Brexit: UK will not seek to remain in the EU 'by the back door', pledge Fox and Hammond in show of Tory unity

Ministers from Remain and Leave wings of party agree Brexit really does mean Brexit 13-08-17
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  • [13-08] #UK will not seek to remain in #EU 'by the back door', say Fox and Hammond
  • [13-08] #politics #eu #brexit Government putting on a show of Unity. Hammond ( Good? ) Fox ( Bad ) published a joint article saying "we Love Brexit"
  • [02-10] And with Brexit we will go one better and go back to the 1950s ...is what Hammond should have added #Corbyn #Hammond #1970s
  • [13-10] Philip Hammond ‘must be sacked for not supporting Brexit’ – Tory right #philiphammond #brexit #conservatives
  • [13-08] Hammond and Fox: Brexit transition would not be way to remain
  • [07-10] Tory #Brexit < Tory Remain << centrist Brexit <<< centrist Remain << #Corbyn Brexit <<<< Corbyn Remain. Any of which may still be possible.
  • [09-08] Philip Hammond is more unpopular than ever with Tory members who don't share his soft #Brexit hopes.
  • [21-08] Tory Hammond says UK govt should use UK FISHING rights as exchange for concessions on a #Brexit trade deal with EU ?
  • [13-08] Belated but needed attempt at unity - still lot of clarity needed #Hammond and #Fox in post #Brexit deal call
  • [09-10] Tory Brexiters turn their fire on Treasury. Hammond's department accused of anti-Brexit gloom as right ..…
  • [13-10] Calling Hammond a ‘saboteur’ or ‘traitor’ reflects terribly on the Tory right < #brexit: time for #Tories to wise up
  • [15-10] Richard Tice on #Marr this morning pleading for Hammond to be more 'optimistic' about #Brexit. Tory fantasy - #ChrisGrayling to
  • [10-08] Andrew Bridgen Tory MP demand Hammond be removed for his attempt to delay #Brexit with a three-year transition deal.
  • [07-08] Tory MP: Philip Hammond must be sacked Chancellor living in cloud cuckoo land PM no choice but to remove him #Brexit
  • [12-11] Matthew Parris scorns May’s timed #Brexit ploy - and calls for Remain unity and leadership @thetimes
  • [17-11] Emily Thornberry is right to show this Brexit is a Tory mess which the Tory government have to clean up!#bbcqt
  • [07-08] #Brexit: @toryboypierce's view (@NewsThingRT today) of '#Tory' remainer #Hammond: "Bitter & twisted, bruised, wounded & twisting the knife."
  • [15-08] #PM said #Brexit means Brexit NO remain IN. by back door We don't expect a botch up or betrayal of Brexit
  • [20-08] Dear @alancampbellmp Your Tynemouth constituency voted Remain. Please would you vote against the Tory #Brexit EU With
  • [13-12] Government loses key Brexit bill vote after Tory rebellion #NICOLASTURGEON #remain
  • [21-08] Emma Thornberry pls vote against Tory #brexit bill as your constituency voted #remain
  • [10-08] For how long does a 48/52 referendum decision remain the unchallengeable will of the British people? #EU #BREXIT #Tory
  • [20-08] Dear @OwenSmith_MP Your constituency Pontypridd voted Remain. Please would you vote against the Tory #Brexit (EU With
  • [27-09] There was no pledge to bring back Fox Hunting and Tory policy was for poor kids to have free breakfast & dinner, Jeremy #Lab17
  • [20-08] Dear @DavidEDrew MP Your Stroud constituency voted Remain. Please would you vote against the Tory #Brexit EU Withdrawa
  • [20-08] Dear @JonAshworth MP Your constituency Leicester South voted Remain. Please would you vote against the Tory #Brexit B
  • [20-08] Dear @jeremycorbyn Your constituency Islington North voted Remain. Please would you vote against the Tory #Brexit Bi
  • [20-08] Dear @AnnelieseDodds MP Your constituency Oxford East voted Remain. Please would you vote against the Tory #Brexit Bil
  • [20-08] Dear @angelaeagle MP Your Wallasey constituency voted Remain. Please would you vote against the Tory #Brexit EU Withdr
  • [20-08] Dear @JohnCryerMP Your constituency Leyton and Wanstead voted Remain. Please would you vote against the Tory #Brexit
  • [10-08] @wesstreeting @UKLabour MPs refuse to represent their pro Remain constituencies in favour of backing Tory #Brexit. Nam
  • [19-08] Dear @KevinBrennanMP Your constituency Cardiff West voted Remain. So please would you vote against the Tory #Brexit Bi
  • [19-08] Dear @Thelma_WalkerMP Your constituency Colne Valley voted Remain. So please would you vote against the Tory #Brexit B
