Cumbernauld cops launch probe after bin shed fire

COPS have launched an investigation after a bin shed was set fire to in Cumbernauld. 22-02-17
  • [04-11] It was a busy last night duty for W/W #Tottenham with calls to a House Fire, Shed Fire, Fire alarms & a large fuel spill.
  • [28-09] #NationalPoetryDay - Empty Shed - Shed is empty Shed is tidy Shed door opens It was all a dream Shed is full Shed is messy #shedoftheyear
  • [23-08] @TheRealSmij @CNN @blacklivesma When Nazis show up,the cops disappear,fire the cops,pay the unarmed citizens,people
  • [17-11] Isn’t the DA now gna launch a probe on why the ANC lost the World Cup bid #2023RugbyWorldCup
  • [17-09] #shedoftheyear During work we had a shed turn up with the words "worlds fastest shed" on the window, V6 motor 96mph. Now That's a shed??
  • [07-10] VERY good piece. Rafa talks January, Perez and building a shed for his staff. A shed - that’s correct. A shed. #nufc :
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  • [27-08] White privilege means you can open fire on a black man in #Charlottesville & the cops won't move an inch:
  • [10-12] PwC, Business West and Engine Shed to launch South West Scale up programme.
  • [17-09] Outside of shed & inside of a shed - otherwise it's not a shed. #shedoftheyear
Cumbernauld cops launch probe after bin shed fire
COPS have launched an investigation after a bin shed was set fire to in Cumbernauld.
Late term abortions - do they really dismember babies? Or is that just a lie? They shed them up with a probe before they extract and suck them out because they are too large otherwise . Additionally , they are attached to the uterus by placenta and other connective tissue . The Libs like to make it seem so benign ,,,, but it's pretty brutal in reality .
Oscilloscope question Volts/Div on a tektronix 475A. Why can't i select over 5 volts per division? When used with a x1 probe, it has a max input of 5 V/div. When used with a x10 probe, it has a max input of 50 V/div. The reason why you see 50 V/div is when you use a x10 probe with a "readout" pin on the probe connector, it will cause the light behind the vertical scale to change position, thus, illuminating the 50. I would suggest downloading the manual for this scope and read it. Sounds like you are new to analog scopes. Welcome to a real scope. The 475 is a workhorse and I still use one for analog design (digital scope suck when doing analog design, especially when displaying noise).
Ball Python Shedding? Any scale damage will be permanent, but should not affect his health other than possible difficult sheds in the future. Let him soak in lukewarm water here and there when you notice that he's in shed, or if there are any pieces of shed left on him. Do not pull any of his shed off yourself. Once he soaks if you gently wipe him it will usually come right off.
Oscilloscope question Volts/Div on a tektronix 475A. Why can't i select over 5 volts per division? Your scope probe has a divider inside which limits the actual voltage into the probe port on the scope. If you exceed the input voltage you burn the resistors inside the scope damaging it. Don't do that ! If you are using a 1x probe the scope senses that and prevents you dialing the higher setting. This is known as idiot proofing the scope.
Why are cops such hypocrites? There are some bad cops and there are some stupid cops and SOME people believe that cops acted Stupidly (if you know what I mean) but most cops protect citizens and legally enforce the law. Maybe I'm missing something in your question, maybe you're just nervous or unable to express yourself well but it seems to me you are degrading All cops because of one situation and I might add that I agree that what that particular cop did was wrong and I believe he was fired for it and has to pay a big amount of money to the nurse because of a lawsuit that she rightfully brought against him
Is Trump using the fake Nunes memo to fire Rod Rosenstein so he can appoint a crony who will kill the Mueller probe?
Husband slit his wife’s throat before setting himself on FIRE in his mum’s garden as cops probe grisly murder-suicide A HUSBAND slit his wife’s throat before taking his own life by setting himself on fire in his mum’s garden. Officers found the body of James Barnes, 30, at his family home in Streetly, West Mids, on Tuesday and went to the house he shared with his wife Amy twenty miles away to find her […]
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Video: UP cops force woman to shed burqa in public at Adityanath's rally Saira she was a BJP worker and had come to the rally from her village wearing her 'traditional dress'
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Theatre reviews: Jury Play at the Traverse, Edinburgh | Look Back in Anger at Cumbernauld Theatre THE idea of the jury as a “little parliament” of citizens, and as one of the foundations of our liberty, looms large in British and Scots law. Yet if a jury is a parliament, it’s one where the members are usually obliged to sit in silence, not even allowed to ask direct questions; and the idea that this system is no longer fit for purpose is the driving force behind Grid Iron’s latest show, co-produced with the Traverse Theatre. As the show opens, the audience enters a Traverse One transformed into the High Court of Edin
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