Security expert told to pay £100million to Angolan guerrillas so they wouldn’t attack Princess Diana during 1997 visit

A SECURITY expert has revealed he was told to pay Angolan guerrillas £100million so they wouldn’t attack Diana on her four-day visit in January 1997. Alan McGregor said: “We feared she could be killed or kidnapped for ransom. Diana knew this but it didn’t stop her coming. “The Saudis didn’t want a national scandal as […]

Beautiful assistance to an officer having a severely debilitating anxiety attack. Granted, I probably wouldn’t have given him the gun, and maybe had him take a knee; I’m just glad it all seemed to pan out.
PRINCESS DIANA - Homage paid to Princess Diana at site of fatal crash in Paris
What Princess Diana Told Queen Elizabeth Before Divorce
Princess Diana turned to Queen Elizabeth II for help during her marital struggles with Prince Charles, soon-to-be-aired tapes reveal.
William and Harry remember Princess Diana with visit to memorial garden
Princes William and Harry visited a new garden in London dedicated to Princess Diana on the eve of the 20th anniversary of her death.
Who authorized this Princess Diana memorial that looks nothing like Princess Diana?
Uh Princess Diana...is that you?  To memorialize the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death, the Chesterfield Borough Council in England announced a well dressing memorial dedicated to the late Princess of Wales—however, the display looks nothing like her. Can the real Diana please stand up? SEE ALSO: London street artist paints heartwarming tribute to Princess Diana People didn't waste no time poking fun at the memorial. One commenter wrote: "Seriously!!...I hope this was done by a local primary school? Although knowi
Duchess Kate dons floral Prada frock to visit Princess Diana's memorial garden on the eve of her 20th death anniversary
Duchess Kate, alongside Prince Harry and Prince William, paid tribute to her mother-in-law Princess Diana with a visit to her memorial garden at Kensington Palace on the eve of her 20th death anniversary.
Princess Charlotte is following in grandmother Princess Diana's footsteps with her love for dancing
It looks like Princess Charlotte is following in grandmother Princess Diana's footsteps!
How Did Princess Diana Die?
It was not clear whether the Princess of Wales would have a private funeral or a state ceremony, whose public pomp and majesty would stand as a tragic bookend to her storybook wedding.
Who Was Princess Diana?
If you happen to be in London, you might want to head to Kensington in the West of the city.
What Princess Diana Was Really Like
"If you spent time with her, you felt Diana's extraordinary strength, as well as her vulnerability and her somewhat mocking and ever-present humor."
Princess Diana anniversary
Remembering Princess Diana
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  • [12-09] Princess Diana Beginner Pack Macmillan Readers
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  • [11-08] I would love to have known how Princess Diana would have felt about #Brexit ? She would have been a great ambassador #TheStoryofDianapt2
  • [20-10] DIANA #Princess of #WalesAuthentic #autograph note
  • [12-10] Princess Diana knows what day it is. #gameday #Eagles #bleedgreen
Security expert told to pay £100million to Angolan guerrillas so they wouldn’t attack Princess Diana during 1997 visit
A SECURITY expert has revealed he was told to pay Angolan guerrillas £100million so they wouldn’t attack Diana on her four-day visit in January 1997. Alan McGregor said: “We feared she could be killed or kidnapped for ransom. Diana knew this but it didn’t stop her coming. “The Saudis didn’t want a national scandal as […]
* 20 Years Ago, Princess Diana Tragically DiedTo her ex-husband, Prince Charles – as well as the rest of the world – the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, was an unimaginable shock. On Sept. 1, the day after Diana, 36, and her companion Dodi Al Fayed, 42, died in a cataclysmic car crash in Paris, the distraught Charles walked the hills surrounding Balmoral, the Queen‘s castle in Scotland. According to Britain’s Daily Mail, the prince, 48,…View On WordPress
* Day 11: princess Diana, princess of Themyscira #inktober #inktober2017 #inking #mjtober #mjtober2017 #comics #day11 #princess...
* Diana the Huntress ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #Reilly #princess #diana #versailles #dianathehuntress #art #royalty #sculpture #holiday...
Is “Unless you had told me about Sue's hair, I wouldn't have noticed it” correct and natural-sounding? I find it natural to say "If you hadn't told me about Sue's hair, I wouldn't have noticed it", but when if-not is substituted with unless in this specific sentence it sounds weird. I've found a ...
