Learner drivers to have motorway lessons by 2018 in new driving test overhaul

TWO people have died after a police helicopter crashed near violent white supremacist riots in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Driving schools allege denial of learner's licenses to students
Learner’s licence test revamped
  • [13-08] Learner drivers to have motorway lessons by 2018 in new driving test overhaul
  • [13-08] #men #manchester Learner drivers will now be able to take lessons on motorways with an approved driving instruc...
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  • [23-10] Per hour, costs #Uber less to pay for drivers than for test subjects driving data for machine learning. Uber gets the driving for free
Learner drivers to have motorway lessons by 2018 in new driving test overhaul
TWO people have died after a police helicopter crashed near violent white supremacist riots in Charlottesville, Virginia.
* Learner drivers across England, Wales and Scotland will soon be able to have lessons on motorways. From 2018, a learner will be able to practice on motorways as long as they are with an approved driving instructor in a dual control car. The law change is set to come into affect next year. Currently, drivers with provisional licences cannot go onto Britain’s fastest roads. Although there are advanced driving courses, which provide instructor-led motorway for drivers who have passed their test, the cost of these can be off-putting. For the vast majority of new drivers, their first time on a motorway and driving at the upper speed limit of 70 miles-per-hour happens without a teacher in the passenger seat. Image:It is hoped the law change will better prepare learners for independent driving The Department for Transport, which consulted driving groups ahead of the change in law and received “wide support”, believes it will make roads safer. “Younger drivers are up to seven times more likely to be killed or seriously injured compared with drivers over 25 and lack of experience is an important factor,” said Transport Secretary Chris Grayling. “Allowing learners to drive on motorways in a supportive environment will help them develop a practical understanding of how to use motorways safely before driving independently.” Learner driver Ellie Mason-Bush, 22, from Bristol is due to take her test next week. She told Sky News she believes the law change is positive news for learners who feel nervous about motorway driving but who could not afford advanced driving lessons. “I think it is definitely going to help,” she said. “They say motorways are some of the safest roads you can be on, so it is not going to harm. Naturally it will slow the process down but, if it makes the roads safer, it is something we all have to get on board with.” Image:Currently, drivers with provisional licences cannot go onto Britain’s fastest roads The RAC motoring body and the DVSA, the government agency which sets the driving test, have both welcomed the law change. But some driving instructors have concerns about how safe it is. Over a 10-year career, James, who did not give his full name, has taught hundreds of learner drivers. Although it will not be compulsory for instructors to take their pupils on a motorway, James thinks the law change adds unnecessary risk. “If we take learners to the motorway, there is a danger they might find they panic,” he said. “They may go too slow, they may get intimidated. And if they do have a moment of panic, there is no way no pull over.” For now, there are no plans to include motorway driving as part of the basic driving test – but the Department for Transport told Sky News that this is under review. Earlier this year it was revealed that learners would be tested on how to safely use satellite navigation systems, as the Government moves ahead with plans to modernise the standard driving test. Source link Learner drivers will be allowed to have lessons on motorways from 2018 was originally published on News London
* 08.09.17 - 08.14.17safety for my family while they are vacationing abroadcontinue reading the Bible everydaypray morephysical healthunderstanding that only Jesus satisfieshave fun at all the upcoming dates & events pass upcoming driving test  last week’s blessings: church retreat was so so so good. thank you God!finished my last driving lessons & the instructor said my driving is very good ahh (i really hope i pass my road test)my fav k-pop group had their 10th anniversary celebration & dropped a new album made new friends
* Driving test examiners could be given body cameras because they are being increasingly attacked by failed candidates. The DVSA says there were 240 incidents of physical or verbal abuse reported in 2016, compared with approximately 180 the year before. One incident in March involved a candidate who was asked to stop the car after committing a number of serious errors. He swore at the examiner and then drove wildly across a dual carriageway – forcing the tester to use dual controls to bring the vehicle to a stop. The culprit was subsequently banned from taking future practical exams at a test centre in West Yorkshire, and he will be supervised during any future tests elsewhere. DVSA chief executive Gareth Llewellyn said: “We do not tolerate anyone abusing, threatening or assaulting staff. “Our message is clear – whatever has happened, don’t take it out on our staff. If you do, we’ll press for the strongest possible penalties.” Other DVSA workers, including vehicle testers and roadside enforcement staff, have also suffered abuse in their roles. A trial will see the agency’s roadside workers wear body cameras, and the devices will be rolled out to include driving test examiners if they prove effective. Pete Williams, road safety spokesman for the RAC, said: “Examiners at the DVSA play a vital role in ensuring the safety of drivers and vehicles on our roads on a daily basis. “It’s therefore disappointing to see such a marked increase in the level of verbal and physical abuse they are encountering from the very people they are trying to help. “The majority of UK drivers and road users will wholeheartedly support a zero-tolerance approach to such behaviour.” Source link Driving test examiners may be given body cameras after spate of attacks was originally published on News London
Can I take a driving test without taking driving lessons in the UK?
