Trump blames 'many sides' for violent clashes in Virginia

President Donald Trump on Saturday blamed "many sides" for the violent clashes between protesters and white supremacists in Virginia and contended that the "hatred and bigotry" broadcast across the country … Click to Continue » 12-08-17
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Trump blames 'many sides' for violent clashes in Virginia
President Donald Trump on Saturday blamed "many sides" for the violent clashes between protesters and white supremacists in Virginia and contended that the "hatred and bigotry" broadcast across the country … Click to Continue »
President Obama campaigned for Northam and Trump campaigned for Gillespie, Trump even did a robo call, so what happened? Trump failed to impress the state of Virginia. Neither did his candidate. Northam won Virginia by double the margin Hillary won Virginia, so the trend is pulling away from Trump and the GOP.
What is it with men and football? Why can't they just sit there, watch the game and say damn good goal old boy when someone scores? https://uk.news.yahoo.com/violent-clashes-tottenham-arsenal-153631636.html?nhp=1
Was New York or Virginia bigger at the time of the 13 colonies? PLEASE help? Virginia was bigger because up until the Civil War West Virginia was part of Virginia. And prior to Kentucky joining the union in 1792 that land was claimed by Virginia as well.
Are these gang related killings becoming commonplace? Stabbings occurring daily across the country, a price worth paying in Nu Britain? There's nothing at all new about gang-related killings in Moss Side. Ten years ago it was more likely to involve guns but knives were used for decades before that. I rembember the area having a reputation for violent clashes and crime when I lived in Greater Manchester twenty-seven years ago.
Virginia's first Latina delegate, a Sikh, a Transgender, and African Americans won last night. Is this why Trumptards are so triggered? What liberals did in virginia is very sickening. But thankfully Trump won without Virginia last November.
The Conservatives are really on a roll with the liberal bashing today...Why so bitter? The Nov. 7, 2017 election brought out the bitterness in them. Trump's candidate in Virginia lost. A transgender candidate in Virginia got 54% of the vote and ousted a 26 year Republican incumbent. Democrats won up and down the ticket. The House in Virginia may be controlled by the Democrats for the first time in 17 years. The conservative candidate in Alabama is apparently a pedophile. Lots of bad news for the conservatives to digest.
Trump again blames 'both sides' for Virginia violence After violence in Charlottesville, Trump appeared to again equate actions of white supremacists with counterprotesters.
Trump again blames 'both sides' in Charlottesville, says some counterprotesters were 'very, very violent' The president spread the blame for the rally's violence a day after he belatedly condemned the KKK and neo-Nazis.
Trump blames 'both sides' for Virginia violence as many Republicans balk WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump inflamed tension after a deadly rally by white nationalists in Virginia by insisting that counter protesters were also to blame, drawing condemnation from some Republican leaders and praise from white supremacists.
Trump blames both sides for Charlottesville President refuses to call deadly car attack on anti-white nationalist protesters ‘act of terrorism’
Trump Turns to Blame Both Sides for Violence in Virginia
Trump again blames 'many sides' in Charlottesville violence President Donald Trump defende initial response "both sides" were involved in confrontation of white supremacists, counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Va.,
Trump again blames Charlottesville violence on both sides His latest comments draw widespread condemnation from across the political spectrum.
Trump again blames both sides for Charlottesville violence Donald Trump is not backing off his defiant response to violence at a white supremacist rally in Virginia last month
'Blame on both sides': Trump reiterates stance on Virginia violence A combative President Donald Trump insisted Tuesday "there is blame on both sides" for the deadly violence last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, appearing to once again equate the actions of white supremacist groups and those protesting them.
First Read's Morning Clips: Trump Blames 'Both Sides'
President Trump — Again — Blames ‘Bad Dudes’ on Both Sides for Deadly Violence in Charlottesville ​President Trump on Thursday doubled down on his widely panned comments blaming “both sides” for the deadly violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last month.​ ​”​When you look at really what’s happened since Charlottesville, a lot of people are saying and people have actually written, ‘Gee, Trump may have a point,’ ” the president told reporters on Air Force One as he returned to Washington, D.C., after visiting with Hurricane Irma victims in Florida .​ “I said there’s some very bad pe
Trump again blames ‘both sides’ for violence at white supremacist rally in Charlottesville In defiant remarks after a backlash, he reverts to his original message.
In the Virginia’s governor’s race, four-Pinocchio attack ads on both sides
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Virginia Governor Claims ‘Both Sides’ Not at Fault for Charlottesville Violence The state's Governor Terry McAuliffe said that the recent violence in Charlottesville was not the fault of "both sides" as President Donald Trump suggests.
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Violent Clashes at South African Mine Violent Clashes at South African Mine South African police opened fire Thursday on a crowd of striking workers at a platinum mine, leaving an unknown number of people injured and possibly dead.
