Perseid meteor shower lights up the night sky

Stargazers able to wish upon a myriad of shooting stars

How to Live Stream the Orionid Meteor Shower
Those who can't stargaze directly don't have to miss out.
Perseid Meteor Shower: Why, Where and When to See It
The spectacle tends to peak between August 9 and 13.
Perseid meteor shower tonight
'Impressive' Perseid meteor shower seen over UK
A display of hundreds of shooting stars has been captured by stargazers from across the UK.
Perseid meteor shower to take place tomorrow
Diamonds in the Sky: The 2017 Perseid Meteor Shower
From time to time, we are treated to displays of stunning natural phenomena. The most popular meteor shower, known as the Perseids, is currently in the full swing. It has recently reached its peak, which started on the night of August 12 and lasted until the early morning hours of August 13.
When and Where to Watch the 2017 Perseid Meteor Shower
Perseid meteor shower will peak on August 12 with up to 150 meteors per hour.
Photos: Annual Perseid Meteor Display Illuminates Night Sky
Photos: Annual Perseid Meteor Display Illuminates Night Sky The Perseid meteor shower occurs every August and is typically one of the most dependable displays of shooting stars.
Leonids Meteor Shower Will Dance Across the Sky Sunday Night
One of 12 major showers, the Leonids are projected to shoot up to 15 meteors an hour into the night sky.
Meteor shower tonight
Meteor shower likely tomorrow
Meteor shower likely on Saturday
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  • [20-10] Orionid meteor shower lights the skies over #Victoria from midnight tonight. Will the skies be clear where you are?
  • [19-10] So last night I was #orionid meteor hunting. Here’s one at 03:41 this morning. Can you spot it? #meteor #NewZealand :
Perseid meteor shower lights up the night sky
Stargazers able to wish upon a myriad of shooting stars
* Stargazers were given a treat on Saturday night and in the early hours of Sunday as the Perseid meteor shower dazzled the sky. Meteors are small fragments of interplanetary debris and dust that enter the Earth’s atmosphere at such a high speed that they usually burn up, producing the shooting stream of light. The Perseid meteor shower, one of the best-known of the meteor showers, is active from mid July until 24 August but its peak was expected to be this weekend, particularly Saturday night and in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday. One of those who stayed up was Twitter user John-GM7PBB who lives on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. He told Sky News that he had set his camera up at about 11pm on Saturday and was rewarded with two beautiful images of a meteor above the horizon. His window of opportunity was short, however, as just a few hours later he said the stars had been “clouded out”. Twitter astronomer said that reports of meteor viewings had come thick and fast as soon as the clouds had cleared after dark. He told Sky News: “This is very rare as there is usually a build up, but the shower started with a bang. “You could feel the excitement build as many people from across the UK started to see bright meteors and fireballs early on in the evening.” Image:One of the meteors seen over the Isle of Lewis. Pic: Even in London, which usually loses out due to high levels of light pollution, there was still a good number of meteors to be seen. VirtualAstro said that, within a few hours of darkness, thousands of people from across the British Isles were watching the meteor shower, with many seeing “several incredibly bright meteors per hour, along with tens of smaller fainter meteors”. “Usually in the UK we are either clouded out or suffer the ill effects of the Moon on meteor showers, and they usually end in disappointment,” he said. “The Perseids in 2017 have been the opposite: performing as soon as it got dark and giving many their first glimpse of a meteor with ease. “People were so pleased and excited, the mentions in my Twitter feed became unreadable due to the sheer volume of tweets coming in from very happy stargazers.” Image:A meteor streaks past stars above the Jill Windmill in Brighton Robin Scagell, vice president of the Society for Popular Astronomy, said: “The Perseids can be very bright and often quite spectacular. “Some meteor showers are slow, but we are moving into the Perseid stream so they are coming at us quite swiftly. “You could see none at all for a few minutes and then two or three. “You might be lucky or unlucky; that’s the way with meteors.” If you missed out on the meteor-spotting fun, there is still a chance over the next few nights, or there is the next noteworthy meteor shower in December – the Geminid Meteor Shower. In the US, the meteor shower is being seen as an opening act for the first solar eclipse to cross that country in 99 years, which is expected on 21 August. Source link Massive Perseid meteor shower thrills stargazers was originally published on News London
* The world was treated to a dazzling solar display on Friday night – as the Perseids meteor shower geared up for its weekend peak. Streaks of shooting stars – up to 100 an hour – are expected on Saturday and Sunday night in the most popular annual solar performance. The skies of Bosnia and Herzegovina were pictured filled with bright fireballs. Image:The Perseids occur every year in August Image:They are best viewed between 11pm and 3am Distinctive for their long “wakes” of light and colour streaking behind, the Perseids occur every August because of the warm summer weather. That makes them easily viewable for most sky-watchers, who will get the best display between 11pm and 3am in the Northern Hemisphere. For the best view, stargazers should find an area well away from city or street lights, which cause light pollution and diminish visibility. NASA advises it takes 30 minutes looking into the dark night’s sky for people’s eyes to adjust to see fainter objects. Image:The Perseids at peak over Spain in 2013 Image:Perseids are distinct for their long, colourful ‘wakes’ With the Saturday night weather forecast showing largely clear and dry spells, many in the UK may be lucky enough to marvel at the meteor shower. Meteor showers occur when the Earth orbits the sun, passing through the debris left by comet trails formed of broken asteroids. When the space rock collides with Earth’s atmosphere, fiery and colourful streaks are created in the sky. Source link Perseid meteor shower previews dazzling August peak was originally published on News London
* meteor shower at 11:39 on a school night ?  ☄️ ?
