The Latest: Packed room for Louisiana ex-governor's birthday

The Latest on the 90th birthday party for former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards (all times local): 8 p.m. The glitzy 90th birthday party for Louisiana's four-term former governor Edwin Edwards … Click to Continue » 12-08-17
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  • [06-10] Packed room, standing room only at St. Louis, Missouri @MomsDemand meeting. Our hearts ache for #LasVegas & we're ready t
  • [19-12] I do have to respect @donnabrazile for her Louisiana pride. I'm Louisiana born and raised (until age 13 anyway). On…
  • [04-10] Packed room at the #CPC17 - missing @AndrewJohnKidd
  • [05-10] It’s a packed room in Content for this next talk #FOM17
  • [03-10] Absolutely jam-packed room ready for Boris!! #CPC17
  • [25-09] With 30,000 people, if there's a room that's not packed you have a monumental problem #MSIgnite
  • [14-09] We've got a packed room for the @1871Chicago #startup showcase! #ChiVentureSummit
  • [29-09] Waiting for @elonmusk to address a packed room at #iac2017 !
  • [15-11] #GOES16 satellite shows #HurricaneNate quickly approaching Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama coasts. Latest info:
  • [03-10] Completely packed room for our event on policies to win over millennials! #CPC17
  • [26-09] The room is packed for a session with @BobDearsley and @Verity_b2bml at #Inbound17 #INBOUNDPartnerDay
  • [02-10] Packed room for @CACampaigns @michaelgove Brexit breakfast #CPC17
  • [01-11] Packed room @I_W_MLooking forward to @StuartThinks talking #Manchester
  • [16-11] Packed room for youth participation session #SparkChange #Museums2017
  • [17-09] Packed room for our Travel Geeks session on How to be an Explorer #NGTUKFestival
  • [24-09] A packed room at @TSSAunion and @LabourList’s Rally for Free Movement. #LAB17
  • [15-10] Packed room for Modern Slavery @cooppartywomen at #coop100 conference @SnowdropProject
  • [28-09] Packed room at the SharePoint Community PnP session #msignite @vesajuvonen @erwinvanhunen
  • [28-09] 30 minutes left until @randfish presents at #inbound17 ... Needless to say, the room is already packed! @Moz
  • [09-11] .@wfrick moderating a packed room panel on putting #ai to work at #mshuddle @hbr
  • [06-10] Father of #OurOcean conference series @JohnKerry has taken the stage. The room is packed.
  • [26-09] Packed room here - discussing challenges of #Brexit with @metecoban92 & @TulipSiddiq. #Lab17
  • [02-07] Excited for #NMBrek to start, the room is absolutely packed! #Glasgow #SocialMedia
  • [10-08] All packed for #Manchester this weekend with the faves! ? Birthday celebrations ????
  • [26-09] Jam packed room full of 1800+ HubSpot partners from across the globe for the first #inboundpartnerday #INBOUND17 :
  • [24-10] Packed room for @_SueSiegel of GE, our Oct Women's Network Breakfast guest speaker! #bosbizwomen
  • [08-11] Another packed #ToPoli #15andFairness meeting tonight: lot's of energy in the room to put pressure to fix #equalpay & sch
  • [04-11] Packed room of amazing friends at the @BCNDPWRC #BCNDP17 #victoria @bcgeu @bcndp
  • [24-09] Fab @GwynneMP in conversation w @paulwaugh at #Lab17. Packed room with members seeing the man behind the BoJo moment!
