Mystics beat Fever after 2nd-half delay because of leak

Krystal Thomas had 20 points and 14 rebounds, and the Washington Mystics beat the Indiana Fever 100-80 on Saturday night in a game that was delayed 48 minutes to start … Click to Continue »
[07-17] @ScotRail announcing delay after delay after delay is not helping. Lots of annoyed passengers-to-be! #Edinburgh #Haymarket…
[08-17] .@realDonaldTrump-Please delay your Phoenix trip. The Mayor asked u to delay cuz of #Charlottesville, u should respect that. #N…
[07-17] #SCO need to beat #ESP by 2 or more goals tonight and hope #ENG beat #POR. Should be a tense night for #Scotland fans. @WomensEuro2017
[08-17] #england is there a carbon monoxide leak in the changing room!!!?
[08-17] Let me guess, this is a leak, not substantiated w/ an actual source you can name? #Charlottesville #TrumpWitchHunt #MA…
[08-17] Several people hospitalised following Iranian gas leak #UK #UKBiz
[08-17] A man just took a leak at the side of this cafe I'm in and I can see him through the glass door! Why are you so disgusting? #london
[08-17] In the run up to the next #brexit talks many unnamed sources will leak their own agendas. I wonder if this one is b…
[08-17] Was able to fix this #leak today for one of our neighbors #handyman #friscotexas #friscothebestoftexas #grayhawk…
[07-17] #Indyref fever has taken over at #work! Which way are you/would you vote?! #ScotlandDecides #scottishindependence
[07-17] Storms are coming! - We're here if you spring a leak. 24/7. Just call us and we'll get out asap to make you weather…
[07-17] Gas leak in #Birmingham on Richard Arrington Jr Blvd between Highland Ave S and Magnolia Ave #traffic
[08-17] Gas leak reported to the police and national grid near grenfell tower w10 #GrenfellTower #london
[08-17] The museum transforms with #edfringe fever! #nmsafterhours #Edinburgh
[07-17] Those hay fever seasons got us like... Created by our YP! #memes #birmingham #youth
[08-17] HBO hackers leak script of upcoming Game Of Thrones episode and top bosses’ emails #UK #UKBiz
[07-17] Canon 7D and a Holga 'light leak' toy lens from atop car park love the effect it gives! #birmingham #cityscape #lightl…
[08-17] @DavidDavisMP Best time to leak the report approving £80bn divorce payment if #EU OK transition plan is just after they reject it #Brexit
Tuesday: fever Wednesday: pink eye Thursday: fever… again Friday: death???
How do I set up a command block output delay using /setblock
I need to create a command block that emits a redstone output every 20 minutes which activates a chain of other commands. Normally, I would use a daylight sensor, but I am using these commands in the nether. I want to /setblock a redstone block rather than use entities with a scoreboard. I placed a repeating command set to always active. The command I want to delay is /setblock ~ ~2 ~ minecraft:redstone_block I tried delaying the command by using /setblock ~ ~2 ~ minecraft:redstone_block,{Time=24000} This did not work. Please explain how I can use this command correctly.
Dengue fever infections in Vietnam up 60 pct so far this year
What are the symptoms of dengue fever and yellow fever?
In dengue fever what is fever subsides?
where in Glasgow area can I get water leak in my car fixed?
Is there a delay for thunder during soccer?
On January 21, 2014, a Norwegian Air Shuttle 787 experienced a fuel leak which caused a 19-hour delay to a flight from Bangkok to Oslo. Footage of the leak taken by passengers show fuel gushing out of the left wing of the aircraft. The leak became known to pilots only after it was pointed out by concerned passengers. It was found later that a faulty valve was responsible. This fuel leak is one of numerous problems experienced by Norwegian Air Shuttle's 787 fleet. Mike Fleming, Boeing's vice president for 787 support and services, subsequently met with executives of Norwegian Air Shuttle and expressed Boeing's commitment to improving the 787's dispatch reliability, "we’re not satisfied with where the airplane is today, flying at a fleet average of 98 percent... The 777 today flies at 99.4 percent ... and that's the benchmark that the 787 needs to attain”.
Mystics beat Fever after 2nd-half delay because of leak
Krystal Thomas had 20 points and 14 rebounds, and the Washington Mystics beat the Indiana Fever 100-80 on Saturday night in a game that was delayed 48 minutes to start … Click to Continue »
A full and complete supply of arterial blood must be generated and delivered to all parts, organs and glands, by the channels called the arteries. And when it has done its work, then without delay the veins must return all to heart and lungs for renewal. We must know some delay of fluids has been established on which nature begins the work of renewal by increased action of electricity, even to the solvent action of fever heat, by which watery substances evaporate and relieve the lymphatic system of stagnant, watery secretions. Thus fever is a natural and powerful remedy.
We breakfasted early that morning, all of us declaring ourselves to be more than ready for the meal. Then we experienced a most unpleasant shock, for upon serving out the first allowance of water for the day, we discovered that our stock had suffered a further mysterious depletion during the night, which, upon investigation, proved to be due to a leaky breaker. The leak was not a very serious one, certainly, and the staves seemed to be taking up a bit and the leak growing less; still, we had lost about three pints, which was half a pint apiece, and it was not difficult to picture conditions under which this might make all the difference to us between life and death.