10 top destinations for a weekend city break direct from Glasgow

If the longer nights and colder weather are getting you down, it may be the perfect time to book a city break. 19-02-17
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  • [28-09] Can't wait to get out the city this weekend and chill by the seaside @Ch1oee @matthew_ginn &co #weekend #break
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  • [28-09] #WorldTourismDay come to Glasgow it’s great place! We got everything you need for a top city break! ??
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  • [28-08] #Autumn in #Glasgow never looked so good! Start planning your city break via @peoplemakeGLA??
  • [02-08] Climb to the top of The Scott Monument and enjoy stunning views of the city below on a weekend break in #Edinburgh
  • [23-09] "Need inspiration for a weekend break? -> #London a city with spectacular energy and diversity" #Travel #TravelTuesday
  • [15-08] A survery's named #Oxford the most expensive place in the UK for a bank holiday weekend city break. #HeartNews
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  • [17-07] Lovely colourful weekend break #Birmingham @visitengland @visit_bham @BhamBotanicalGd city that exceeds expectations; love the
  • [16-08] At 22, I have my FIRST EVER pride this weekend & I am making sure it's in my home city of Glasgow! ? #Scotland
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  • [18-11] So yeah, cheeky Barcelona city break next weekend ???‍♂️ why not?! ✈️????⛄️❄️ #Barcelona #CityBreak…
  • [10-07] Had a brilliant weekend in Edinburgh what a city and mini-break #Edinburgh #birthdayweekend
  • [04-10] So bloody excited about going to #Glasgow this weekend to see my Aussie BFF, Bella Boo! Any tips for this Scottish city, y'all?
  • [22-07] In #Glasgow? It's a bumper weekend in city. Check out #CanalFestival today and experience a bit of #CanalMagic on the
  • [27-08] Thinking of a weekend getaway to #Glasgow? We love this video tour around the city from @peoplemakeGLA
  • [28-09] We're going to be out campaigning in Scotland's biggest city this weekend for a real hunting ban #glasgow #buchananstre
  • [21-07] So much to do in #Glasgow this weekend - literally spoiled for choice.. Love summer in the city ? Where to start...hmm... ??????
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10 top destinations for a weekend city break direct from Glasgow
If the longer nights and colder weather are getting you down, it may be the perfect time to book a city break.
What's so awful about Glasgow then? Absolutely nothing that isn't wrong with any other large city !!! Glasgow is a fantastic place. Each time I have been there I've loved it. I think it has great architecture and it has a very vibrant feel to the whole place. Everybody I've spoken to whilst there has been brilliant, the Glaswegians are an incredible humourous bunch of people, they like a laugh and the like having fun. Many people harp on about how Glasgow is full of down and outs and that it is a horrible place but you can say that about any city in the UK these days, they all have plus and minus points. For me Glasgow has far more positives than negatives. If I had the choice of a weekend away in Glasgow or a weekend away in London I'd go for Glasgow all the time. Maybe it's cause my dear Granny, god rest her soul, was born in Glasgow I have this love of the city but perhaps I love it because it's just a bloody brilliant place.
why cant i find a holiday flying from aberdeen? Not a great choice of flights from Aberdeen, but Glasgow is just a 3 hour drive away and from Glasgow you can fly direct to 152 worldwide destinations. http://www.flyglasgow.net/
I'm going to Scotland for the first time, where are the best places to go? sights and fun?? staying in glasgow Where are you travelling from? There is more gangs in Glasgow than in new york? Glasgow City Centre is the main shopping areas and the surrounding areas are housing estates, There is a lot of racial problems in Glasgow, I stay just outside Glasgow and I haven't been in the city centre for years as there is no reason to go as art gallery's don't interest me. Glasgow is no different from Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and I wouldn't choose any of them for a holiday. Last weekend there was 29 stabbings in the Glasgow area.
What happened to the flights to Reykjavik and Berlin from Belfast? I was planning on taking a short break this summer to either one of these destinations from Belfast and last week when I checked the prices it showed direct flights but now it says that you must stop in London first and I find that to be too much for just a short trip. Have these destinations been removed or will...
prices of return travel with stagecoach buses from ayr to aberdeen? From looking at the stagecoach website (you can't actually travel directly from ayr to aberdeen with them. However if you to National express (you can go from Glasgow to aberdeen for 24.50 return. For some unknown reason you can't go from ayr to aberdeen direct. I am guessing this is because Ayr is so close to glasgow that their isn't a coach linking the two destinations. Hope this is vaguely useful to you.
