Sarah Reed death: Mentally ill 'should not be assessed in prison'

The mother of a woman who killed herself in prison speaks out against the prison system. 13-08-17
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  • [13-08] Sarah Reed death: Mentally ill 'should not be assessed in prison' (via BBC London News):
  • [13-08] Latest News Sarah Reed death: Mentally ill 'should not be assessed in prison'
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Sarah Reed death: Mentally ill 'should not be assessed in prison'
The mother of a woman who killed herself in prison speaks out against the prison system.
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Why do people just ignore teenagers and care so little about how they feel? Why do they shrug off depression and blame it on hormones? Because oftentimes teenagers do believe they know best and they're full of mental illness but when assessed by a professional they're stressed or hormonal. Most people are not mentally ill and it's twice as hard to diagnose a teenager than an adult. Problems I thought I had as a teenager weren't assessed properly until adulthood and most had changed or gone away anyway. I'm not saying no teenager has depression or another illness, I'm saying it's too way for them to self diagnose on the internet for attention
After the Romans beat Jesus with a reed (see Mark 15:19), did they shove the reed up his butt? If not, why not?
Do you support or oppose the death penalty? Oppose. It cost more than life in prison without parole and according to the Death Penalty Information Center since 1971 over a 100 prisoners on death row were acquitted of all chances at a later date. That is an unacceptable number of people who were condemned to death but later found innocent. If there is even a 1% chance they are innocent that's too large a margin for the death penalty.
Should condemned rapists be given a second chance at life? Rapists should be punished. When they complete their prison sentence they are released. The prison system should be about rehabilitation as well as punishment so that when criminals are released they are less likely to reoffend. If by "condemned" you mean "sentenced to death", no civilised country uses capital punishment so you are unlikely to get the death sentence for rape.
How come when a white person does a domestic terrorist attack they have the privilege to be called mentally ill? A lot of them are quite obviously mentally ill. For example, the theater shooter in Colorado. You can tell just by looking at the guy that he's nuts. And some are not mentally ill, but simply evil. The ones that aren't mentally ill are not called mentally ill.
Dresden war death toll re-assessed
TV interview could help death row inmate Rodney Reed At an upcoming hearing, Rodney Reed's attorneys will present evidence from a TV interview that could help Reed's case
No charges will be laid after mentally ill man died in Ontario prison Now the family of an inmate who died in an Ontario provincial prison has learned no one will be held criminally responsible. Soleiman Faqiri, 30, died in segregation at the Central East Correctional Centre on Dec. 15, 2016 — 11 days after he was arrested on charges of assault and uttering threats. Since that day, his family has been searching for answers about how their loved one, a man with a history of schizophrenia, could have his life cut short just before he was supposed to be transferred to a mental-health facility.
California Prison Officials Rethink Use of Force on Mentally Ill Inmates California Prison Officials Rethink Use of Force on Mentally Ill Inmates California prison officials have proposed new policies regarding the use of force after videos of prison guards dousing mentally ill prisoners with pepper spray surfaced during a civil trial last year.
Mentally ill man sentenced to 25 years in prison for hate crime killing A schizophrenic black man was sentenced to 25 years in prison on hate crime charges for killing a white man.
10-03 14:03 - 'I was born to one of her albums and my dad took me to see her for my first ever concert when I was 14. She is amazing. She and Lou Reed were married until his death.' by /u/Boognish80 removed from /r/history within 63-73min
Why do you need Reed with a hat when you can have Reed with a shapka from Russia?
Death of mentally challenged man to be probed
Death warrant against mentally ill convict
Probe into death of mentally challenged man
Man hacks mentally challenged son to death
Canadians Protest Death of Mentally Ill Black Man Protest around the death of Abdirahman Abdi echoes U.S. unrest, as marchers chant 'Black Lives Matter.'