  • [07-11] Packed room for @TechJobsTour Cheyenne, WY talking #tech #CSforALL#Americaishiring w/ @smithmegan
  • [06-07] Packed room for the launch of @millenniumpoint new event space #MPConnect #eventprofs #Birmingham
  • [15-01] #FarmWorkerDeath Court room is packed with supporters from various political parties and family from the deceased a…
  • [21-11] ‘We need more oomph’ Key thinker behind the #northernpowerhouse, Lord O’Neill, speaks to a packed room at #PSSMCR @Pub
  • [03-10] Packed room this morning for the @VicFoundation launch of the Vital Signs report #Victoria #yyj
  • [26-09] Packed room at the @railindustry interview with @AndyMcDonaldMP! Come to Durham Hall Argyle at #lab17
  • [15-01] #FarmWorkerDeath Court room is packed with supporters from various political parties and family from the deceased a…
  • [15-01] The man that Louisiana hates right now #Vikings #saints #DivisionalPlayoffs
The Latest: Packed room for Louisiana ex-governor's birthday
The Latest on the 90th birthday party for former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards (all times local): 8 p.m. The glitzy 90th birthday party for Louisiana's four-term former governor Edwin Edwards … Click to Continue »
Estimate the probility that at least 2 of the 50 states fovernkrs have same birthday? I assume you meant to type "governors" Whenever you see "at least..." think of the opposite case. What if we wanted to figure out the probability that all 50 state governors had *different* birthdays? In order to estimate this, I'm going to just use 365 days in a year and ignore leap years. I'm also going to assume that every day is equally likely, even though this isn't true in actuality based on seasonal birth rates, etc.(see link #1) The first governor can have any birthday. The second governor will have a different birthday with a probability of 364/365. The third governor will have a different birthday with a probability of 363/365 The fourth governor will have a different birthday with a probability of 362/365 and so on. If we multiply all those probabilities together we get the probability that none of them share a birthday. We can then subtract from 1 to get the opposite probability that at least two have the same birthday. P(at least two have the same birthday) = 1 - (365/365 * 364/365 * 363/365 * ... * 316/365) ≈ 0.97037 (see link #2 for an online calculator) Update: Just for fun, I looked up a table of birthdays for the current state governors (see link #3). Here are the shared birthdays. Feb. 9: Virginia governor, Terry McAuliffe Washington governor, Jay Inslee Aug 4: Iowa governor, Kim Reynolds Vermont governor, Phil Scott Aug 19: Michigan governor, Rick Snyder Nebraska governor, Pete Ricketts Nov 13: Massachusetts governor, Charlie Baker Texas governor, Greg Abbott Dec 9: Mississippi governor, Phil Bryant Oklahoma governor, Mary Fallin Answer: In theory, just over 97%. With the current list of governors, 100% :)
Was Bobby Jindal a good governor in Louisiana?
Is New jersey and Virginia screwed now because they just voted for the worst of the worst democrats as governors? 1. Virginia has a democrat governor now, his Lt. Governor won election tonight, Northam. Not sure if they is any different from the democrat governor they have now. 2. New Jersey, they have Governor Christie. Who been really bad news the past few years. If the republican wanted to win, they needed to have someone who was not involved with him. I would of been shocked if the democrat lost due to the republican candidate.
If Democrats can claim victory in a state like Virginia, what's to become of Republicans in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin? The Governor of Virginia is Terry McAuliffe is a democrat, the LT Governor won the election. Governor McAuliffe took office January 2011. Why would you be surprise his LT Governor won the election?
Should we all pitch in and buy Anthony Weiner the latest i-phone for his birthday?
Why don't Democrats realize the NJ and VA elections are meaningless, and are not a referendum on President Trump, not a rejection of? Not really NJ, it was more about Chris Christie and his job as Governor. Virginia is not a blue or red state. It could go either way. Northern VA goes democrat Southern VA goes republican The independence voters decide who wins. So in a way, the republican lost a governor seat they had won in the past. It was not the governor race. Maine is what the republican should be looking at.
Students packed like sardines in one room
Students packed like sardines in single room
Louisiana Governor’s Race Looks Tough to Call Louisiana Governor’s Race Looks Tough to Call Voters in Saturday’s runoff have to decide which they like less: Sen. Vitter’s sex scandal or the fact that his opponent belongs to the same party as President Obama.
Louisiana Governor-Elect Vows Budget Changes Louisiana Governor-Elect Vows Budget Changes Democrat John Bel Edwards’s improbable on Saturday could set off a domino chain of changes in the state, including the likely expansion of Medicaid eligibility and a call for a special legislative session to deal with a looming billion-dollar budget gap.
Edwards, Vitter Advance to Louisiana Governor’s Runoff Edwards, Vitter Advance to Louisiana Governor’s Runoff Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter has survived challenges from two GOP rivals to reach a November runoff in the Louisiana governor’s race. He’ll face Democratic state Rep. John Bel Edwards on the Nov. 21 ballot.
Louisiana governor, ag commissioner plan agriculture tour BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Louisiana’s governor and agriculture commissioner are planning a bipartisan listening tour across several rural communities to tour farms and talk with agricultural and forestry producers. Republican Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain announced that he and Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards will have six stops on the tour, with events scheduled for […]
Louisiana Governor Declares State of Emergency as Rivers Flood Louisiana Governor Declares State of Emergency as Rivers Flood Heavy downpours and widespread flooding forced the rescue of dozens of people and left one man dead.
Louisiana governor declares state of emergency ahead of hurricane Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) has declared a state of emergency ahead of the landfall of Hurricane Harvey, which is expected to hit the state late Friday or early Saturday."All arms of the state's emergency p...
Democrat John Bel Edwards Upsets GOP Candidate in Louisiana Governor Race Democrat John Bel Edwards Upsets GOP Candidate in Louisiana Governor Race The state representative beat U.S. Sen. David Vitter to become Louisiana’s first Democratic governor since 2008.
