Lib Dems claims FoI changes undermine investigative journalism

The Lib Dems say having responses published online is "devaluing the information" since it also goes to rivals. 13-08-17
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Lib Dems claims FoI changes undermine investigative journalism
The Lib Dems say having responses published online is "devaluing the information" since it also goes to rivals.
Should the Washington Post be renamed the Washington Slime? Why? Their story about Roy Moore was good investigative journalism. It used multiple sources and verified their stories through other sources. You may not like what they printed, but what they printed was American journalism at its finest.
How come sometimes I can hear CNN broadcasting out of my toilet? It bespeaks the quality of their investigative journalism.
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Could the media now be called judge jury and executioner? Who's been executed? You're being a little overdramatic, don't you think? The role of investigative journalism in a democratic society is to find the truth and reveal it to the public. Otherwise, we're voting blindly. Armed with information, we can make our own decisions. The media hasn't made any of those accusations of sexual harassment and assault, you know- they merely reported on the accusations made by people. You can read what they said, and about who they are, and make up your mind.
Wapo is now claiming a woman who came to them about Roy Moore had fake story. How do they know this? She wasn't on their payroll? Here's the story. She was likely working for the scumbag deplorables at Project Veritas and got busted by the Washington Post's excellent investigative journalism. "A woman approached The Post with dramatic — and false — tale about Roy Moore. She appears to be part of undercover sting operation." By Shawn Boburg, Aaron C. Davis and Alice Crites November 27 at 5:55 PM The Washington Post
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