Couple bludgeon mentally challenged man to death
Mentally challenged held for father’s death
John Nance Garner, Savior of America, recounts to a journalist the tale of how he gaveled Jack Reed to death and pried the hat off his lifeless head as a trophy, 1962
50-year-old woman hacked to death by mentally ill cousin
Mentally disturbed man allegedly beaten to death by police
Psychiatric patient beaten to death at home for mentally-ill
Vendor mentally tortured to death, alleges family
Three held for beating mentally challenged person to death
Family plans to sue over death of mentally ill man shot by police The family of a mentally ill man who was Tasered, then shot dead, by a cop has filed a $20 million notice of claim against the city.
U.S. Court looks at appeal from ‘mentally disabled’ death row inmate
Jason Mcgerr (drummer, Death Cab For Cutie) multi-camera view of "What Sarah Said" beat
Last-Ditch Appeals Made for Mentally Ill Texas Death Row Inmate The case has drawn global attention, with the U.N. human rights experts on Tuesday calling on Texas to halt the execution.
Why are mentally ill criminals punished by prison and eternal damnation?
Why are the mentally disabled punished by prison and eternal damnation?
If Sarah's Death is a “Merit” for Cheshvan, Why Isn't Moshe's Death a “Merit” for Adar? When I was young(er) I used to listen to to Toravision's Purim Story tape. (Yeah, I know, I'm dating myself.) It's a great tape, and the older I've gotten, the more it's amazed me how close the tape ...
Does Dubai impose prison time or even the death penalty for victims of rape? [closed] In Dubai, if a person becomes a victim of a rape, and it's clear that s/he was forced (that is, the victim is not being suspected or accused of voluntary extra-marital sex), could the justice in ...
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A man is in prison, his wife was killed, there is a riot in the prison, he fights a “bad guy” with thick accent (Russian maybe)
What is the name of old prison movie reporter under watch of Warden goes into prison and is put on death row as an experiment but dies in the chair of fright? I am trying to find that very film myself, i thought it was called :The Twist, but not finding it listed anywhere. its the film where the reporter, cant prove to wardens or anyone, that he was only there, to live out what it would be like on death row, but the wardens ect, keep up the roll play, right up to the chair, and the reporter dies of fright!!! amazing film one of the best ive seen.
Can a mentally challenged person go to prison?
How do you write to Sarah Marie Johnson in prison?
Who worked with the mentally ill and reformed for better conditions in prison?
Did The Sarah Jane adventrues stop after her death? Yes. Season five was half filmed in production with season four. While the second half of season five was planned to film early spring 2011.
When was Sarah Emma Edmonds date of death? September 5, 1898
Who did the Biblical Abraham marry after Sarah's death?
Can the mentally challenged be charged with the death penalty?
What was the last words that the late actress Alaina Reed-Amini said before her death?
How many blacks on death row Angola Prison?
Does the judge have the final say in death or life in prison?
A governor commutes a death sentence to life in a prison this is what type of a duty?
Is the oboe a single-reed or double-reed instrument? the oboe is a double-reed instrument
If your mentally and occasionally physically abusive mother accuses you being posessed is she mentally ill or just too religious?
Why did Sarah Good accuse Sarah Osborne of being a witch?
What led to the accusations of Sarah Good Sarah Osbourne and Tituba?
[30-11] Who do you think Sarah good accuses Sarah Osborne of being a witch?
Why can't humans figure out where the stuff that caused the big bang came from and Is something holding us back like religion or are we just too mentally primitive and not mentally evolved enough yet?
Mentally ill man suffocated to death by police - Bodycam video of Ben Anthony C de Baca's death in police custody from Septmeber 2015.
Mentally unstable man beaten to death in Thane - A mentally unstable man was tied to a tree upside down and beaten to death by a group of people in Thane. The video that has gone viral shows the mob tying ...
Mentally Challenged Woman Lynched To Death On Suspicions Of Being A ‘Child Trafficker’ - On Tuesday, June 27, a mentally challenged woman in Sekendra village in West Bengal's Murshidabad district was lynched to death on suspicions of being a ...
Watch: Mentally ill man tied upside down to tree beaten to death in Mumbai - मुंबई से लगे ठाणे में कुछ लोगों ने बर्बरता की भद्दी मिसाल पेश की है. लोगों...
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