'We're leaving EU' UK will be OUT of single market by 2019, Fox and Hammond tell Brussels

JACOB Rees-Mogg has told a friend he wants to become the Conservative party leader, a close ally of Donald Trump has claimed. 13-08-17
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  • [13-08] Leaving the EU meant leaving the single market, in order to create our own market. @thatginamiller #Brexit ??????
  • [18-09] #firstdates I'd love to quit the Single Market but I'm not a Brexiteer.The good news though by date 2019 we shall all be out of the Single M
  • [20-11] Philip Hammond on #peston names as #brexit benefit the divergence of regulation. Have fun outside the Single Market. :
  • [27-08] Philip Hammond and Liam Fox say the UK will be "outside the single market and outside the customs union" during transition period #brexit
  • [19-09] Philip Hammond, June 26 2016. "Loss of access to single market would be catastrophic". #Brexit double-think. :
  • [03-11] The great @Mike_Fabricant is on #FirstDates, I wonder if he'll be leaving the single market before the UK does ❤️?
  • [11-08] "Leaving the single market is what we voted for!" Err, really? #SingleMarket #Brexit
  • [03-08] The EU tax-avoidance measures the #Brexit rich fear - applying to all Single Market members from 2019
  • [02-08] Just a little light viewing for those peddling the lie that #Brexit "obviously" meant leaving the single market.
  • [07-08] Leaving the European Single Market is a regressive step backwards for Pembrokeshire.
  • [06-08] We'll lose access to single market after #Brexit, admits top Tory in Brussels
  • [23-09] Getting ready for #Lab17 - there is no labour case for leaving the Single Market and Customs Union
  • [16-01] We voted to Leave -get on with it May! #Brexit must mean leaving the Customs Union, Single Market and the jurisdict…
  • [19-09] @jennirsl @ChrisGiles_ You are very strange, 85% of people voted for parties who had leaving the single market and…
  • [23-07] @jeremycorbyn - if you're for #Trident and for leaving #EU single market, you offer nothing to #Scotland. It's a shame. We kinda like you.
  • [03-08] @DavidDavisMP does #Brexit mean leaving the Single Market AND being excluded from a future series of Going For Gold?
  • [27-08] Labour has to accept that the UK voted to LEAVE the #EU. That inc. leaving the Single Market & Customs Union & NO E
  • [27-10] @AngusMacNeilSNP Funny, Corbyn never spent much time on Brexit and leaving the single market at #Lab17, much less a…
  • [08-12] Theresa May’s #Brexit deal ‘hard to reconcile’ with #UK leaving the single market and customs union, EU says ?…
  • [21-08] This tiny sector of #Portuguese industry shows how disastrous leaving the single market after #Brexit could be
  • [08-10] Leaving the single market and customs union would be 'a huge act of self harm' - @HannahB4LiviMP #SNP17 #Brexit :
  • [02-12] @sundersays #theresamay has announced that we are leaving the single market and customs union.that means a hard b…
  • [04-10] CDU/FDP coal.#btw17=#EU stagnation: more austerity, no compln of single market, no further transparancy+development of Brussels
  • [05-10] Remaining a member of the Single Market is NOT "soft" #Brexit. It is NOT leaving the European Union. It is #Remain. #BrexitReality
  • [08-08] Leaving the Single Market will tear apart Britain’s economy – and Jeremy Corbyn will perish with it #Brexit #Labour
  • [14-10] In #GE2017 many Leavers voted Corbyn as he said respected #Brexit vote & leaving Single Market. Now flipped on both. He took
  • [19-09] Both sides extremely clear during EU Ref: vote to Leave meant leaving Single Market. #LibDemconf should recognise will o
  • [31-10] This Halloween, the scariest thing I can imagine is leaving the single market and customs union. #singlemarket #Brexit
  • [26-11] Barry Gardiner on #Marr emphatically saying that #Labour are leaving membership of EU single market and Customs Union on
  • [12-08] UK risks an international court case over Theresa May's plans for leaving EU single market, say experts #Brexit
  • [17-01] Switzerland Moves Towards Ending EU Free Movement and Leaving Single Market #nicolasturgeon #remain #DonaldTusk
  • [30-09] "A misguided aversion to the single market is blinding the #Labour party leadership to the economic harm of leaving the EU"
  • [14-08] Theresa May returns from holiday to cabinet united on leaving single market via @IBTimes #Brexit #MayDUP #StopBrexit
  • [24-09] Leaving the single market and customs union is "guaranteed to reduce living standards" - IFS head Paul Johnson. #lab17
  • [16-01] We voted to Leave -get on with it May! #Brexit must mean leaving the Customs Union, Single Market and the jurisdict…
  • [17-01] Switzerland Moves Towards Ending EU Free Movement and Leaving Single Market #nicolasturgeon #remain #DonaldTusk
'We're leaving EU' UK will be OUT of single market by 2019, Fox and Hammond tell Brussels
JACOB Rees-Mogg has told a friend he wants to become the Conservative party leader, a close ally of Donald Trump has claimed.
