Lawmaker seeks probe after AP reveals maggots in NY facility

A New York state lawmaker is demanding a federal investigation into New York state's care for the disabled following a recent Associated Press story that revealed the case of a … Click to Continue » 13-08-17
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Lawmaker seeks probe after AP reveals maggots in NY facility
A New York state lawmaker is demanding a federal investigation into New York state's care for the disabled following a recent Associated Press story that revealed the case of a … Click to Continue »
Due Process!!! They're all in on it! An Ethics Probe is a lawmaker delay tactic. One year from now, they'll quietly say he did it and move on. If you were in business and did that, the lawmakers would be the first to cry fowl. In business, if you did that you'd be fired and sued all on the same day.
Your friend is pranking you! It wasnt maggots it was grated romano cheese which looks white about rice size. And dont worry evan if you did eat maggots which you did not they will be digested with no harm! There is even a cheese that delibratly contains live maggots its considered a delicacy
I ate maggots! Will I be okay? I was eating a slice of day old pizza. One bite left, my friend realized there was an extra topping. The pizza was filled with maggots. I don't particullay chew my food very well so I hope my stomach acid does its job. The maggots where still very small. About as small as uncooked rice. Will I be okay?
Maggots are almost pure protein. They are associated with decaying food and are regarded as unhealthy. However, the pizza is likely to cause you more harm than the maggots.
It is unlikely you will get any sort of refund. Things like "acts of God" does not play into their refund policy. It only applies if the parking facility itself was affected. (i.e. you are unable to drive the car out of the facility due to an obstruction, etc.) The car was parked in the facility and as such charged for each day the vehicle took that spot. Recommendation is to simply bite-the-bullet and pay for the service.
You don't! I am as pro 2nd amendment as it gets, but if you want to use a facility, you have to follow the rules of the facility. If you feel the need to have the gun on you at all times then do not go inside the hospital that doesn't allow guns.
Prosecutor Opens Probe of Lawmaker Prosecutor Opens Probe of Lawmaker Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan was appointed as a special prosecutor to investigate a Brooklyn lawmaker accused of sexually harassing young female employees.
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Lawmaker Seeks More Oversight of New York Fed President Lawmaker Seeks More Oversight of N.Y. Fed President The head of the New York Fed would have to be nominated by the U.S. president and confirmed by the Senate, under legislation introduced by a top Senate Democrat who said the post needs to be “truly accountable to taxpayers.”
Australia Lawmaker Steps Aside as Corruption Probe Deepens Australia Lawmaker Steps Aside Over Probe Australia's deputy finance minister stepped down from his role amid a corruption probe that had threatened to engulf Prime Minister Tony Abbott in his first major political storm—dramatically reversing a pledge only hours earlier to "soldier on."
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Judge Jails, Sets Bail for Top Lawmaker in Catalonia Probe A Spanish judge jailed Catalonia's top lawmaker Thursday in a rebellion probe stemming from an independence declaration, but set Carme Forcadell's bail at 150,000 euros ($175,000) and ordered her passport to be confiscated as the investigation continues. Forcadell is speaker of the regional parliament whose separatist lawmakers passed a declaration to proclaim Catalonia as a new republic. Spain's constitutional Court warned that the Oct. 27 vote in the Catalan Parliament would be illegal and most opposition lawmakers boycotted the session.
N.J. Lawmaker Seeks to Schedule Corruption Trial Around Key Senate Votes Lawmaker Wants His Trial Dates Tailored Lawyers for Senator Bob Menendez argued his coming public-corruption trial should be scheduled around key U.S. Senate votes, saying the New Jersey lawmaker has a constitutional obligation to his constituents.
Ranking U.S. lawmaker seeks sanctions on 12 Chinese banks over N. Korea WASHINGTON, Sept. 13 (Yonhap) -- A ranking American lawmaker has asked the U.S. government to sanction 12 large Chinese banks as part of efforts to cut off North Korea's access to the international financial system, an informed source said Wednesday.