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Catalonia votes amid violent clashes Despite warnings from Madrid, the Catalan government went ahead with a banned referendum on independence. What followed was a day of police violence and uncertain politics.
Two Dead as Violent Clashes Rock Istanbul Two Dead in Istanbul Clashes Unrest underlines heightened tensions in some communities as Turkey braces for the anniversary of nationwide protests last summer.
Is President Trump right that there was violence on "both sides" in Charlottesville? Today, President Trump claimed that there was violence on "both sides," and that alt-left and alt-right both shared blame in the incidents at Charlottesville, Virginia. Is this factually accurate? I'm not aware of any alt-left protestors being arrested, nor have seen any alt-left protesters attacking alt-right protesters.
Photogenic Places Between Williamsburg, Virginia and Roanoke, Virginia along I64 I'm planning on making this trip in a few weeks and I'm looking for nice places to stop that is slightly off of I64 to snap a few pictures. Using OnTheWay, I'm planning on stopping at Lake Monticello; I was just wondering if anybody here had any suggestions from their own experiences.Specifics I'm interested in:LandscapesNatural placesGiant balls of yarn (if Virginia has these)
Did Sam Harris “argued that Muslims are driven to violent actions by their violent religion”? This report says: In 2004 Sam Harris published his bestselling book “The End of Faith”. In the aftermath of 9/11, the declaration of the War on Terror and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, ...
Do violent video games cause violent behavior? I have been following this question casually over the past couple of years, and it seemed to me that there was no strong consensus either way on the subject. However, I recently read an editorial from ...
Have there been clashes between the Avengers and the X-Men before? Marvel's big comic event at the moment is Avengers v X-Men. In the answer to another question, the Avengers were mentioned as being somewhat anti-mutant. That obviously seems to potentially set them ...
How to resolve I2C address clashes?
[18-01] Why have violent clashes occured between the Kurds and Turkey's government?
Is a drug crime a violent crime in the state of Virginia? Simple possession is not. However being charged with having a "distribution quantity" of drugs is - you are being charged as a dealer.
How can parents get their violent adult son evicted from their home if there is no official police record of his violent behavior? There is no need to have a record of violent behavior or any behavior for that matter. If there is no rental or lease agreement or the person is not on the title of the home, they have to leave at the owner's request. If the adult will not leave voluntarily, the local authorities will assist the involved parties in having the person removed. The person must be allowed to retrieve any personal items they own, or make arrangements to do so on a specified date following the eviction. If there are continuing problems after the eviction the homeowners have several legal options that can be us
My mom said I can have a poster of a skull with a bullet hole through it if I can prove why its not violent is it really violent?
What are the reasons for religion clashes?
How resolve personality clashes?
How does violent video games cause violent behaivor? They simply don't cause violent behavior. No evidence proves a link between violent video games and violent behavior. Video games are mainly used for stress release and entertainment, so if anything, they prevent violent behavior.
Bleeding Kansas was used to describe clashes between? choice 1. proslavery and antislavery groups
How many times did real Madrid won Barcelona in all clashes? Real Madrid beat Barcelona 86 times in all competitions.
What lead to clashes between native Americans and settlers?
The philosophy that was the cause of wars with Mexico as well as clashes and treaties with other countries was what?
How do you measure the significance of violent verbal threats a person makes when he is angry-at what point should it be taken seriously regardless if the person never demonstrated violent behavior?
Can violent games cause violent behaviors?
What is the drive to be violent and the purpose to be violent? It's human nature. All successful carnivore and/or omnivorous living creatures have that drive. Without it they become extinct (unsuccessful).
Ports where clashes between Mexicans and American military forces nearly led to war in 1914? Tampico and Veracruz
Port cities where clashes between Mexicans and American military forces nearly led to war in 1914? Tampico & Vera Cruz
If he blames you for everything does it mean he cheats?
Why do you blames minority groups?
Donald Trump Again Blames ‘Both Sides’ For Charlottesville Violence, Spurring Outrage | TODAY - Prominent Democrats and Republicans alike are blasting President Trump after he defiantly doubled down on his initial reaction to deadly violence in ...
Violent clashes in Venezuela injure both military and protesters - Violent clashes ripped through the Venezuelan capital in another day of protests as demonstrators launched an explosive leaving several military injured whilst ...
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Greece: Violent clashes in Athens on anniversary of teen's killing by police - Protesters and riot police clashed in Athens, Tuesday, as a rally marking the eighth anniversary of the police killing of teenager Alexandros Grigoropoulos turned ...
Honduras Clashes: Violent protests sweeping country over alleged election fraud - Violent mass protests are continuing in Honduras over allegations the presidential election was rigged, despite the authorities agreeing to a partial recount of the vote. Tens of thousands...
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