Mariota returns; Jets top Titans 7-3 in preseason opener

Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota played his first game since breaking his right leg late last season in a 7-3 loss to the Jets in the preseason opener for both teams … Click to Continue »

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Jets Say Geno Smith Will Start Preseason Opener Over Michael Vick
Jets Say Geno Smith Will Start Preseason Opener Over Michael Vick Also, the independent Atlantic League implemented a new set of rules to increase the pace of play, completing 12 nine-inning games in an average of two hours, 44 minutes—about 15 minutes faster than the league average before the rules were instituted Friday.
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Marcus Mariota could barely move, but he carried the Titans to a win
Mariota missed last week with a hamstring injury and his status for Monday night’s game against the Indianapolis Colts was in question up until inactives were turned in. Mariota was obviously still injured, but Mariota with no ability to run is still better than Matt Cassel, who was awful replacing Mariota in a loss to the Dolphins. It also broke an 11-game losing streak to the Colts.
Mariota, Henry Lead Titans Over Colts In AFC South Showdown
Mariota didn't move around much on a cool night after missing a game with a strained left hamstring, but still managed to throw for a season-high 306 yards.
Titans are going to sign Brandon Weeden with Mariota out, prompting more concern about Kaepernick.
Titans 36, Colts 22: Marcus Mariota limited but triumphs in return from hamstring injury
Marcus Mariota hadn’t run a quarterback sneak since high school, so it was a bit of a surprise when the Titans’ franchise QB, still limited by a hamstring injury but playing against the Colts on “Monday Night Football,” plunged into the line to convert a fourth-and-1 in the fourth quarter. It was his only positive gain on the ground all night. “That was the plan,” Titans coach Mike Mularkey said. “We were going to take a sack if we had to take a sack instead of expose him to running. That’s just being smart.” Mariota’s conve
[Sports] - Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota listed day-to-day with strained hamstring | USA Today
Seahawks' Richard Sherman hits Titans' Marcus Mariota late, out of bounds
Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman drilled Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota out of bounds with about nine minutes remaining in the second quarter at Nissan Stadium, sparking a scuffle along the Tennessee sideline. Sherman was called for unnecessary roughness, his second personal foul of the game. Penalties offset on the play, and he was not ejected. The Titans lead 3-0. Sherman was called for three penalties on one play earlier in the game. Two were accepted, including holding and unsportsmanlike conduct.
Richard Sherman hits Marcus Mariota late as Seahawks-Titans game gets chippy
Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman got his fourth penalty in the first half, though it didn’t cost Seattle any yards. Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota scrambled for a 4-yard gain before linebacker Bobby Wagner pushed him out of bounds. Sherman hit Mariota late, drawing a flag and what would have been a 15-yard penalty.
Richard Sherman flagged for late hit on Marcus Mariota, igniting scrum between Titans and Seahawks
Richard Sherman was flagged for a late hit on Marcus Mariota, but wasn't ejected. Watch the play and the ensuing scrum.
Colts vs. Titans final score, takeaways: Mariota, defense step up late for Tennessee
The Tennessee Titans have finally slain the dragon. After 11 straight losses to the division rival Indianapolis Colts , the Titans came back from 10 points down, using a 21-point fourth quarter to win going away, 36-22. Tennessee moved into a first-place tie with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans at 3-3 in the process, while dropping the Colts to the basement of the AFC South at 2-4.  For a while, it sure looked like the Titans were going to fall to the Colts once again. They couldn't get their run game going at all, hampered by thei
  • [25-09] I just want friends that have my back like Marcus Mariota's teammates do.😂😂😂 #Titans #RichardSherman #Mariota
  • [16-10] part 2 .@TITANS Right now noone is sure if Marcus Mariota will start #LASVEGAS has made the Titans A7 point favor…
  • [17-10] (SFGate) #Marcus Mariota helps Titans end 11-game skid against #Colts : NASHVILLE — Marcus Mariota threw a..
  • [19-10] SO: What's she thinking? Is she mad? Me: What if it's #Titans vs. #Seahawks in a Super Bowl? But it's Mariota. But Seahawks. But MARIOTA.