India Probe Agency Charges Lawmaker Kanimozhi in Telecom Case CBI Charges Lawmaker Kanimozhi in Telecom Case India's top federal investigation agency filed its second set of charges in the 2G scam probe, accusing five more people, including Kanimozhi, daughter of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party leader M. Karunanidhi, of being involved in the alleged rigging of the government's radio spectrum sale in 2008.
US Lawmaker Seeks Trump Mental Health Examination for 'Emotional Disorder' President Donald Trump should be examined by mental health experts for signs of early-stage dementia or other emotional disorders to determine if he should be removed from office and replaced by Vice President Mike Pence, US Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren urged in a press release on Friday.
West Virginia’s Saira Blair Seeks to Become Youngest State Lawmaker West Virginia Teen Seeks to Become Youngest State Lawmaker As a college freshman, Saira Blair divides her time between studying and campaigning for a seat in the West Virginia legislature. If she wins, the fiscally conservative 18-year-old also would become the youngest state lawmaker in the nation.
Difference b/n "healthcare facility" and "health facility" [on hold] is there any difference between the two descriptions? although I am of the view that the latter is more appropriate.
Use of the word 'lawmaker' when referring to elected representatives Over the last few years I've noticed more news stories referring to elected representatives as 'lawmaker' rather than Senator, Congressman, Member of Parliament or whatever specific title they might ...
“Facility for speaking” vs. “facility to speak” Which one would you use: I lost my facility to speak. I lost my facility for speaking. Or does either work?
How can I interpret the circuit of the voltage probe with cable between the probe body and the compensation box? Let's take a look at the voltage probe circuit without the cable between the probe body and the compensation box. This circuit is a typical RC voltage divider and the following relation holds; $${R_P}...
why does a x100 oscilloscope probe grant a wider bandwidth than a x10 probe I was asked in an interview the question "why does A x100 oscilloscope probe grant a wider bandwidth than a x10 probe? How much does it widen it?".
Getting rid of maggots in a compost vessel Related: Compost has larva or maggots? We have a compost vessel (around 300L) which we use as a supplement to our garbage can. We don't usually throw meat in it and we don't intend to ever do it ...
Will Medicare pay for Diabetic Shoes and Inserts prescribed by a physician for a patient living in a 31 Skilled nursing facility 32 a Nursing facility or 33 a Custodial care facility?
What is the term used for a person that complains and seeks treatment for nonexistant medical problems seeks medical help for imaginary conditions?
If you have been receiving outpatient care from a facility that has no valid signed consent to treat you How does this effect the facility if you press charges?
Who is the lawmaker in the bible for israel?
This is one of the most important influences on a lawmaker's voting behavior?
What staff member attends committee meetings for the lawmaker?
Why might it not be a good idea for a letter writer to berate his or her lawmaker?
Who was the lawmaker that proposed the Compromise of 1850 in an effort to save the Union?
Does medicare part a pay the difference after Blue Cross which is primary carrier paid most of the claim for skilled nursing facility I have a 290 balance due the nursing facility? Medicare does offer coverage for skilled nursing facilties. In order to find out if Medicare will pay as your secondary, the provider needs to submit it to Medicare. This statement is from the Meidcare.gov website: Medicare providers must submit claims (bills) to Medicare for you, whether Medicare is your primary or secondary insurer. For Medicare to process a claim as a secondary payer, the provider must give your primary insurance information to Medicare. You may also consider calling 1-800-Medicare for information about secondary coverage. If you do, remember from Nov 15th to Dec 31st is
Will a 1992 ford probe gt turbo motor and parts fit into a 1994 probe with the v6?
Is the power train control module of a 1993 probe gt 2.5 v-6 compatible with 1995 ford probe 2.0 4-cylinder?
What is the difference in strategy in developing an intitial layout for a new facility as compared to the strategy in improving the layout of an existing facility?
What is a probe weight on earth if the probe has a mass of 100 kg? On earth, 100 kg of mass weighs 980 newtons (220.46 pounds).
Will a 1993 Probe transmission fit a 1994 Probe?
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Why do you use four probe instead of using two probe for determining the band gap of semiconductor?
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How god reveals god self to us?
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