Fresh Labour Brexit shambles over the customs union

Bill Esterson, shadow trade minister, said staying in the customs union would be up for negotiation in talks with Brussels.
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  • UK could permanently remain in Single Market and Customs Union under Labour’s Brexit plans, Tom Watson admitsThe UK could permanently remain in the European Single Market and Customs Union under Labour’s Brexit plans, Tom Watson has admitted. Mr Watson confirmed Labour is positioning itself as the party of “soft Brexit” in comments which are likely to spark concerns of a betrayal of Leave voters. Sir Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, recently set out Labour’s new blueprint for the UK’s…View On WordPress
  • UK seeks interim customs deal to avoid Brexit trade chaosThe British government is proposing an interim customs agreement with the European Union after Brexit to allow trade to continue as freely as possible once the UK leaves the EU. The Brexit Minister David Davis says that under the plan, existing customs arrangements would broadly stay in place during an interim period. The UK has said it will leave the EU’s Customs Union – its tariff-free trading…View On WordPress
  • David Davis refuses to rule out paying for access to customs union during Brexit transitionDavid Davis has refused to rule out payments to the EU for a temporary customs union arrangement after the UK leaves the bloc. The Brexit Secretary has announced that Britain will seek to retain a customs union with the EU for at least two years after Brexit to prevent border chaos.  He said the transitional period would last around 2 years, but failed to set out how much it could cost.  EU chief…View On WordPress
  • Comment: Labour needs to be honest over BrexitMPs return to Westminster this week to begin debating the most important piece of legislation to come before Parliament in decades. The purpose of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill is to smooth the Brexit process to which the vast majority of MPs have subscribed.  The position of the Labour Party was, until recently, clear: leave the EU, the single market and the customs union and negotiate…View On WordPress
  • Brexit secretary David Davis (L) and European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier have plenty more talking to do (REUTERS/Francois Lenoir)A group of pro-Europe MPs is planning to derail parts of Theresa May’s Brexit plan, it has been reported. The cross-party group believes it can steer the government away from a hard Brexit by targeting key areas of the negotiations. Specifically, reports the Financial Times, the group will be looking at areas such as the Open Skies aviation arrangements, the customs union and Euratom, the nuclear regulator. MORE: City ‘haemorrhaging’ talent because of Brexit, says headhunter The MPs want to avoid what many commentators would be a disastrous “no deal is better than a bad deal” scenario. However, political loyalties may hamper their efforts. As one Tory MP said: “There is a measure of co-operation but none of us want to help [shadow chancellor] John McDonnell or [Labour leader] Jeremy Corbyn.” However, a Labour MP was more optimistic, telling the FT: “There is a sweet spot where we all agree, Labour backbenchers, some Tories, and the Labour leadership, it’s not easy, but it’s not impossible.” The development comes as the UK sets out the “ambitious new customs arrangement” it wants to secure with the EU after Brexit – including a “temporary customs union”. MORE: Brexit tension brewing over Irish border plans The customs union is designed to offset potential border problems as the UK leaves the bloc. Ministers said the plans would mean the “freest and most frictionless possible trade” with the rest of Europe. But, crucially, the document published on Tuesday also makes clear that during this period, Britain would also expect to be able to negotiate its own international trade deals – something it cannot do as an EU customs union member. David Davis, the Brexit secretary, told BBC Radio 4’s Today show that he envisioned the interim customs system being “as close as we can to the current arrangements”, but with the UK able to negotiate and sign its own international trade deals. He did not rule out the UK paying to be part of the arrangement, but would not speculate further on any details. MORE: Brexit Secretary: EU negotiations ‘occasionally tense but amicable’ A European Commission spokesman said: “We will now study the UK position paper on customs carefully in the light of the European Council guidelines and the council’s negotiating directives.” Michel Barnier, the EU’s Brexit negotiator, along with a whole host of Eurocrats, has warned repeatedly that the UK will not be able to simply walk away from the EU and sign new trade deals without some pain. “As Michel Barnier has said on several occasions, ‘frictionless trade’ is not possible outside the single market and customs union,” added the EC spokesman.