  • [13-01] Hammond: EU leaders 'paranoid' that other nations will leave after #Brexit: - Hammond: EU…
  • [21-01] Haha! The #Peston show proves every bit as biased as the #Marr show. Expert analysis from David Lammy (Remain) Ed Vaizey (Remain
Brexit: UK will not seek to remain in the EU 'by the back door', pledge Fox and Hammond in show of Tory unity
Ministers from Remain and Leave wings of party agree Brexit really does mean Brexit
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So way should we leave the EU? Therese May didn't secure a mandate in the elections to leave the single market.? do we have to keep doing this, I voted to remain by the way. It wasn't a vote on Brexit, Corbyn also said Brexit should/is going ahead, according to your reasonoing, you could say 80% of people voted for Brexit, since Labour and Tory achieved about 80%
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Do u think Hammond & May are working on basis the Courts will throw-out legality of Brexit vote,so they can say,it wasn't us who cut Brexit?
Hammond says City of London will not stand for loss of prosperity in Brexit talks-What cosy arrangements with the EU will you demand kept? Hammond also said the people voted for Brexit but they did not vote to be poorer or less secure. It will be interesting to see what he plans to do about that but it sounds as if he will use the greater strength he now has in the cabinet to push for the "softer" Brexit businesses and most people want.
Philip Hammond warns Boris Johnson he isn't 'unsackable' as Brexit tensions rise at Tory conference In an interview with Andrew Marr, Theresa May failed to deny that Boris Johnson has become “unsackable” after he made another unofficial policy proposal. 
Tory Grandee Chris Patten Brands 'Calamitous' Brexit An Act Of 'National Self-Harm'
Tory ministers hit back at 'sleaze' spreadsheet and seek legal advice Conservative MPs whose names appeared on a speculative list of politicians accused of inappropriate behaviour, have hit back against claims which they say are false and libellous. Ministers and a female aide named on the spreadsheet circulated on social media this week, argued that allegations set out amounted to little more than gossip with two confirming they are taking legal advice. The Independent understands that other Tory MPs who are upset that they have been defamed on the list, are also attempting to find out who compiled it in order t
Arthur Scargill compares Theresa May's Brexit 'betrayal' to Neville Chamberlain's 'sell-out to Hitler' Arthur Scargill compares Theresa May's Brexit 'betrayal' to Neville Chamberlain's 'sell-out to Hitler'
Lynda Carter fires back at James Cameron's 'thuggish' 'Wonder Woman' criticisms: 'You poor soul'
Tory MP tells unemployed Brits to 'get on your bike' and work on farms with 'gorgeous EU women' Unemployed young people in Britain must "get on their bikes" and join "gorgeous EU women" working in English farms, a Conservative MP told the Conservative party conference on Sunday. South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay told a fringe event at the party's Autumn conference in Manchester that British people should in future fill the jobs vacated by European workers after Brexit. "I was struggling to think why wouldn't a youngster from Glasgow without a job come down to the south to work for a farm for the summer with loads of gorgeous EU women workin
Megyn Kelly fallout continues as 'Today' show is 'alarmed' over 'plummeting' ratings
Questlove on Jimmy Fallon's emotional 'Tonight Show' return: 'We're there for each other' Jimmy Fallon makes his &apos;Tonight Show&apos; return following a week off to mourn his mother Gloria. Questlove says his band has his back.<br/><br/>       
Brexit snobbery row: MP Barry Sheerman claims 'better educated people voted Remain' A Labour MP has been accused of snobbery after he claimed “better educated people” voted to remain in the European Union. Barry Sheerman, MP for Huddersfield, in west Yorkshire, argued that “nearly all university towns voted Remain” during the June 2016 Brexit referendum. The politician, whose constituents voted to Leave in last year’s vote, was lambasted for his comments, with Conservative MP Pudsey Stuart Andrew accusing him of snobbery.