Dog Friendly Accommodation in the Glasgow Area? I have checked for you and found these on the following website Lodging-world.com Devoncove Hotel, Glasgow City Centre, Near to the SECC Buchanan Hotel, Glasgow City Centre, Novotel Hotel, Glasgow City Centre, Brunswick Merchant City Hotel, Glasgow City Centre Kings Park Hotel, Glasgow City Centre Central Station Hotel, Glasgow City Centre Glasgow Marriot Hotel, City Centre. Hope this has helped you x
Britons urged to visit Lviv as the best weekend break city this winter British journalists recommend visiting Lviv as a perfect cultural break with its laidback cafes, chocolate shops and fairytale architecture.
Long weekend fills up all tourist destinations
Thousands set to descend on Glasgow for Pride weekend celebrations Thousands of people are expected to take part in Glasgow's annual pride event this weekend.
ScotRail engineering works in Glasgow continues this weekend Several lines out of Central and Queen Street stations will have replacement bus services - make sure your weekend journeys aren't affected.
Free modern language taster sessions are taking place at this Glasgow cafe this weekend This pop-up event is a family friendly extravaganza for people of all ages.
Most preferred destinations around the city
‘City among five ideal destinations'
In photos: The most visited city destinations
Weekend Coffee Break
Been waiting 10 months to break 80 at my new course - shot 79 TWICE this weekend!
Weekend break for Capital’s killer buses
Glasgow is the cheapest city in UK to get an MOT - here's how much it costs Edinburgh is much more expensive than Glasgow.
Jurors Break for Weekend in Trial of Former Massey Energy CEO Jurors Take Break in Trial of Former Massey Energy CEO A West Virginia jury failed to reach a verdict on its fourth day of deliberations in the criminal trial of former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship but indicated it has shifted its focus onto securities-related charges.
Did Spain break Articles 2, and 7 of the Lisbon treaty over the weekend?
Egypt, Russia agree to resume direct flights by February after 2-year break
City athlete makes it to Glasgow Games
Senate Gets a Weekend Break From Recent Late-Night Votes Senate's Fighting Takes Weekend Off The bitter battle over nominations eased just enough on Friday to make sure senators won't have to work over the weekend.
All-Star Weekend Offers Rare Break in Arena Rivalry All-Star Weekend Offers Rare Break in Arena Rivalry Barclays Center has worked aggressively to establish itself as a legitimate alternative to Madison Square Garden for top-tier events. Now, the sometime rivals have become unlikely partners for the NBA’s all-star weekend.
Bangladesh Central Bank Found $100 Million Missing After a Weekend Break Bangladesh Central Bank Found $100 Million Missing After a Weekend Break The Federal Reserve Bank of New York last month received instructions ostensibly from Bangladesh’s central bank requesting fund transfers during the South Asian country’s weekend. When Bangladeshi officials returned to work, they found more than $100 million stolen from its account held at the New York Fed.
Glasgow needs an artist in every part of the city to boost culture MORE than 20 artists will be installed in communities across Glasgow in a bid to shore up its cultural strength and compete against rival cities from around the world.
7 mln Britons plan mini-break this weekend to mark last public summer holiday
Arctic blast forecast to break dozens of low temperature records in Eastern U.S. this weekend Crucial Arctic monitoring satellites are blinking out just when we need them most For example, in New York's Central Park, the record low for Nov. 11 is 28 degrees Fahrenheit, set in 1933. The forecast low temperature for Saturday in that same location? Around 23 degrees, with a wind chill well below that.  Climate , Extreme Weather , Record Cold
The artist Glasgow listens to on Spotify more than any other city in the world revealed Are you a fan?
Glasgow postal reshuffle could see local delivery centres moved across city A DECLINE in letter writing and the rise of online shopping could lead to a reshuffle of postal services in Glasgow.
Getting from Salt Lake City airport to Park City by public transport on a weekend night I've looked at the Wikivoyage Get In section for Park City but it didn't have any helpful information. I'll be arriving in Salt Lake City airport and need to get to Park City but would rather not take a taxi, if possible. Are there any sensible public transport options? Edit: As @choster points out, there are buses in the week from the airport to the Central bus station on bus lines 453, and 454 but they do not run on Saturday or Sunday.Train 704 (green line) goes to Arena Station. From there you take the 701 (blue line) to the Central station.However, the last 704 on a Sunday evening is at 07:58 PM.