Governor’s birthday tomorrow
Tough Room for New BOJ Governor Tough Room for New BOJ Governor When Haruhiko Kuroda walks into the Bank of Japan next month as its new governor, he will face a potentially daunting task: persuading six incumbent board members radical steps are needed.
OPS, Sasikala greet Governor on his birthday
Lt. Governor celebrates 68th birthday
PM, Governor greet Kiran on his birthday
Ministers greet Governor on birthday
CM conveys birthday wishes to Governor
The Latest: Steelers will stay in locker room for anthem NEW YORK (AP) - The Latest on the sports world reacting to President Donald Trump's remarks about pro football (all times ET):12:12 p.m.The Pittsburgh...
The Latest Urban Development Trend: Less Elbow Room Latest Urban Trend: Less Elbow Room Cities with high real-estate prices and housing shortages are encouraging add-on housing, like basement rental suites and backyard cottages, in a bid to steer growth to developed land and infrastructure.
Governor to open Mar Chrysostum’s birthday fete
Modi, KCR, Governor greet Naidu on birthday
No room for complacency in fight against polio: Governor
Buy Latest Series living room furniture(mobili da soggiorno)
Governor takes part in noted scholar’s birthday fete
Non residents of Louisiana, what first comes to mind when you see or hear Louisiana?
Port Royale 1: If I set “become a governor” as a victory condition, will I always be offered a position as governor by an English governor? I have played the game as a Dutch merchant. My victory was “become a governor”. But as I have reached the end of the game, I was offered the governor position by every English governor, although I am ...
Canada: "Governor General" vs "Governor in Council" Is "governor in council" the same as "governor general" in Canada? If not, what does the "governor in council" do?
Probability of 3 people in a room of 30 having the same birthday I have been looking at the birthday problem (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birthday_problem) and I am trying to figure out what the probability of 3 people sharing a birthday in a room of 30 people is. (Instead of 2). I thought I understood the problem but I guess not since I have no idea how to do it with 3.
Port Royale 1: Can I also annex governor towns on behalf of a nation or just vice-governor towns? When you reach a certain rank, governors will sometimes ask you to hunt down a defector who is now vice-governor of a hostile town and annex the very place on behalf of the respective nation. Thus, it ...
If we transform a box with randomly packed spheres into a box with randomly packed ellipsoids, will the packing percentage change?
Siri reports my correct birthday, but then uses wrong date when asked how many days until my birthday When I say to Siri "When is my Birthday", the response is May 20th, which is correct. However, when I say "How many days until my birthday" the response uses September 16th as the birthday. How do I ...
Who was governor of Louisiana during World War 2?
[11-12] Who was the frst governor of Louisiana?
Is the Governor of Louisiana a Republican or democrat? republican. Bobby Jindal.(R) Blanco's term ended in '07.
What is the maiden name of the wife of the first governor of Louisiana?
Who was Louisiana's governor when the state seceded from the Union? Thomas Moore
Who was the Louisiana governor who wanted to tax high income and redistribute money?
What is louisiana's birthday date?
[23-01] How did Esteban Miro encourage the growth of Louisiana pollution and economy while he was a governor what did he do to bring order to new Orleans?
For most substances particles are most need answer in between most and packed packed in the solid state?
Was Jimmie Davis who was the Governor of Louisiana related to Jefferson Davis which was the President of the Confederacy? yes
What does it mean when a guy asks you if you like anyone once the room has cleared of girls and packed of boys and when you look at him after he asked it his head falls heavy and he blushes?
Are chromosomes tightly packed DNA or loosely packed DNA?
My 16 year old girlfriend lives in louisiana and her mom said shes gojng to kick her out on her 17th birthday can she move in with me and my family in Oklahoma?
What is the latest issue about operating room?
What is the latest article about operating room?
What is the latest procedures done in operating room?
[19-11] What 2 identical boxes is more dense one packed full of books or one packed full of clothing?
Can an 18 year old enter a bar room with his parent in Louisiana? You can enter a bar room at age 18, but you cannot buy any alcohol drinks.
Loosely Packed Versus Tightly Packed Pipes - Visit The Pipe Nook Web Store - Music: "Acoustic Breeze" - Intro by Dave Flaton ...
Louisiana Made Louisiana Proud Aucoin Hart Jewelers 1 -
Louisiana Made Louisiana Proud McGehee High School -
Louisiana Made Louisiana Proud Beerman Precision -
ROOM - Clip #1 - Birthday Cake - In cinemas January 15th His entire life, 5 year-old Jack has only known “Room”: a 10 foot by 10 foot space in which he is confined with his Ma. She has created ...
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