'Star Trek: Discovery' offers vision 'of unity' in troubled times As the fifth spin-off of a TV series, "Star Trek: Discovery" is about to boldly go where no franchise has gone before. Now, after eight months of production in Toronto — and 51 years after the original debuted — the series is finally ready to explore new worlds and reach new audiences. Canadians will also be able to stream episodes on CraveTV.
'Discovery' Makes its Bid for 'Star Trek' Canon With Saru, the Streaming Show's Spock
Watch Paul McCartney, Billy Joel Play Beatles' 'Birthday,' 'Get Back' Paul McCartney recruited Billy Joel to perform Beatles tracks "Birthday" and "Get Back" during a New York concert.
Tory MP Peter Kent Blasted For Comparing Homegrown Pot To 'Putting Fentanyl On A Shelf' Within Kids' Reach Tory MP Peter Kent made the remark in the House of Commons this week while debating the Liberal government's Bill C-45, which will legalize pot. The comment drew a blistering response Wednesday from Vancouver NDP MP Don Davies, his party's health critic, who said in a statement that he was "deeply disturbed" by Kent's words. Worse, it is grossly insensitive to those who have lost loved ones to fentanyl overdoses," Davies said.
'Star Wars' star Domhnall Gleeson on 'Episode IX': 'I'm really happy J.J. is back' Amid some fan backlash, actor who plays the evil General Hux praises his "Force Awakens" director.
Franken says he's 'ashamed' by harassment allegations but 'looking forward to getting back to work' Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., said on Sunday that he is “embarrassed and ashamed” about the allegations by multiple women of sexual harassment against him, but added that he is “looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow.”
EU Nurses And Midwives Continue To Leave The NHS After Brexit, 'Worrying' New Figures Show The number of EU nurses and midwives wanting to work in the UK is continuing to fall, with new figures showing a 67% rise in the number leaving the register in the past year.
Mark Carney Says 'Brexit Effect' Has Stopped Economy From 'Booming' Governor @bankofengland Mark Carney explains how the "Brexit effect" has limited the strength of economic growth.
'Jersey Shore' is Coming Back to MTV Except This Time It's In 'Floribama' It’s been nearly five years since the last time fans watched Nicole “Snooki Polizzi and Jenni “JWoww” Farley troll for ham and water after a night of tabletop dancing at Aztec, or witnessed Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino bash his head against a wall in a drunken rage while “Pauly D” DelVecchio and Vinny Guadagnino tag-teamed hitting on girls on MTV’s hit reality series Jersey Shore. On Monday, MTV announced it ordered eight episodes of Floribama Shore, a spinoff of the Jersey Shore series that will follow eight southerners
Rooney Mara on the challenges of 'Una,' the controversy of 'Pan,' and the bathroom-less 'Mary Magdalene' (plus exclusive 'Una' scene)
'Daily Show': Trevor Noah slams Trump over Phoenix rally he calls 'rejection of sanity' 'The Daily Show' host was befuddled by Trump's comments at Tuesday's rally.        
