democrats only like free handouts
  • [23-09] How on earth can Mrs May justify her expenses for that trip to #Florence?
    How to find the speed that minimizes the total cost of a trip?
    Here are some facts about semi-trucks and a trip between Chicago and New Orleans. (a) The trip is 750 miles. (b) Running at 50 mph, the truck gets around 4 miles per gallon. (c) For each mph increase in speed, the truck losses 1/10 of a mile per gallon in mileage. (d) The driver team gets \$27 per hour. (e) Keeping the truck on the road costs 15 dollars per hour over and above the cost of fuel. (f) Diesel fuel costs \$3.90 per gallon. Write a function, C(x), for the total cost of driving the truck from Chicago to New Orleans in terms of the constant speed x. At what (constant) speed should the truck be driven to minimize the cost of the trip? Use calculus to minimize costs. Progress I know that the constraint is $xh=750$ and I know that it something$+27h+(15h/3.90)$ but I don't know how to use the mpg to my equation...
    an all-expenses-paid trip to New York
    She's going on a trip to New York, all expenses paid.
    Don't worry about the cost of lunch - it's on expenses.
    EU chief spent £70k on Baku trip but Brussels says releasing expenses cost TOO MUCH
    AN 18-year-old youth has died after a fight in which three other people were injured.
    In mid-July 1845, Marx and Engels left Brussels for England to visit the leaders of the Chartists, a socialist movement in Britain. This was Marx's first trip to England and Engels was an ideal guide for the trip. Engels had already spent two years living in Manchester, from November 1842 to August 1844. Not only did Engels already know the English language, he had developed a close relationship with many Chartist leaders. Indeed, Engels was serving as a reporter for many Chartist and socialist English newspapers. Marx used the trip as an opportunity to examine the economic resources available for study in various libraries in London and Manchester.

    From the expenses and contributions of the islands, and the excess of the debits over the credits, some, through lack of acquaintance with the matter, are wont to derive the main argument against them, imagining that the islands are of little use but of great expense. Although the first of these propositions is quite confuted and answered by what is thus far alleged, the second also lacks foundation in the meaning in which it is put forward, which attributes to the islands more expense than profit; for the Filipinas alone contribute more than what they cost. Until the year 607, the islands of Maluco belonged to the crown of Portugal, which spent a great sum of money on them--as was necessary on account of the great distance from Goa, upon which their government was dependent. Although, nevertheless, those islands were maintained, that appeared impossible after the Dutch entered the Orient; for with their advent the expenses of Maluco were so increased that the islands were lost, inasmuch as there was no money with which to maintain them. It was ordered that the Filipinas recover them, and they did so. In order to assure the safety of the Malucos and to economize expenses for the convenience of both crowns, they were joined and united to them [_i.e._, Filipinas], imposing on the crown of Castilla, and in its name on the Filipinas, the obligation to attend to their wants, thus adding to Filipinas at least 290,000 pesos of expense--the amount of what pertains to Maluco from the second, third, and fourth departments, all the sixth, half the seventh, and a third of the eighth. If your Majesty is petitioned for 276,000 pesos annually for both groups of islands, as is attested, and those of Maluco alone cost 290,000, the deduction is evident that the Filipinas _per se_ cost less than what they contribute--and more, if it is considered that the crown of Portugal saves 400,000 pesos which the Malucas must have cost it when they were under its charge. Since the Filipinas did not ask for that union, and were not a party in causing it to be made, they ought not to be charged with increase in expenses which those islands cause them.