Who or what is at fault for the UK's disastrous productivity levels and what can we do about it? UK's disaster has not full struck yet it will after 2019 unless another election is held and Corbyn takes over he and Emily Thornberry we make best of a total mess Hammond's budget is a whitewash and too little too late he's trying to put across a Trump image but it won't work production is already moving out of UK to EU locations so are banks and investment companies UK will end up as a play gound paradise for black market rogue traders
Michel Barnier, said the British people need to be educated about the consequences of leaving the single market? It's because large numbers of British people still have no idea about the consequences of leaving the "Single Market" and many who are starting to understand the consequences, particularly for the vital financial services industry, have rejected Theresa May's "hard Brexit" and want to stay in. Not a day passes without a company from that sector moving to Frankfurt, Paris, Dublin and other European financial centres where they are being welcomed with open arms. If David Cameron hadn't been so complacent he might have made more of an effort to explain the consequences of leaving the "Single Market" but the referendum campaign was characterised by a paucity of factual information.
In a few sentences can you explain your opinion on whether to stay in or leave the EU? I'm trying to decide what to vote? The EU contains ALL our neighbours, except for a few who are in the EEA instead so everything about the Single Market and freedom of movement (therefore unlimited immigration within the EU/EEA) still applies to them, and the remaining few countries in Europe who all want to join. And Switzerland, which is not in the EEA but has a whole load of treaties with the EU that make it almost as if it is. As my MP has written on his web site (and I like him - very sensible bloke), "The Leave Campaign is claiming that leaving the EU would mean we could end freedom of movement. It is clear to me that this is not possible without giving up full access to the free trade single market. I do not think that is a price worth paying, given the predicted impact on our economic future." Dead right - freedom of movement and the Single Market come as a package. If we leave, we join the EEA instead and still have both, BUT we have no say on what the rules are because the EU makes the rules. And then what's the point of leaving? Or we don't join it and have neither - which means it will be more expensive to export things to Europe (and about half of what we export goes to Europe), and that's not good for unemployment. The rest of Europe wants to join. All except us if we leave. Like it or not, the EU is there and business is better off from ease of trade and no customs taxes within the Single Market. We have no idea how that will be if we leave. We would be totally isolated in a continent where just about everyone else - certainly everyone that matters - is in the same club. How does it look if we walk out of the club and slam the door? There is much about the EU that could be better. Wouldn't it be better to stay in the club and be able to have our say and our vote on the things we don't like? As we joined the EU relatively early, we got our opt-outs from the really silly ideas like Schengen and the euro - new members don't get that. I don't want Britain to be in the position of leaving, realising it was a terrible mistake and then applying to come back in. Better to stay, I think, and be annoying.
Is the UK staying in the EU, should brexiters just learn to live with it? With Brexit secretary David Davis talking about a post-Brexit UK accepting some free movement of labour and paying into EU coffers for tariff-free access to the 'Single Market' it certainly looks like reality has hit the government and some form of 'Single Market' membership is planned. The Richmond by-election result and successive opinion polls suggest there is majority public support for that. That doesn't mean the UK won't be leaving the EU as the referendum result requires.
If the Scots are ready to pay into EU budget to keep single market access.? Recently leaked Treasury papers have revealed that, far from making net savings of £250m pw, the UK might make a net loss of £730 pw if it stays out of the Single Market when it leaves the EU. Another report suggested that, outside the Single Market, the financial services sector which is important in Scotland, could lose up to £730m pw. It is likely that Scotland would, on balance, be substantially better off staying in the Single Market and making contributions to the EU.
Michel Barnier, said the British people need to be educated about the consequences of leaving the single market? is that because the EU failed to promote itself in the UK ?
Peston on Sunday on Twitter: @JeremyCorbyn says he does not understand why @NicolaSturgeon says "join the single market" when leaving the EU means leaving single market
Leaving single market would cost Scotland £13bn, says Sturgeon Scottish first minister urges Jeremy Corbyn to change his position on EU market
Leaving single market and customs union is incompatible with ensuring no borders John FitzGerald: Deal struck on Friday is ambiguous to cover fact that UK’s future course is undecided
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UK Will Have Access to Single Market, Johnson Says Johnson, a favorite to become prime minister, says Britain can pursue a trade relationship with the EU as well as economies outside the bloc.
Europe’s Single-Market Block Review & Outlook Europe’s Single-Market Block The harder Brussels tries, the easier it is to see why it’s failing.
‘Keep U.K. in single market during Brexit transition’
Barnier says UK not to remain in Single Market
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EU demands to keep Northern Ireland in single market Furious Brexit Secretary David Davis immediately said UK could not possibly consider a solution that would jeopardise the 'constitutional and economic integrity of the UK'.
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Leaving single market would cost Scotland £13bn, says Sturgeon - Leaving single market would cost Scotland £13bn, says Sturgeon Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon has called on the British government to abandon its red lines on Brexit, warning that...
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