EU set to block UK's temporary customs union plea to stop Brexit border chaos, warns former commissioner

Whitehall's plan to extend current agreement while also seeking other trade deals 'very problematic', says Karel De Gucht
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  • EU set to block UK’s temporary customs union plea to stop Brexit border chaos#Brexit #Economy #StopBrexitNow— BluKIP Nonsense ❄ (@UKIPNFKN) August 15, 2017 via Twitter
  • David Davis refuses to rule out paying for access to customs union during Brexit transitionDavid Davis has refused to rule out payments to the EU for a temporary customs union arrangement after the UK leaves the bloc. The Brexit Secretary has announced that Britain will seek to retain a customs union with the EU for at least two years after Brexit to prevent border chaos.  He said the transitional period would last around 2 years, but failed to set out how much it could cost.  EU chief…View On WordPress
  • Britain seeks temporary customs union with EU after Brexit – but faces fight from Brussels and IrelandBritain will seek to retain a temporary customs union with the EU for at least two years after Brexit to prevent border chaos, David Davis has announced. The Brexit Secretary will on Tuesday publish a paper in which he agrees not to implement any new free trade deals until after an “interim” transition period. The document will state that Britain is seeking “freest and most frictionless possible…View On WordPress
  • This could include a “temporary customs union” after Brexit to prevent border problems as the UK leaves the EU. Countries in the customs union don’t impose tariffs - taxes on imports - on each other’s goods. The customs union document is the first of a series of papers to be published by the UK government on key negotiation issues. A ‘streamlined’ borderAccording to the newly-published government paper, the UK could ask Brussels to establish a “temporary customs union” after it leaves the EU in March 2019. So, for example, a 10% tariff is imposed on some cars imported from outside the customs union, while 7.5% is imposed on roasted coffee. I am a bot written by a Mathematician Posted at Tue Aug 15 10:20:34 2017
  • Ireland threatens to block Britain’s plans for Brexit transition deal accusing ministers of being ‘delusional’Ireland has threatened to block Britain’s plans for a two-year transition period after Brexit amid a furious row over customs arrangements. Phil Hogan, the Republic’s EU commissioner, said that Ireland could be the “biggest victim of this mess” and accused the UK of “high-level delusion”. Leo Varadkar, the Irish Prime Minister, has called for Britain to stay in the Customs Union and warned that…View On WordPress
  • [15-08] EU set to block UK's temporary customs union plea to stop #Brexit border chaos. EU seeks punishment, not partnership
  • [15-08] EU set to block UK's temporary customs union plea to stop Brexit border chaos #Brexit #Economy #StopBrexitNow
  • [15-08] Retweeted Brexit Newz (@Brexit_Newz): The #EU is set to block the UK's plea for a temporary customs union...
  • [15-08] Government wants deal to stop chaos at UK borders after #Brexit They want a temporary customs union with the EU to
  • [15-08] The #EU is set to block the #UK's plea for a temporary customs union - So much for that plan @David_Davis
  • [15-08] A temporary customs union might invoke the jurisdiction of the ECJ... so, what do they really want? #Brexit #Chaos
  • [15-08] Sunday: There can be no temporary customs union. Monday: We'd like to suggest a temporary customs union. What a bunch of ?. #Brexit
  • [15-08] #BREAKING: Britain seeks "temporary customs union" with #EU to avoid trade chaos after #Brexit
  • [15-08] Government will propose "a temporary customs union" b/t UK & EU later this morn to avoid cliff edge once UK leaves EU Customs Union #Brexit
  • [15-08] When is a Customs Union not a Customs Union? Answer: when it's temporary. #Brexit lunacy.
  • [13-10] Britain leaving the Customs Union could cause border chaos:
  • [15-08] #Brexit chaos : #Britain to propose keeping customs rules for 'interim period' to avert border chaos
  • [16-08] #UK government seeking temporary customs union with European Union after #Brexit
  • [11-08] If UK leaves Customs Union a customs border is inevitable #brexit
  • [15-08] United Kingdom has suggested it intends to pursue a “temporary customs union” with the European Union post #Brexit.
