The Observer view on North Korea and the role of the UN | Observer editorial

Trump’s rhetoric is a danger to the world. Higher authorities must act Barely a day passes without a reminder of Donald Trump’s unfitness for America’s highest office. The president’s performance during the past week has plumbed new depths of irrationality and ineptitude, even by the low standards he has set since January. Trump’s random, splenetic threats of unlimited military action against North Korea and now, bizarrely, against Venezuela , have exacerbated an already dangerous situation in east Asia. They have raised the real prospect of war, either by design or miscalculation . 13-08-17
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The Observer view on North Korea and the role of the UN | Observer editorial
Trump’s rhetoric is a danger to the world. Higher authorities must act Barely a day passes without a reminder of Donald Trump’s unfitness for America’s highest office. The president’s performance during the past week has plumbed new depths of irrationality and ineptitude, even by the low standards he has set since January. Trump’s random, splenetic threats of unlimited military action against North Korea and now, bizarrely, against Venezuela , have exacerbated an already dangerous situation in east Asia. They have raised the real prospect of war, either by design or miscalculation .
I have friend but all the time is doing some thing, when that friend is kind plus this manner, what I am going to do you just tell, with it? just observer his/her weakness search the solution about his/her weakness about to tell him/his make u r personalty to his/her answer ,, but don't took about weakness after some time his observer u ,, they will give u same important ,, ok
What's the scientific answer for 'If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is there, does it make a sound?'? Yes, sound does travel in the medium even if nobody is there to listen to it, but this is not a real physical question, it's more philosophical about the role and the definition of "observer" I guess.
Is the phrase "outside spectator" redundant? Possibly, but I have a feeling that I know what the writer wanted to say. And actually I would use the word "observer". A "spectator" is a fairly specific word naming a person at a sports match or similar visual; spectacle. A person using "spectator" as a general word is probably not a native user of English. An "outside observer" is a person who has no emotional attachment to the process he/she is observing. That might apply to a scientist.
What do you think of this guys christian proof of god? "Scientist (sic) now believe in quantum physics , where they understand that there has to be some "Intelligent Ultimate Observer"who is manipulating all matter . Great, except that to "manipulate all matter" this "Intelligent Ultimate Observer" would perforce have to personally supervise every single quantum transition in the universe, now and forever! So OK, suppose he CAN do that? How the hell can he STILL find the time to watch you having a sly swift one off the wrist? It makes no sense!
As you hurtle across the Universe at the speed of light you turn on a flashlight and point it in front of you; what happens to that light? From a thought experiment perspective, let’s add a couple of things: you also have a clock, and a meter stick pointed in the direction you’re traveling, and you’re passing an observer that provides a “rest” frame. From your perspective, the light streams from the flashlight at the speed of light, you see a one meter long stick, and a clock that is ticking normally. The “rest” observer sees this: the light never leaves the flashlight (because they’re both moving at the speed of light), the clock is at a standstill. The reason for this is that per the special theory of relativity, light ALWAYS travels at the speed of light in any non-accelerated reference frame. Since both you and the observer are not accelerated, and you’re both looking at the SAME light, what happens is that lengths contract and time dilates to make it so that light is observed to be moving at the speed of light in both frames simultaneously. If that seems counterintuitive, it is, but it’s how the universe works.
A star of Right Ascension 6 hours is crossing the meridian. What is the sidereal time? You are very confused. Right ascension is is in degrees, not hours., hour angles go in the opposite direction to right ascension degrees.. Sidereal time, IS 0 hours. when ANYTHING is on the meridian. You are VERY confused. ",,,Relation with the right ascension[edit] The local hour angle (LHA) of an object in the observer's sky is {\displaystyle {\text{LHA}}_{\text{object}}={\text{LST}}-\alpha _{\text{object}}} {\text{LHA}}_{{{\text{object}}}}={{\text{LST}}}-\alpha _{{{\text{object}}}} (If result is negative, add 360 degrees. If result is greater than 360, subtract 360 degrees.) or {\displaystyle {\text{LHA}}_{\text{object}}={\text{GST}}-\lambda _{\text{observer}}-\alpha _{\text{object}}} {\text{LHA}}_{{{\text{object}}}}={{\text{GST}}}-\lambda _{{{\text{observer}}}}-\alpha _{{{\text{object}}}} where LHAobject is the local hour angle of the object, LST is the local sidereal time, {\displaystyle \alpha _{\text{object}}} \alpha _{{{\text{object}}}} is the object's right ascension, GST is Greenwich sidereal time and {\displaystyle \lambda _{\text{observer}}} \lambda _{{{\text{observer}}}} is the observer's longitude (positive west from the prime meridian).[3] These angles can be measured in time (24 hours to a circle) or in degrees (360 degrees to a circle)— one or the other, not both. Negative hour angles indicate the time until the next transit across the meridian; an hour angle of zero means the object is on the meridian...."