  • [10-10] ICYMI 00: Lewan calls out refs 10: 3 times refs 🔩 #Titans 25: Titans O vs #Chiefs O 40: Mularkey, Robiskie, Mariota :
  • [10-10] ICYMI 00: Lewan calls out refs 10: 3 times refs 🔩 #Titans 25: Titans O vs #Chiefs O 40: Mularkey, Robiskie, Mariota :
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  • [05-10] I can already hear everyone saying if the #Dolphins win on Sunday that the Titans didnt have Mariota.
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  • [05-10] If the #Dolphins lose to a Titans team without Marcus Mariota, their season is done.
  • [02-10] Mularkey says Mariota could be game-time decision for #Titans vs #Dolphins.
  • [16-10] part 2 .@TITANS Right now noone is sure if Marcus Mariota will start #LASVEGAS has made the Titans A7 point favor…
  • [17-10] (SFGate) #Marcus Mariota helps Titans end 11-game skid against #Colts : NASHVILLE — Marcus Mariota threw a..
Mariota returns; Jets top Titans 7-3 in preseason opener
Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota played his first game since breaking his right leg late last season in a 7-3 loss to the Jets in the preseason opener for both teams … Click to Continue »
* Naming a first-quarter MVP, giving a letter grade so far, and projecting a final record for every team in the AFC South after 4 weeks of the 2017 NFL season.Full season prediction HERETENNESSEE TITANS (2-2)- Preseason prediction: 9-7- First quarter prediction: 9-7- MVP: Marcus Mariota- Grade: B-I picked low on the Titans going in and I’m glad I did. It’s nice that they have built somewhat on the promise of last year, but they failed big time tests against Oakland and Houston. Like, it is extra embarrassing to get whooped like that in-division. On top of embarrassment, the Titans saw Mariota go down, and whether he’s out of the lineup long or back soon, his durability is a huge concern, especially since they would rather fuck around with Matt Cassell and Brandon Weeden than sign Kaep. The other concerns are their secondary, which was shredded by DeShaun Watson, and their receivers, who were pitiful. We saw in weeks 1 and 4 that for Exotic Smashmouth to work, you really can’t fall behind.HOUSTON TEXANS (2-2)- Preseason prediction: 7-9- First quarter prediction: 9-7- MVP: DeShaun Watson- Grade: BHow stupid does it look now that the Texans started the season with Tom Savage? They have the top QB of this draft class as things stand now. He’s changed the game, eased the pressure on the o-line, lifted DeAndre Hopkins out of his slump, and given the insanely talented defense something to play for. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS (1-3)- Preseason prediction: 5-11- First quarter prediction: 7-9- MVP: Jacoby Brissett- Grade: DBrissett came out of nowhere to play competent football for the past few weeks. So far that signing has added one win to the 0-7 record I expected the Colts to have when Luck returned. If the defense and Frank Gore can play more consistently, he could add a couple more. But Indy is already on the brink of losing hope of a playoff berth, so it’s probably all for naught.JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (2-2)- Preseason prediction: 5-11- First quarter prediction: 6-10- MVP: Leonard Fournette- Grade: C+When the Jags can get Fournette and Chris Ivory going, they are impressive. When they can’t, the defense can’t dictate the game and Bortles just Bortleses it all up for everyone. They are the new Texans. At least that’s better than being the new Browns.
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* Pocket-passing Marcus Mariota shows Titans' potential in win over Colts
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Which team did the Titans play in their first preseason game after the Oilers' name was changed to Tennessee Titans?
When did the titans change their name to jets?
What year did the NY Titans change to NY Jets? 1963. They had gone bankrupt under Harry Wismer and the AFL took over the team in 1962. In March 1963 David A. Werblin and several officials of the Monmouth Park horse track purchased the team. Werblin changed their colors to reflect St. Patrick's Day and he changed the name because he felt the name Jet had more appeal.
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Why are the Tennessee Titans not called the Nashville titans since that is where their stadium is?
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In Remember the Titans- do the Titans win the state championship?
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What are the Titans from the movie Clash of the Titans?
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Why don't they change the name of the jets and Giants to the New jersey Jets New York has the Buffalo Bills to represent the State.?
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How many titans are there in crash of the titans?
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