Full Pelosi Interview: 'I Trust Him' on President's DACA Pledge In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) tells Chuck Todd that she believes the president will honor his commitment to pass new "Dreamer" legislation.
Woman calls out a Tory MP's 'wig' on First Dates And it was hellishly awkward.
'Prairie Home Companion' radio show renamed 'Town Hall' NEW YORK — "A Prairie Home Companion" is changing its name to "Town Hall" after allegations of improper conduct were made against former host Garrison Keillor. The man who replaced Keillor as host of "Prairie Home" after Keillor retired last year announced the show's new name Saturday. Chris Thile also addressed the allegations against Keillor during the opening minutes of the radio show's first broadcast since news of them broke.
'Will & Grace' stars sing theme, promise 'progressive and offensive' show At the first Tribeca TV Festival, the stars of the &apos;Will & Grace&apos; revival say their show will push some buttons.<br/><br/>       
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What are some ways in which Christians seek the unity that jesus prayed for us?
Why the US entered World War 1 despite Wilson's pledge to remain neutral? do you think the US was always neutral? really tho? there was a case where the ship named the lusitania that was shot by a German U boat and back the the submarines missles were not powerful so what couldve caused this giant ship to sink? ammunition maybe? we were in the war all along just not fighting in it that's why Germany blew up alot of our ships because we were transporting goods and ammunition and bombs and guns and a whole bunch of stuff
What was 1941 declaration signed between the US and Britain that would pledge the two countries not to seek additional territories and to respect the right of every nation to chose its own form of gov?
What scripture is show yourself strong by Fred hammond based on? I believe it is 2 Chronicles 16:9a"For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him..." 2 Chronicles 16:9
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How do atoms show unity and diversity?
Show about a crzy Hollywood shrink with a British receptionist she also had a mundane lying lawyer next door to her office there were celebrities in that show all the time whats the name of this show? Head Case
What happened to Kimberly Hammond divorced from Fred hammond?
What episode does Richard hammond come back to Top Gear?
Why does the driver side door lock pop back up when door is open or when using door switch on a 2002 civic?
What do you do the show loyalty when you say the pledge of allegiance? put your right hand over your heart and look at the flag
What do you show loyalty to saying the pledge of allegiance? you are pledging your alliegence to the flag or in other words forming an allience with america
3 What do you show loyalty to when you say the Pledge of Allegiance? What I am showing loyalty to is all of the lives sacrificed over the time to keep that flag flying high over our capitol. To show respect to the people who's bravery ended in loss to keep that flag flying over our capitol. To pledge that although I am not fighting the battles, my heart is for the soldier who is who is fighting to keep that flag flying over our capitol.
What do you show loyalty to when you say the pledge of allegiance? The United States of America
What do you show loyalty to when you say pledge of allegiance? America
How do you show loyalty to the us when we say pledge of allegiance?
What do you do to show loyalty in the pledge of allegiance? While saying the Pledge of Allegiance, Americans show their loyalty by taking off their hats, covering their heart with their right hand, and so on.
What do we show loyalty to when we say the pledge of allegince? Your country.
Brexit Britons now back Remain over Leave by 10 points, exclusive poll shows - Brexit Britons now back Remain over Leave by 10 points, exclusive poll shows. The British public has swung behind staying in the EU by its largest margin since the referendum, with those backing...
Labour's plan to back Tory rebels and THWART Brexit causes FURIOUS response from own party - LABOUR Brexiteer Frank Field launched a brutal attack on his own party following Labour's threat to back Tory rebels over the EU withdrawal bill. Former Tory ...
BREXIT UNDER THREAT: Tory rebels and Remainer MPs head to Brussels to meet with Barnier | by Brexit - BREXIT UNDER THREAT: Tory rebels and Remainer MPs head to Brussels to meet with Barnier | by Brexit News ▻ Former attorney general Dominic Grieve, whose amendment inflicted the Government'...
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