Why did the carnage in Charlottesville happen? Because we lie to ourselves.

To my white fellow citizens: I invite you to consider this scene from Saturday’s riot in Charlottesville, Virginia. As reported by The Washington Post, a group of counterprotesters assembled at … Click to Continue » 13-08-17
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  • [18-08] 1/20/17 @realDonaldTrump outlined future“American carnage”; #Charlottesville & more is how he means to keep power.
  • [17-08] Charlottesville never had to happen -- How craven local politicians led our nation into tragedy #Charlottesville
  • [20-08] Whatever happened in Charlottesville, maybe about to happen in Vancouver, BC.@realDonaldTrump giving Hate courage to speak. #Charlottesville
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  • [16-08] 9 more Nazi Rallies are scheduled for this weekend-#Charlottesville is set to happen all over again. #DoSomethingGOP h
  • [23-08] @bryanthrower @TomiLahren It's in #Charlottesville, anything can happen haven't you learned that yet? It's easy to
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  • [19-08] I'm so glad what happened in Spain could never happen here. Thanks @realDonaldTrump for keeping us all safe. #Charlottesville
  • [23-08] @GovernorVA What'd you think was gonna happen when you asked to police to stand down, you moron? #Charlottesville
  • [13-08] #Charlottesville news makes me more resolute that, #Brexit must never happen and racism must never be legitimised. #Resist
  • [26-08] #Charlottesville This kind of act also happen in india Innocent people are always attacked by the system A must watc
  • [23-08] Residents in #Charlottesville Mayor @MikeSigner must resign after white nationalist rally HE LET IT HAPPEN @19PHIL51 ht
  • [17-08] The events in #Charlottesville were driven by hatred & racism. We condemn these acts today & every time they happen: .
  • [22-08] @thehill Swear to God that I heard a woman wonder out loud how much Hillary had paid to make #Charlottesville happen. You CAN
  • [20-08] @POTUS was right about #Charlottesville and what happen to the NKorean threat? Russia? It is time for Alt-Left to STFU and Congress to work!
  • [19-08] This happened last Friday #UVA #Charlottesville It didn't happen because of #Bannon. It happened because of Trump. .
  • [30-10] Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen #MotivationMonday #Tfnmos
  • [02-10] "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." - Michael Jordan #TBL…
  • [27-08] @TeriAnne7201 What made #Charlottesville possible is the Mayor of Charlottesville, the police chief of Charlottesville and
  • [08-10] Fresh mug of tea, and ep8 of #BlackLake. I’m not sure where they’re going to go with this, after ep7′s carnage.
  • [01-11] #lemeilleurpatissier le carnage 😱😱 Mercotte ⬇️
  • [06-10] This almost takes away the pain from the #PITvsCHI carnage. Almost.
  • [13-12] If something terrible is meant to happen to me can it please happen after tomorrow evening so that I can see #TheLastJedi before I die?
  • [06-12] "We have to ask ourselves - how did Trump happen? How did brexit happen?" We can't just focus on internal dynamics,…
Why did the carnage in Charlottesville happen? Because we lie to ourselves.
To my white fellow citizens: I invite you to consider this scene from Saturday’s riot in Charlottesville, Virginia. As reported by The Washington Post, a group of counterprotesters assembled at … Click to Continue »
If David Duke and the KKK went to Downtown Chicago to do what they did in Charlottesville, what would happen?
Not at all. She WAS on a road that wasn't blocked to traffic. She was killed by a driver that was being attacked by ANTIFA. He will/should be convicted of manslaughter. If the police in Charlottesville would have done their job and STOPPED the VIOLENCE when it STARTED, Heather would STILL be alive, HUH?????? Like it or not, even "hate-speech" by ALL individuals/groups IS protected by the 1st Amendment to the U.S.Constitution. The Charlottesville police "conveniently" forgot about the White Supremacist RIGHTS, EH?
Anywhere. I don't think they're too fussy about where it'll be. They just want carnage.
Don't let him near a church, whatever you'll do. He'll cause intellectual carnage.
Unfortunately we're becoming comfortably numb to our totally irrational daily gun carnage
Cons How does our daily gun carnage prevent our government from becoming tyrannical?
Carnage in Charlottesville
Charlottesville Vice Mayor: Trump's Response to Charlottesville Violence Weak US President Donald Trump gave an inadequate response to the violent far-right activist rallies that took place on Friday and Saturday in Charlottesville, the city's Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy said.
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Report: Charlottesville rallier surrenders to police - Confederate flag maker reportedly sees sales increase after Charlottesville
Man arrested in beating of Deandre Harris in Charlottesville, police say - 'Civil disobedience' march from Charlottesville to DC will demand Trump's removal
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Was there violence on both sides in Charlottesville? Was violence was perpetrated by factions on both the left and the right side of the political spectrum during this rally? A specific quote by US president Donald Trump is: TRUMP: The driver of ...
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