U.S. East Cost most popular spring break destinations I'm currently an exchange student in Cleveland, OH. Some friends of mine and I want to make a Cleveland - Miami round trip by car during spring break (7/3 to 16/3). We are looking to meet up with other college students enjoying spring break during this time.What are the most popular spring break destinations south of Charlotte, NC?
Is there a site where I can compare all available vacation packages from my city to all destinations? [closed] I have 4 days off and would like to compare all vacation packages to anywhere warm.
Do road signs showing a country and a city as destinations really exist? I was watching the movie "The Day of the Jackal (1973)", where Jackal was driving on a road, past this road sign.It shows one country(Italie) & one city(Paris) on the road sign. I never saw a country name on a road sign.Do road signs showing one country and one city exist?
What is the logic of “This weekend”? Does it refer either to the previous weekend or the following weekend.? [closed] Look at this page regular events British English speakers say that something takes place at weekends. The beach gets very crowded at weekends. American speakers usually say that ...
Organise a spa break over a weekend departing from West Sussex [closed] I would like to organise a little weekend spa break for me and my girlfriend, we are based in West Sussex, UK. We would like to get some sauna, some bubbly water and maybe some massage and relax. ...
Date of September weekend 2010 in Glasgow? Friday 24 September 2010 to Monday 27 September 2010 (inclusive).
What are the 11 best spring break destinations?
Who is the only player to have played in everton v Liverpool Glasgow Celtic v Glasgow rangers Manchester united v Manchester city? Andrei Kanchelskis. Michael Ball as well now also Craig Bellamy
Who is the only player to have played in Everton v Liverpool Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspurs Glasgow Celtic v Glasgow Rangers Man United v Man City Newcastle United v Sunderland? man united suck donkey balls all day and all nightThey sucked your mothers donkey balls last night
How many hours to fly direct from Glasgow Scotland to lax US? There are no direct flights between Glasgow and Los Angeles. You would have to change, either in London or a US hub.
Who is the only player to have played in Everton v Liverpool Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspurs Glasgow Celtic v Glasgow Rangers Manchester United v Manchester City Newcastle United v Sunderland? Paul Stewart Did Stewart play in the Glasgow Derby?No. He never played for either of the old firm clubs
He wants to be with someone else for the weekend and before weekend he arleady starded bad mouthing you to make you mad so that you will not disturb him during weekend while he is with someone?
Can you go for a cheap weekend break with as a couple when you are 17 in the UK?
Is Glasgow city bigger than Birmingham city? No. Birmingham is the second most populous city in the UK with about 1 million people and Glasgow is third with about 800000. However, Greater Manchester, which includes smaller towns like Bolton, Rochdale, Salford etc. is bigger than both of them together.
Girlfriend wants to see me but i dont have my license and i have to babysit every other weekend She is probably going to break up with me if i cant see her What should you do?
My girlfriend wants a break for the weekend because she doesn't see her friends a lot shes going to a club and then to the shore Opinions? your gf said she wanted to break up for a weekend? well either way if she's going to a club she'll be drinking nd everything and probably end up hooking up with someone, so dump her. i would consider ending the relationship my boyfriend if he went out partying to a club without me. If you want time with your friends you should go out to eat or to a bar. But, every once in a while you need time alone. so, go out with your friends to a club and see how she likes it. 8)
Your girlfriend says she will commit suicide if you break up and gets depressed if you have not seen her in a few days also you talk a lot on the phone spend every weekend what should you do?
Is Glasgow the third most populated city in the UK? No, it is fourth after London, Birmingham and Leeds. See the link below.
Which city is better Glasgow or Edinburgh?
Is the largest city in Scotland Glasgow? Yes, followed by Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee.
Has Glasgow ever been the capital city of Scotland? No.
How far is Coat bridge from Glasgow City Centre? it is approximately 10 miles
MacFarlane v Glasgow City Council 2001?
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Terracotta - Glasgow City Centre Apartment - Glasgow - United Kingdom - Terracotta - Glasgow City Centre Apartment hotel city: Glasgow - Country: United Kingdom Address: 39 Greendyke St, Glasgow G15PS; zip code: G1 5PS Situated in Glasgow, this apartment...
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Mercure Glasgow City Hotel - Glasgow - United Kingdom - Mercure Glasgow City Hotel hotel city: Glasgow - Country: United Kingdom Address: 201 Ingram Street; zip code: G1 1DQ In Glasgow's vibrant city centre, this hotel offers stylish accommodat...
Manchester city: good weekend for city prospects - Manchester city: good weekend for city prospects Use your ← → (arrows) to browseTop in the league, and five points clear, Manchester City certainly have ...
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