Should I enroll my child in driving lessons or teach them myself? I realize that some countries might have mandatory government-regulated driving courses before you can get a driver's license, but I think that most countries allow parents the option of teaching ...
How to reset only the young drivers test mode in F1 2012? Is it possible to only reset the Young Drivers Test mode in F1 2012 (PS3)?
How could Ron take a driving test, when wizards are in hiding? I don't know how about in the UK, but here in Poland (and I know, we have quite a few different kinds of papers) to merely take the exam you need to show some kind of ID. It sounds reasonable to me, ...
What lessons (and mini-lessons) are available in Art Academy: Second Semester? I currently own Art Academy: First Semester for the Nintendo DSi. As a hobby artist with a tenuous grasp of the basics of blocking, light, shadow, shading, and detail, the title did me a world of good ...
“dance lessons” vs. “dancing lessons” Related: Is the word "Dance" a noun in "Dance Class"? I just came across the phrase dance lessons and I was wondering why some people find it acceptable instead of dancing lessons....
Are drivers with learner licences able to get insurance for driving a van?
Hi you have been taking lessons with acclaim driving school and you have had 32 lessons but your instructor hasn't started maneuvers all im doing is driving about the streets not learning anything new? change your driving instructor / company, it's your money, if you don't think they are doing a good job, move, don't keep wasting your cash
What will happen to all the learner drivers in the UK if Scotland becomes independent - will they have to re-take their theory test if the system changes? Probably not.
How many driving lessons do you need before taking a test?
How many years do you have to have passed your driving test before you can sit next to a learner driver? You have to be approximately 5 years older so that you have experienced your own driving properly. Then at that age you are completely ready to teach someone else but make sure you sign up for it properly and that you have a legal document allowing you to teach someone else!
Suez Crisis implications for Learner drivers could drivers drive without instructor in car?
How can you get a drivers license without doing a driving test?
Do you need to do the driving test if you went though drivers safety?
Will UK drivers from England need to retake their driving test if Scotland becomes independent if they passed their test previously in Scotland? No
Whether older drivers really need an another driving license test?
If your insurance will not cover your son during the 6 months he is driving with a learner's permit what happens if he is involved in a car accident while driving with an adult?
What are some names of driving schools who supply the car for driving lessons?
Can learner drivers register car?
When are learner drivers allowed to drive on their own in the UK?
Do you need driving lessons before practicing driving even if you have your permit?
Can you have driving lessons in England for driving in Europe? Once you are a UK full licence holder you are entitled to drive abroad with that licence. Make sure you comply with insurance requirements in the country you are visiting and other safety laws. ie, some countries require you have hi-viz vests and triangle, spare bulbs etc with you in the car. Take proof you are entitled to drive the vehicle you are in, MOT, insurance docs and V5. If you move abroad to live permanently you have to get a licence from that country eventually. Most countries don't expect UK licence holders to take another test.
Why does someone in Pennsylvania have to require a Drivers Learner's Permit?
As a provisional learner does your co-driver have to hold a UK drivers license?
Drivers of motorcycle should not follow the same rules of defensive driving as drivers of automobiles? This is False. Motorcycle drivers should follow the same exact rules as a normal automobile.
When driving with a learner's permit can you have others in the car? Only the adult teaching you to drive.
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