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The Observer view on the EU’s eastern bloc | Editorial Europe faces a threat to its cohesion. But this time it’s on the eastern front, not the western European leaders have been at pains over the past 12 months to emphasise that Brexit is not the only or even the biggest issue confronting the EU. They do so, in part, to keep the British in their place. But they also speak the truth. Whether it is eurozone reform, the rise of xenophobic extremism or growing pressure exerted by Russia, Europe has an awful lot on its plate without worrying overmuch about what Boris Johnson wants. Yet the EU’s
The Guardian view on North Korea and the US: shouting into the wind | Editorial The insults traded between Washington and Pyongyang tend to induce despair or laughter. We need to take them more seriously The escalating rhetoric of both North Korea and the US president is prone to polarise its audience, resulting in two contradictory and equally imprudent strains of reaction. The first is panic. As the Trumpian tweets and blasts of Pyongyang propaganda grow more extreme, the spectre of war coalesces in the public mind. But it is still a spectre, and the most likely outcome is that the immediate crisis will pass as
The Guardian view on North Korea and Trump: the crisis isn’t over | Editorial Inter-Korean talks are an encouraging sign of de-escalation on the peninsula. But the underlying threat of Pyongyang’s weapons programme and a reckless US administration will not go away Like so many dictatorships, North Korea loves a good show. Sending its figure skaters and cheerleaders to next month’s Winter Olympics in the South is symbolically useful at home and abroad: promoting an image of national vigour; of a country that is recognised as part of the international system, not a pariah; of a country ready to do business again. As wi
The next phase in this unending tragedy could prove even more dangerous | Observer editorial The next phase in this intractable and bloody tragedy could prove the most dangerous yet The conflict in Syria, triggered by a grassroots uprising in 2011 against the repressive regime of Bashar al-Assad, is usually referred to as a civil war. But this description bears scant relation to what is happening there now. Syria has become an international battleground pitting the great powers, regional neighbours and supranational ethnic and religious forces against each other in a fight for strategic influence, territory and power. After last week
The Observer view on Saudi Arabia, the US and Yemen While Yemen starves, Trump moves ever close to its tormenter, the headstrong ruler of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, is a young man in a hurry. So, too, is Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser. Together, they make a dangerous combination. By all accounts, the two men have become firm friends, forging a strong bond melding youth and power. Salman , 32, at the latter’s desert ranch. Shortly after the meeting, three things happened: Salman began a sweeping purge of wealthy royal rivals;
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Where might I observe refugees escaping across the North Korea-China or North Korea Russia border illegally? I will try to visit northern China and/or eastern Russia on this trip.I've visited South Korea many times and I'm really interested in the plight of North Koreans trying to flee from the repressive regime in the their country.Which spots on the border are known for escapes? I know I've seen documentaries and news stories on it but don't know if they said where.Actually even if I don't see anybody going for it it would still feel amazing to be at a place where I know people do often attempt this amazing personal challenge to find their freedom.Is there somewhere near Weihai perhaps?
Will North Korea point some nukes toward Beijing if China bans oil exports to North Korea?
Is there a museum in South Korea about defectors and refugees who escaped North Korea? I was just watching a History Channel documentary on YouTube called "Kingjongilia" about people who have managed to escape North Korea.Having visited South Korea a bunch of times now, I realize I didn't notice any kind of museum on these people and their plight. Googling for one now isn't helping much either.Is there such a museum somewhere in South Korea?
On a clear night when an observer in Los Angeles sees a first quarter Moon an observer in London would see? That person in London would see a new moon.
After an approaching ambulance passes a stationary observer what does the frequency of the sound of the siren heard by the observer appear to do?
When an observer in Germany sees a first quarter moon an observer half way around the world and south of the equator on the same night would see? Assuming the Moon is above the horizon, the other observer would also see a first quarter moon.
For an observer at the north pole what would the star trails look like? A dome of concentric circles, that appears as straight horizontal lines at the horizon.
When will the sun be observed to rise north of east by an observer in New York state? Every clear morning from roughly March 22 until September 20...
What is the line that passes from north to south through an observer's zenith called?
What would be the altitude of Polaris the North star for an observer located at 64oN latitude? The altitude of polaris for an observer is always the same as your latitude so it would be 64oN
What will the altitude of Polaris do as an observer moves eastward 23 degrees north latitude? If Polaris were directly at the celestial North Pole, movement directly eastward or westward would have no impact on its altitude whatsoever. Because it's not, calculating the precise impact becomes tricky (it could move either up or down depending on what its exact measured altitude was), but will be minimal because it's quite close to the celestial North Pole.
How is the altitude of the North Celestial Pole above the northern horizon related to the observer's latitude? The altitude of the NCP above the observer's horizon is equal to his north latitude.
[21-11] If its is possible to bring the observer directly over the equator and facing the north pole at such a distance that he can see the whole earth how would the meridians appear?
How would the Moon look to an observer on the North Pole if the Moon is a Waxing Crescent in the US? Everybody on Earth who can see the moon at any particular moment sees the same phase.The distance across the Earth, is not far, compared to the distance to the moon, for there to be any perceivable change in perspective.
The Doppler effect says that if v0 is greater then vs then an observer will hear a higher pitch in front of source does that mean if vs is greater v0 an observer will hear a higher pitch BEHIND source?
What is the observer's meridian?
[21-01] What is a UN Observer Mission?
What are you called if you believe god is an observer?
In new york an observer will usually see the sun rise in the? - - - east. - - - morning.
Where is the observer during a solar eclipse? If you can see the solar eclipse, then you are in the Moon's shadow.
Why do scientists need to become keen observer?
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