From EastEnders’ Michelle Fowler to Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden… 9 soap characters that have been played by multiple actors

SOAP plotlines are notoriously barmy – characters frequently leave with no explanation or come back from the dead. And because soap producers can be fickle about whether characters are staying or going, sometimes it falls to more than one actor to play our favourite characters. Some of these cast changes are for quite sensible reasons […] 09-08-17
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  • [16-01] Fowler V Firmino two great goals are so similar it is uncanny (almost identical). Robbie Fowler V Man Utd, Roberto…
From EastEnders’ Michelle Fowler to Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden… 9 soap characters that have been played by multiple actors
SOAP plotlines are notoriously barmy – characters frequently leave with no explanation or come back from the dead. And because soap producers can be fickle about whether characters are staying or going, sometimes it falls to more than one actor to play our favourite characters. Some of these cast changes are for quite sensible reasons […]
Eastenders Sonia Fowler s secret in Kettering theory? Next week, Eastenders is set to reveal Sonia s mystery incident that happened in kettering, but I wonder what it is? My theory is, could it be, that the incident involves a past random character from Sonia s past that held a agruge agent her, maybe someone like Martin Fowler s stalker Sarah Cairns? Maybe whilst...
Celebrity spotting in London? borehamwood, it's just outside london in hertfordshire and it's a shithole but they have 2 tv studios just off the high street you will see actors from eastenders, holby,and other actors all over the place.
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Where to base a new soap opera in the UK? I would like to have a go at writing a new soap opera set in the UK but not sure where it should be set? I just think that soaps like Eastenders and Coronation street have got too soft and boring recently, and I think i could come up with moe gritty storylines. These places are already taken: East London,...
What movie are you watching roght now or will next then after that? I watched that movie valerian a little while ago on dvd. I thought it was better than the critics had led me to believe. true enough the two lead characters weren't portrayed very well, they should probably have gone with a couple of bigger name actors, but they weren't as bad as all that. also true that the best acting, far and away, was done by the various cgi characters, which didn't bother me a bit, because they were really great. in fact I kind of wondered at one point if they'd have been better off just using cgi characters for absolutely all the roles and having no human actors at all. but anyway, sure, it was all right.
Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle will get back together and get properly married, say soap bosses EMMERDALE’S Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle – dubbed “Robron” by viewers – will reunite, the soap’s boss has confirmed. Producer Iain MacLeod has revealed the fan favourite couple will reunite and tie the knot properly next summer, after a special Christmas Day episode will drag them back together as Robert strives to become a decent […]
Emmerdale spoilers: Ryan Hawley opens up about Robert Sugden’s Christmas episode – ‘it’s a big risk’ (Picture: ITV) Emmerdale star Ryan Hawley has teased details of the upcoming Christmas Day episode of the soap which will see Robert Sugden as the main focus as he goes on a bizarre journey through various false realities in order to reflect on his actions. The character has had a turbulent year and by the point of the Christmas episode, he has hit rock bottom. On Christmas Day, he wakes several times and finds himself caught in increasingly weird scenarios which make him confront his actions and make some big decisions...
Emmerdale spoilers: Danny Miller reveals that Aaron Dingle will never stop loving Robert Sugden (Picture: ITV) Emmerdale star Danny Miller has confirmed what Robron fans have scarcely doubted. Despite being in a relationship with Dr Alex, Aaron Dingle won’t ever stop loving Robert Sugden – and the pair are set to get together again in 2018. This year’s Christmas Day episode will break the mould of standard soap and see Robert stuck in recurring and alternating realities as he is forced to confront his actions over the last year and try and repent...
Emmerdale’s Danny Miller confirms Aaron Dingle will never stop loving Robert Sugden ‘regardless of what he does’ as he opens up about the future for Robron Emmerdale’s Danny Miller confirms Aaron Dingle will never stop loving Robert Sugden ‘regardless of what he does’ as he opens up about the future for Robron
EastEnders criticised for Stacey Fowler social worker plot An open letter posted on the Social Work Tutor Facebook page, which has over 400,000 likes, accuses the BBC of portraying social workers as 'incompetent child snatchers' in EastEnders.
