Parsons: I'm in a profession that retires you

Nicholas Parsons says it's the "wonderful frissance in the air" that keeps him coming back to the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe.

Amid boos in Memphis, Chandler Parsons fires back at 'tasteless' Grizzlies fans
The Memphis Grizzlies may have ground out a season-opening 103-91 win over the New Orleans Pelicans on their home floor, but $94 million small forward Chandler Parsons — recently relegated to come off the bench — was peppered with boos during his most recent lackluster performance. Chandler Parsons says if the fans are gonna boo than he’ll treat every game like a road game. … It’s tasteless, man, it makes no sense,” Parsons said afterwards, via The Commercial Appeal’s Geoff Calkins.
New Works From Parsons Dance
New Works From Parsons Dance Parsons returns to the Joyce, plus Taylor Schilling, star of ‘Orange is the New Black,’ and Peter Dinklage, of ‘Game of Thrones’ fame, in ‘A Month in the Country’ in this week’s On Stage.
Jim Parsons Opens in 'Harvey'
The Short List: Jim Parsons Opens in 'Harvey' Plus, Bobby Womack's comeback album; "Your Sister's Sister" with Mark Duplass.
Parsons Honors Designer
Parsons Honors Reed Krakoff On Monday at Pier 60, designer and Coach president Reed Krakoff was honored by his alma mater, Parsons the New School for Design, at a benefit that raised $1.5 million.
Estelle Parsons on Acting—and Aging
Estelle Parsons on Acting—and Aging The Oscar winner is back on Broadway in "The Velocity of Autumn," in a role that's primed to start with a bang.
Water level up at Parsons Valley
Can Richard Parsons Save Citi?
Can Richard Parsons save the troubled financial institution?
Solution soon for power problem at Parsons Valley
Parsons Valley Hydel Reservoir likely to overflow soon
NBA Names Dick Parsons as Interim CEO of Clippers
Parsons Named Interim Clippers CEO The NBA on Friday named the former chairman of Citigroup and Time Warner as interim CEO of the Los Angeles Clippers.
Man, 20, becomes seventh suspect held over Parsons Green
A 20-year-old man has been arrested in Cardiff in connection with the Parsons Green attack, the seventh person to be held, Scotland Yard said.
Inside the Home of Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons
Inside the Home of Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons The 1922 Spanish-Moorish revival in Los Angeles is an artistic but livable oasis
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  • [22-10] The latest with 5-star Micah Parsons, via @RivalsFriedman:
  • [18-10] Happy #WorldTeachersDay. 'Tis a noble profession.
Parsons: I'm in a profession that retires you
Nicholas Parsons says it's the "wonderful frissance in the air" that keeps him coming back to the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe.
* Nicholas Parsons says it’s the “wonderful frissance in the air” that keeps him coming back to the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe. At 93, he’s one of the oldest entertainers to have performed here and this is his 17th year of hosting a show. His younger rivals might not have to nap quite so much, but can they claim to have been at the very first festival 70 years ago? “I have Glasgow connections,” Parsons told Sky News. “I spent five years on Clydebank trying to be an engineer to please my family but I didn’t want to. “All I ever wanted to be was an actor. “There were about three or four shows I think on the fringe then, 1947, was it? “Anyway, I was at the very first Edinburgh Festival watching shows up here.” Image:Parsons says when he can no longer make an audience laugh, then he’ll be retired Seven decades later and Parsons has become one of the most popular sightings at the festival. Aside from having to contend with the cobbles using a walking stick, he has no end of fans who stop him to say hello. He’ll pose for photos, but selfies which “make you look awful” are a no-no. There is a great deal of affection for the veteran entertainer. Tickets to his ‘Happy Hour’ sold out almost straight away. He describes it as “a combination of stand-up, ad-libbing with the audience, and also having guests”. As long as the public still find him funny, he said he’ll keep coming back. “I’m in a profession that retires you,” he said. “Once I can no longer do it, don’t make the audience laugh, can’t get on the stage, I’ll be retired, but as long as you can do it they’ll employ you.” So what’s Parsons’ secret to staying young? “Keep moving, keep using your brain. “If you use your brain, that helps to keep you younger…You’ve got to laugh at yourself as well.” Image:Keep moving, keep using your brain, says Parsons regarding how to stay young Parsons started out as a serious actor before moving into cabaret and stand-up in the 50s. It wasn’t long before his skills as a comedy straight man were spotted and, by the 60s, he’d moved into television working with comedian Arthur Haynes. Throughout the 70s he hosted the long-running TV quiz Sale Of The Century and December will mark his 50th year hosting the BBC Radio 4 game show Just A Minute. Despite being a household name, Parsons likes to joke about how he isn’t always recognised now that he’s getting on a bit. “In the cabaret bar here, the queue stretches out into the Pleasance Courtyard… we have to go in and get it set up and I was standing (near the front) and a man said ‘pal, hey pal! This is a queue you know? Get to the back like everyone else!’. “Then his girlfriend said ‘shhh that’s Nicholas Parsons…’. “He said ‘I don’t give a s**t who it is – he can still queue up like everyone else!‘” The Edinburgh Festival and Fringe continues until 28 August. Source link I’m in a profession that retires you was originally published on News London
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Define what is meant by a profession. And does teaching meet the criteria for a profession?
Define what is meant by a profession. And does teaching meet the criteria for a profession?
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