Devoutly Catholic Guam celebrates Mass amid N. Korea threat

Across Guam — where nearly everyone is Roman Catholic — priests prayed for peace as residents of the U.S. Pacific island territory faced a missile threat from North Korea. Archbishop … Click to Continue »
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North Korea has said it is considering carrying out missile strikes on the US island territory of Guam. The announcement, made by the North Korean army this morning, comes just hours after Donald Trump said the country would be “met with fire and fury like the world has never seen” if it made any more threats to the US.According to the Associated Press, North Korea is studying a plan to create an “enveloping fire” around Guam with medium to long-range missiles. The island is home to Anderson Air Base, where strategic US bombers are based. The news follows reports that North Korea has mastered crucial inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) technology needed to strike the United States with a nuclear missile.  On Tuesday, The Washington Post published extracts from a Defence Intelligence Agency report which suggested North Korea had successfully produced a miniaturised nuclear warhead that can fit inside missiles. “The IC [intelligence community] assesses North Korea has produced nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery, to include delivery by ICBM-class missiles,” the assessment states.The ICBMs could potentially reach 10,000km - the reported capability of missiles tested by North Korea in July and which landed in the Sea of Japan.That distance would bring the warheads within reach of the US east coast, including New York and Washington DC. However, officials is Guam insist that the Pacific island is safe, with governor Eddie Baza Calvo reassuring residents of the US territory that there is “no threat”. But he added that discussions with the military are underway about military and first responder readiness to ensure that Guam is “prepared for any eventuality”. Nuclear expert Siegfried Hecker - who has visited North Korea’s nuclear facilities a number of times - said he doubted whether the country is yet capable of attacking Guam.   Speaking last night, the Stanford University professor said that although the North tested two intercontinental missiles last month, developing a nuclear warhead for such a missile is “extremely challenging and still beyond North Korea’s reach”.But Hecker said that the real threat is “stumbling into an inadvertent nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula by misunderstanding or miscalculation”, adding: “Inflammatory rhetoric on both sides will make that more likely.”The news marks a sharp rise in hostilities between North Korea and the US. Speaking at his New Jersey golf course yesterday, Trump said that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un had been “very threatening - beyond the normal statement”. North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States,” the president said.  “They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” However, Republican senator John McCain questioned whether Trump was ready to act against North Korea, saying “great leaders” don’t threaten enemies unless they’re ready to act. 
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Guam's faithful look to God as North Korea threat looms
Father Paul Gofigan began his homily with a question for the parishioners in Guam's biggest place of worship -- the Catholic Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica.
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Is Guam in Australasia?
On June 22, 2010, "While South Korea prospers, the people of North Korea have suffered profoundly," he said, adding that, "communism had resulted in dire poverty, mass starvation and brutal suppression. "In recent years," he went on to say, "the suffering has been compounded by the leader who wasted North Korea's precious few resources on personal luxuries and nuclear weapons programs."
Devoutly Catholic Guam celebrates Mass amid N. Korea threat
Across Guam — where nearly everyone is Roman Catholic — priests prayed for peace as residents of the U.S. Pacific island territory faced a missile threat from North Korea. Archbishop … Click to Continue »
The Ladrone Islands, which from time immemorial have belonged to Spain, now, as is well known, belong to the United States. There is a cable station on the chief island, Guam. The Ladrone Islands lie off the coast of the Philippines, and are about three thousand miles from the Hawaiian Islands in a west-southwest direction. The Island of Guam has about five thousand inhabitants, mostly Philipinos, natives, Chinese and Europeans. Guam, with its sandy beach, its cocoanut trees and coral strand, puts one much in mind of the coral islands of story books, where an open boat with boys of various ages have landed from some wrecked vessel, and lived on fish, berries and cocoanuts, not forgetting wild pigs and goats. Altogether it is typical of what all boys read and would like to read again.
It is not to be doubted, then, that the mass of the natives who have received the direct influence of Spanish civilization are entirely Catholic. The heathen natives are yet barbarous or semi-barbarous; and the Moros, besides being without the civilization of the Christian Indians, do not retain either, from the merely external Mahometanism, more than their innate pride and treachery, and some few formalities, known and practiced by a very few of their race. Those in Filipinas who profess, or say that they profess, any other positive religion (and more especially any other Christian religion), distinct from the Catholic, will be found absolutely only among the foreign element. Therefore, Catholicism is the religion, not only of the majority, but of all the civilized Filipinos.