EastEnders spoilers: Sex shock as Max Branning and Stacey Fowler sleep together at Christmas   (Picture: BBC) EastEnders could be set to tear Martin and Stacey Fowler apart this Christmas as we can confirm that the torn wife will sleep with her ex Max Branning in a Christmas Eve twist as their sexual attraction boils over. But is it a one off or does Stacey’s heart lie away from her marriage? Stacey has long been an ally for Max and after his deplorable actions of late were exposed, he suffered a spectacular downfall and she has remained the only one supporting him...
EastEnders’ Stacey Fowler to blame for son Arthur being hospitalised after he overdoses on her bipolar medication AN EastEnders mystery was solved tonight when Stacey Fowler was revealed to be behind son Arthur’s mystery illness – albeit seemingly accidentally. The pregnant mum of two – who is played by actress Lacey Turner in the BBC soap – reacted angrily when the doctors tried to find out what was wrong with her baby, […]
EastEnders’ Sonia Fowler’s Kettering secret revealed as her former patient’s son accuses her of stealing his inheritance SONIA Fowler’s secret from Kettering in EastEnders has been revealed. The nurse – who is played by actress Natalie Cassidy in the BBC soap – has been hiding a secret from her former life since she returned earlier this year with the police questioning her. But now a furious son of one of Sonia’s former […]
EastEnders spoilers: Boss reveals big storylines ahead for Stacey Fowler and Sharon Mitchell (Picture: BBC) EastEnders is set to bring the show’s strong women right back to the centre of the soap in coming months – with boss John Yorke planning major storylines for Stacey Fowler and Sharon Mitchell among others as well as bringing back three key members of the Slater family in Kat, Mo and Jean. Speaking about the direction of the show as he stays for a year to continue at the helm, John enthused that the strong women are the focal point once more and teased a big future for Stacey as well...
EastEnders spoilers: Martin and Stacey Fowler split after Max Branning sex secret is exposed at Christmas? (Picture: BBC) The end could be nigh for once solid couple Martin and Stacey Fowler as Stacey has been drawn back into the world of her ex Max Branning in EastEnders. But as the pair sleep together, is Stacey set to leave her husband and family for a man who seems to provide more excitement? Max touched a nerve when he suggested that Stacey had lost her edge of fun and risk and when old sparks started to fly, they ended up in each others’ arms on the floor of the living room floor...
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40 Christmas and New Year spoilers: EastEnders death twist, Coronation Street cliff horror, Emmerdale ghostly shock, Hollyoaks violence (Picture: ITV/BBC/Metro) It’s that time of year again – we’re pulling together every morsel of soap spoiler that we can find to create the definitive guide to your festive viewing and now we know how Santa’s elves feel...
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Two characters (played by the same actor) fight to the death. Which characters are they and who wins?
EastEnders’ Carmel Kazemi devastated as she finds baby Arthur Fowler covered in bruises and mum Stacey is the prime suspect CARMEL Kazemi is convinced Stacey Fowler is abusing son Arthur in EastEnders. The council planner – who is played by actress Bonnie Langford in the BBC soap – broke down in tears as she found bruises over Arthur after clashing with Stacey over what she sees as neglect. Earlier in the episode Carmel and Stacey […]
EastEnders spoilers: Popular boss John Yorke is staying with the soap (Picture: BBC) EastEnders boss John Yorke has announced that he is going to work on the show for at least a year after initially stepping up to do a three month interim stint. John took over on the soap from previous producer Sean O’Connor but it was understood at the time that a more permanent successor would be recruited. Since taking over, John has made some significant changes such as hiring Patrick Bergin as Aidan Maguire, bringing back Masood Ahmed with a wider family and signing up S Club 7 star Hannah Spearritt...
EastEnders spoilers: Soap boss John Yorke reveals 2018 storylines (Picture: BBC/Metro) EastEnders boss John Yorke has teased a massively eventful Christmas, New Year and 2018 for the soap, highlighting some key characters and storylines that will kick off the year with a bang...
Does anyone know the significance of the name Robert on the office and why there are 4 separate characters named Robert?
