How the Amstrad CPC464 made me a gamer – Reader’s Feature

A reader recalls how his first home computer in the 80s gave him an appreciation for playing as wide a range of games as possible. 13-08-17
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  • [12-10] Was gonna buy an Amstrad GX4000 on #BuyBritishDay, then realised even that was Made in Japan back in the day....
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How the Amstrad CPC464 made me a gamer – Reader’s Feature
A reader recalls how his first home computer in the 80s gave him an appreciation for playing as wide a range of games as possible.
Is Telling People Your a Girl on Xbox Live Being an “attention hoe” . . . ? (READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE ANSWERING PLS)? Umm..no. Not that big of a deal there’s a lot of girls who are a gamer or gamer girl, girl gamer. Whatever you want to call it. It does not make you want attention at all it’s just simply stating what you are. But it wasn’t necessary to state your gender when you weren’t asked.
Is it okay to make up a word? It's usually not OK. The reason why is that, as a writer, you are trying to communicate to readers, not just entertain yourself with your own cleverness. If you are describing a real world situation, as you seem to be in this case, use real words to let the reader know what you mean. Using a made-up word says less, not more, to the reader. JK Rowling's made-up words are used for a very specific purpose. She is describing a fantasy world, with its own vocabulary. All of her words are clearly defined, and she uses them throughout her stories to enhance the sense of entering another world. But it is all clear enough that she doesn't need to include a glossary at the end of the books to explain these words. Do the work of making your ideas clear to the reader. Made-up words are for fantasy situations.
What's a good desktop computer to buy? If you are not a gamer just buy a cheap one. They are good enough for running MS Office and browsing the net. If you are a gamer you have to buy a PC that can play games at decent res,
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Skin Amstrad PCW L'Abbaye des Morts - Skin Amstrad PCW de L'Abbaye des Morts para Megadrive. Amstrad PCW SKIN for L'Abbaye des Morts for Amstrad PCW. Este vídeo no incluye audio.
Prohibition - Amstrad CPC - emulador CPCBox - Descripción.
Amstrad CPC 464 Costa Capers Loading Tape - Its not just the Commodore 64 that can have something going on wile the game is loading up. The Amstrad CPC 464 could do it too.
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