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What is the Perseid meteor shower? The Perseid meteors are associated with the comet Swift-Tuttle. As the comet comes close to the sun, it starts to melt, and it leaves a trail of rocks and other debris behind. As the Earth passes through this trail, there is increased meteor activity as the rocks left behind by the comet hit the atmosphere. Links can be found below.
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You can also leave it on at night or while in the shower. También puedes dejártelo puesto por la noche o mientras te duchas. a meteor shower It was such a hot night that I had a cold shower to refresh myself. That Perseid experiment is still consuming most of my systems' resources. El experimento Perseida sigue consumiendo la mayoría de los recursos de mis sistemas. Rained lightly last night, and we had a nice shower this morning. You should never ride your bicycle without lights at night. The lights in the house burned all night.
Ursids: The Ursids meteor activity begins annually around December 17 and runs for a week plus, until the 25th or 26th. This meteor shower is named for its radiant point which is located near the star Beta Ursae Minoris in the constellation Ursa Minor.
Vision Wei: Wei Chen, also known as Vision Wei, is a Chinese pop singer and actor, who rose to fame through Super Boy a televised singing competition. He is best known through his album Disparate and his role as Ye Shuo on Meteor Shower.
They Walk: They Walk is the first feature-length film directed by Charles House II. The film follows five groups of survivors, each modeled after an era of zombie cinema, after a meteor shower brings the reanimation of the recently deceased.
169P/NEAT: 169/NEAT is a periodic comet in the solar system. It is the parent body of the alpha Capricornids meteor shower. 169/NEAT may be related to comet P/2003 T12.
C/1861 G1 (Thatcher): Comet C/1861 G1 (Thatcher) is a long-period comet with roughly a 415-year orbit discovered by A. E. Thatcher. It is responsible for the Lyrid meteor shower. Carl Wilhelm Baeker also independently found this comet.
Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub (2): "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub" is the 39th episode of Comedy Central's South Park. It is part two of The Meteor Shower Trilogy. It originally aired on July 21, 1999. It revolves around Stan. The episode was written by series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and David Goodman.
Laird-Turner Meteor LTR-14: The Laird-Turner RT-14 Meteor, also called the Turner TR-14, Ring Free Meteor, PESCO Special, Miss Champion, Turner Special and the Turner Meteor was the winning aircraft of the 1938 and 1939 Thompson Trophy races.
Space Shower TV: Space Shower TV is a Japanese music television channel operated by Space Shower Networks, Inc. The company is headquartered in Minato, Tokyo. The channel launched at 6:00 on December 1, 1989. The idea behind establishing Space Shower TV was to create a specialized music channel like MTV in Japan.
Meteor: The Meteor spacecraft are weather observation satellites launched by the USSR and Russia. The Meteor satellite series was developed during the 1960s.
2014 Ontario fireball: On 4 May 2014 around 4:17pm a daylight bolide occurred near Ontario. The meteoroid was estimated to be roughly 50–100 centimetres in diameter. The air burst was estimated to be equivalent to approximately 10–20 tons of TNT. The meteor was first seen in Peterborough and traveled on a southwest-to-northeast trajectory. A meteor of this size impacts Earth about twice a week. The meteor was large enough that it may have generated meteorites. A strewn field has not yet been located but would be downstream after dark flight. Weather radar returns suggest that the meteorite may have landed near Codrington.
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