EastEnders fans PETRIFIED baby Arthur is dead as he ‘stops breathing’ after ‘perfect’ Martin Fowler recites his wedding vows to wife Stacey EASTENDERS fans were left PETRIFIED as tonight’s episode closed with the life of Stacey Fowler’s baby, Arthur, hanging in the balance. Hugely emotional viewers filled Twitter with weeping-eye Emojis as the credits rolled with parent Stacey (Lacey Turner) in clear distress, squealing “Is he breathing?” Her husband, market trader Martin (James Bye), was cradling the […]
EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell heading for heartache as he sleeps with the son of his mother’s rapist as actor Harry Reid leaves the soap BEN Mitchell is heading for heartache with new boyfriend Luke in EastEnders. The mechanic – who is played by actor Harry Reid in the BBC soap – had a one night stand with businessman Luke and it is set to develop into a relationship that is doomed to chaos when it comes out how Luke […]
Jacksonville Jaguars DE Dante Fowler Jr. faces multiple misdemeanor charges Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. has been formally charged on three misdemeanor crimes in Pinellas County, Fla., according to court records.
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Who were the nine actors who played the nine kings? One of the things I liked about the production of the Lord of the Rings films was that some crew members were invited to play a sort of cameo role. Unfortunately, some members do not get credited for ...
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Which character in Star Trek has been played by the most actors? Some recurring characters have been played by different actors in different films or episodes. Many main cast members have been portrayed by different actors due to flashbacks, and [(mumble) insert (...
Which speaking roles on Game of Thrones are played by non-European actors? It is well known that most of the Game of Thrones cast is European. By European, I count people that have at least one nationality being inside Europe in the large meaning (so I don't restrict to EU). ...
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How much do emmerdale actors get paid? 230,000 that is out ragous is it or isnt it
What is the name of the pub in the London soap opera Eastenders? The queen Victoria
Was English actor John Partridge from the BBC television soap opera EastEnders ever married? There is no record of him having been married but in September 2011 he entered into a civil partnership with Jon Tsouras.
What number did robbie fowler wear when he first played for Liverpool? 23
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The actress who plays dawn from eastenders who was her gangster boyfriend in the soap boyfriend?
When are Michelle Wilson and Robert Canney getting married?
Name something you do each day but never see soap opera characters doing? Laundry Clean Eat Got to work Got to sleep Use the bathroom Shop
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What is the wild card for multiple characters?
Who played Michelle in American pie? Alyson Hannigan
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Who are the actors from the soap Friends? First of all, it's not a soap, I just want to make that clear. The Actors are;Joey : Matt Le BlancRoss : David SchwimmerChandler : Matthew PerryPhoebe : Lisa KudrowRachel : Jennifer AnistonMonica : Courtney Cox Arquette
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What actors and actresses appeared in Characters - 2001? The cast of Characters - 2001 includes: Aaron Bernard as Julian Salinger Tyler Cravens as Spencer Hendrics Wayne Gagne as Chip Sanders Hans Hernke as Comic Book Boy Dan Johnson as Lenn Melbar Courtney Lessner as Lauren Newman Tia Marrie as Audrey Christy Moore as Dara Brenda Shea as Barb Stevens Dean Shull as Ferguson Chantal Simpson as Comic Book Girl Brian Skala as Crazy Eddie Kevin Vincent as Parker
Emmerdale's Danny Miller has Aaron Dingle & Robert Sugden's reunion at Inside Soap Awards 2017 - Soap Scoop is Digital Spy's weekly soap spoilers video. Make sure you check out our channel for all the latest from EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale ...
Emmerdale - Nicola Blackstock Teases Robert Sugden (2002) - Aired August 7, 2002.
Emmerdale spoilers Cast Robert Sugden leaves after Rebecca gives birth - Emmerdale spoilers Cast Robert Sugden leaves after Rebecca gives birth.
Emmerdale spoilers: Robert Sugden makes a confession to Aaron Dingle tonight - Emmerdale spoilers: Robert Sugden makes a confession to Aaron Dingle tonight Robert Sugden is a man with a lot of demons and, love him or loathe him, ...
Emmerdale spoilers robert sugden’s lies are exposed tonight but is lachlan white dead? - Emmerdale spoilers robert sugden's lies are exposed tonight but is lachlan white dead?
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