Could you explain the conditional sentence Type 2 of this sentence “If I told you that I lived in Russia, you wouldn't believe it” [closed] Ok, Conditional sentence type 2 refers to an unlikely or hypothetical condition and its probable result. These sentences are not based on the actual situation. In type 2 conditional sentences, ...
What is the right way to spell the title “Diana and Tom's Grill” or “Diana's and Tom's Grill”? [duplicate] I am looking for the most common way how people in US/Canada spell something like this, preferably in accordance with Chicago Manual of Style. What is the right way to spell the title "Diana and Tom's ...
What is changed in 'guerrilla' and 'guerrillas' usage during the last two hundred years? "guerrilla: a member of a usually small group of soldiers who do not belong to a regular army and who fight in a war as an independent unit" (M-W) Surely there are specific historical reasons behind ...
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Sash window design / security - parting bead vulnerable to attack? I'm currently trying to design a timber box sash window. I've had a look at both "traditional" designs from books, and more modern double-glazed window designs, and most have the same general ...
Why was Princess Diana the Peoples Princess?
Someone you really love turned on you wouldn't talk to you wouldn't give you a reason and you found out later someone told him lies about you and you can't seem to get over pain of it all?
Did Princess Diana have a saying?
How is Princess Diana do with the law?
Who was Princess Diana's grandfather?
Who named Princess Diana?
Did Princess Diana worship God?
Who was Diana Princess of Wales? Diana, Princess of Wales, was the former wife of Prince Charles and mother of Princes William and Harry. She became internationally known and widely loved, especially for her beauty, fashion sense and charity work. Diana had a love-hate relationship with the press and was killed in a car accident in a Paris tunnel on 31 August 1997. Her death sparked an amazing public response of grief, and the accident itself is an ongoing controversy. See the Related Links below for more information.
How did Princess Diana dress?
When was Princess Diana's funeral?
Who was Princess Diana married to?
What were Princess Diana's goals?
Diana, princess of Themyscira, Stand forth. Diana, Princesa de Themyscira, da un paso adelante. Lady Diana Spencer became Princess Diana when she married Prince Charles. Princess Anne, on a visit to Canada, was given a painting by a contemporary artist - of the Princess riding a moose. There was a tremendous amount of media coverage of the funeral of Princess Diana. In India, actors are often treated like deities on par with the corpse of Princess Diana. Responsibility for these killings has been imputed to members of the security forces, paramilitary groups allegedly cooperating with them as well as guerrillas. Se ha imputado la responsabilidad de estos asesinatos a miembros de las fuerzas de seguridad y grupos paramilitares que presuntamente cooperan con ellas, así como a guerrilleros. Diana found to have Irish ancestry - so will William, Kate and baby George now visit the emerald Isle?
Henri Paul: Henri Paul was the driver of the Mercedes S280 in which Princess Diana died on 31 August 1997. As Deputy Head of Security at the Hôtel Ritz Paris, Paul had been off-duty that evening but was called back to drive Diana and Dodi Fayed to their apartment.
Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain: The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain is a memorial in London dedicated to Diana, Princess of Wales, who died in a car crash in 1997. It was designed to express Diana's spirit and love of children.
Diana, Princess of Wales: Tribute: Diana, Princess of Wales: Tribute is a 1997 two CD release in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales with participation of a great number of renowned artists.
Diana in Search of Herself: Diana in Search of Herself: Portrait of a Troubled Princess is one of the books about Princess Diana that was written by best-selling author Sally Bedell Smith. It was published by the Times Books in 1999. The book is the first authoritative biography of the Princess.
Diana: A Tribute to the People's Princess: Diana: A Tribute to the People's Princess is a 1998 television film about Diana, Princess of Wales.
Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Walk: The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Walk is a 7-mile long circular walking trail in central London, England, dedicated to the memory of Diana, Princess of Wales.
A Nice Place to Visit: "A Nice Place to Visit" is episode 28 of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone first aired on CBS on April 15, 1960. The title comes from the saying, "A nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there." In 1965, a slightly modified version of this story was broadcast on the radio program Theater Five.
Eddy Willems: Eddy Willems is a Belgian computer security expert and author of security blogs and books, active in international computer security organizations and as a speaker at information security-related events.
Diana Anaid: Diana Anaid is the performance name of Diana Gosper, an Australian alternative rock singer-songwriter. From 1997 to 2003 she used the moniker, Diana ah Naid.
Death of Diana, Princess of Wales: On 31 August 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales, died as a result of injuries sustained in a car crash in the Pont de l'Alma road tunnel in Paris, France.
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