BBC reporter Sally Chidzoy's employment tribunal case struck out

The tribunal involving the BBC correspondent heard claims she was the victim of a "witch-hunt". 13-02-17
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BBC reporter Sally Chidzoy's employment tribunal case struck out
The tribunal involving the BBC correspondent heard claims she was the victim of a "witch-hunt".
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What can an employer legally tell you? " told I couldn't put my hands in my pockets because it wasn't "lady like"" That would be straight to an employment tribunal if they said that to me.
What does "struck off" mean? strike off v. To start a journey or proceed in a new direction: The hikers struck off into the forest. It's a little confusing because the writer combined two "offs" into one, from "struck off" and "off the highway." "Struck off from the highway" would have been clearer.
Am I Entitled to Unemployement? Did they take employment insurance out of your paycheck? If so then you might have a case. In New York I do not know in part-time employment is covered under the insurance law. Check you paysub.
Did this Interviewer disrespect me? Unfortunately not all interviewers have people skills and yes you certainly were disrespected. I am unsure about reporting the case, as it wouldn't improve chances of employment and the worst that will happen is she'll get a bollocking but you'll still be seeking employment. She was absolutely disrespectful to you and I'm taking from her answers she was intimidated by you and that is why she's tried to put you down. Take non of it on board, it's nothing to do with you.
Uber to tell UK employment tribunal it operates just like rivals By Costas Pitas LONDON (Reuters) - Uber will defend its business model at a British employment tribunal on Wednesday arguing its drivers are self-employed and work the same way as those at long-established local taxi firms, according to a court document. The U.S. firm is appealing against a tribunal ruling last year that it should treat two of its drivers as workers, which would entitle them to the minimum wage and paid holidays. Such practices have been criticized by some unions and workers as exploitative and the Silicon Valley giant will try
UPDATE: Disability Discrimination Employment Tribunal
Uber loses UK tribunal appeal over driver employment rights Another blow for Uber’s UK business: The company has lost its appeal against an employment tribunal ruling which last year judged that the Uber drivers who brought the case should be classified as workers, rather than self-employed contractors.
British drivers to defend employment rights at Uber tribunal Two drivers were set to defend a British tribunal decision giving them workers' rights at Uber [UBER.UL] on Thursday, the latest threat to the taxi app's business model which is battling to keep its licence in London. The pair successfully argued last year that the Silicon Valley firm exerted significant control over them to provide an on-demand taxi service and had responsibilities in terms of the working rights it provides. "Uber's a transportation services company marketing itself to customers as giving a uniform experience and pricing of wh
Uber challenges employment rights ruling at tribunal in London Uber is challenging a landmark ruling that says it must give drivers employment benefits. James Farrar and Yaseen Aslam won a case against the ride-hailing app last year after arguing they were workers and entitled to the minimum wage, sick pay and paid holiday. It comes at a time when the firm is under pressure, battling Transport for London over a decision to strip it of its right to operate in the capital on the grounds it is "not fit and proper".
Uber loses challenge over tribunal ruling on drivers´ employment rights The GMB union said the Employment Appeal Tribunal ruling was a "landmark victory" for workers´ rights, especially in the gig economy.
Honoring Sally on UCTV: Sally Ride's Partner, Tam O'Shaughnessy, Talks About Ride's Remarkable Life and Research Ship That Honors Her Legacy The program, Honoring Sally: Tam O'Shaughnessy Aboard the R/V Sally Ride, interweaves O'Shaughnessy's candid interview with vivid archival footage to tell the story of Ride's historic achievements at NASA and of her long personal and professional partnership with O'Shaughnessy.
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5 The troubling case of the young Japanese reporter who worked herself to death
How does FSA work in case of change in employment? I have a Dependent Care account with WageWorks from my previous company. I left my previous company in July'15. There are still $2000.00 in WageWorks account. Now WageWorks is not letting me claim any ...
Is there a way to be credited for work performed where employment taxes were returned to the worker after their employment ended? My wife worked for almost 4 years when we were first married. After she quit her job to stay home, she was advised that she could request her employment expenses be 'refunded' to her, including her ...
If I make more in capital gains than I did in my employment, will I owe employment taxes? If I have a year in which my capital gains are greater than my employment income and the capital gains, when combined with my employment income, would put me in a higher tax bracket than my normal ...
Previous employment data in DS-160: unofficial employment I'm filling out the DS-160 Visa form online, and I'm curious about the "previous employers" part. I've been working in the same company for almost 3 years now, and this is the only employment I've ever had. This is also the company who's my sponsor for the H1-B visa. The problem is, I never worked officially there, so I'm not sure how legally safe it is to list it as my employer, both in the form and in my resume. What should I do about it? EDIT: By unofficial I mean working remotely from my country (Russia). I think I signed some document saying that I was an independent advisor or something, but by Russian law I was officially unemployed during this period.
generate employment vs create employment To my understanding, "generate employment" means: An existing company releases employment opportunities. whereas "create employment" means: Maybe it is a completely new employment or creates ...
“Sally's and Mike's bikes” or “Sally and Mike's bikes”? [duplicate] The title really says it all. When there are two subjects in the possessive, what do we do? If "Sally's and Mike's bikes" is correct, isn't this ambiguous? (As the phrase could either be referring to ...
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