  • [16-08] #UK to seek 'temporary customs union' after #Brexit
  • [12-10] #bbcqtIf UK chooses to leave the Customs Union, then the #NorthernIreland border becomes a customs border w checks on go
  • [15-08] Brexit: UK suggests 'temporary customs union' with EU Read more:
  • [15-08] Britain seeks temporary customs union with EU after #Brexit -
  • [14-11] BREXIT CHAOS: Aston Martin warns it could have to stop making cars if Brexit talks fail / #Brexit #StopBrexit
  • [21-11] Just 12% of MPs Vote to Stay In Customs Union.Staying in the EU Customs Union is not #Brexit.It’s good to see an ove
EU set to block UK's temporary customs union plea to stop Brexit border chaos, warns former commissioner
Whitehall's plan to extend current agreement while also seeking other trade deals 'very problematic', says Karel De Gucht
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U.K. Government Open to Temporary Customs Union With EU After Brexit
U.K. Is Open to Temporary Customs Union With EU The U.K. government will formally signal it is open to creating a temporary customs union with the EU after Brexit as it prepares for fresh talks on its separation from the bloc later this month.
EU, UK Might Establish Temporary Customs Union Post-Brexit
Brexit Secretary David Davis stated that he intended to ask the European Union to set up a temporary customs union after Brexit in March 2019, adding that it would serve the interests of the both sides.
'Step in a Sensible Direction': UK Offers Temporary Customs Union After Brexit
The British government has proposed a "temporary customs union" with the European Union after Brexit. The Labour Party said the proposal was "incoherent and inadequate," but a top economist told Sputnik it was a "step in the right direction."
Brexit: EU says North must stay in customs union to avoid hard Border
Coveney is encouraged that EU’s position is in sync with the Irish Government
Sainsbury's boss warns post-Brexit customs rules could leave food rotting at UK border
The head of Sainsbury's has warned fresh food could be left rotting at the UK border if strict customs rules for EU goods come into force.
Britain's 'naive' plan for open Northern Ireland customs border ruled out by Ireland's customs authority
U.K. to seek ‘temporary customs union’
UK says it may seek 'temporary' customs union with EU
LONDON - Britain on Tuesday gave its most detailed indication yet of how its future trade with the European Union might work after Brexit, laying out proposals to replace membership in the bloc's customs union with new mechanisms designed to allow "frictionless" trade to continue.The plans were dismissed as "a fantasy" by one senior EU official. And anti-Brexit campaigners in Britain said they would merely replace EU regulations with new ones that could be even more onerous.
Brexit latest: EU countries may not have enough customs officials to cope with 'no deal'
Members of the EU 27 are facing a shortage of customs officers amid uncertainty over the outcome of Brexit. The length of time it takes to train customs staff combined with the uncertainty over whether Brexit negotiations will end in a “no deal” could leave ports without adequate numbers of staff. According to the Financial Times, training for customs officials takes up to three years in Germany and two years in France.
Philip Hammond warns Boris Johnson he isn't 'unsackable' as Brexit tensions rise at Tory conference
In an interview with Andrew Marr, Theresa May failed to deny that Boris Johnson has become “unsackable” after he made another unofficial policy proposal. 
UK seeks interim EU customs deal to avoid Brexit trade chaos
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Any way to find out what US Customs & Border Protection has in their database on me? I travel from the US to Canada occasionally (about once per year on average) with my family. We are all US citizens and travel with US passports. Every time we re-enter the United States, I am given extra scrutiny.Most recently, we used an automated check-in procedure at the airport. These are terminals where you scan your passport & fill out a customs declaration online and it prints a receipt which you take to the customs agent. When I got my receipt, it had a big "X" printed on it and we were directed to a line to talk to an agent.In the past, I've had questions directed at me or my family: "Have you ever been to New York?", "Do you own any firearms?", and once "Where is your daddy?" directed at my then 4 year old son. The agents also seem to examine my photo & my face more closely than the other members of my family.We get through customs OK, but it gives me a some anxiety. I suspect that there's someone out there with the same name (I have a pretty common name) who is on a "no fly" list or something.My question is this: is there any way to find out what they're looking for when they scan my passport & see my name? Like a Freedom of Information request or something? I know I could/should ask when I'm in the line, but as I said, it makes me pretty anxious.
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