  • [15-08] Government will propose "a temporary customs union" b/t UK & EU later this morn to avoid cliff edge once UK leaves EU Customs Union #Brexit
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  • [27-08] "Labour will support full participation in the single market and customs union" #Brexit
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  • [26-08] On reading David Davis`s post #brexit customs arrangement paper: leaving the customs union is a mistake.
  • [15-08] @hhesterm @uk_tpo video explains why a post #Brexit UK-EU Customs Union alone will not produce 'frictionless' trade #Customs h
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  • [29-09] Labour "We WILL be leaving the EU" Labour "We WILL be staying in Single Market and Customs Union" #bbcqt Clear...?
  • [26-09] "remaining in a form of customs union with the EU is a possible end destination for Labour" #labour
  • [15-08] xD London wants to maintain for a year or two a customs union with the European Union after the #Brexit. #LOL
  • [16-08] Being in a customs union is like being in a currency union. Either the two parties are subject to the same system, or they're not. #brexit
  • [16-08] #UK government seeking temporary customs union with European Union after #Brexit
  • [15-08] When is a customs union not a customs union? When it's "a" customs union not "the" customs union aha #Brexit
  • [15-08] United Kingdom has suggested it intends to pursue a “temporary customs union” with the European Union post #Brexit.
  • [16-08] Britain wants 'temporary' customs union with EU after Brexit via @DailyMirror #Brexit #Economy #StopBrexitNow
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  • [15-08] Brexit Secretary David Davis says the government aims to have a new customs union arrangement... #SWRM #Brexit #UK
  • [21-11] Just 12% of MPs Vote to Stay In Customs Union.Staying in the EU Customs Union is not #Brexit.It’s good to see an ove
  • [21-11] Labour voting record on #Brexit:Membership of customs union - AbstainGiving Wales/Scotland/NI a say - AbstainRemain
Fresh Labour Brexit shambles over the customs union
Bill Esterson, shadow trade minister, said staying in the customs union would be up for negotiation in talks with Brussels.
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The UK Labour party's Shadow Secretary of State for Brexit says that the party would strive for a deal that would make it possible for the UK to stay in the EU customs union and the single market during the transitional period.
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U.K. Is Open to Temporary Customs Union With EU The U.K. government will formally signal it is open to creating a temporary customs union with the EU after Brexit as it prepares for fresh talks on its separation from the bloc later this month.
EU, UK Might Establish Temporary Customs Union Post-Brexit
Brexit Secretary David Davis stated that he intended to ask the European Union to set up a temporary customs union after Brexit in March 2019, adding that it would serve the interests of the both sides.
'Step in a Sensible Direction': UK Offers Temporary Customs Union After Brexit
The British government has proposed a "temporary customs union" with the European Union after Brexit. The Labour Party said the proposal was "incoherent and inadequate," but a top economist told Sputnik it was a "step in the right direction."
Northern Ireland could stay in customs union after Brexit – Verhofstadt
European parliament negotiator says Irish border solution is needed before talks can progress, as unionists oppose special status Northern Ireland could continue to be in the single market or customs union after the UK leaves the EU, the European parliament’s Brexit negotiator has said. But Guy Verhofstadt’s proposal for special status for the region was met with immediate opposition from unionists who said they would never accept any deal that made Northern Ireland different from the rest of the UK. Continue reading...
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What customs union did the 12 member nations replace their individual currencies with the euro in 2002? The European Union.
What does Brexit mean? Brexit is an abbreviation of "British exit", which refers to the June 23, 2016 referendum by British voters to exit the European Union.
What is the currency of Wales after Brexit? Brexit has not yet been initiated, or implicated. So, at the moment, there is no change in circumstances.
What is the impact of brexit on US-Britain relationship? In general, there should be no problem on the relationship. Some trade agreements will be affected, particularly those that are shared with other European countries in the Union.
Why does the Brexit vote align well with biblical prophecy? It doesn't. [edit] I have been asked to expand on this short answer. The Bible is not an answer book for everything that happens to and in human societies or to individual human beings. It is the record of Israel's dealings with God and the witness of God's offer of salvation through Jesus Christ. Nothing that I am aware of in the Bible can be applied to the Brexit. Being pattern-seeking creatures, we naturally look to see if there is a pattern to things but sometimes things just happen.
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