NHS 'tobacco free' campaign launched by Public Health England

A quarter of all patients smoke and Public Health England wants to help them quit their habit.
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  • George Sandeman, The Guardian, 23 August 2017About 6 million middle-aged people in England are endangering their health by not taking so much as a brisk walk once a month, government advisers have said.Clinicians said such a lack of exercise increases an individual’s risk of prematurely developing serious health conditions including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia and cancer.Public Health England (PHE) said 41% of the 15.3 million English adults aged 40 to 60 walk less than 10 minutes continuously each month at a brisk pace of at least 3mph.PHE has launched a health campaign targeting the sedentary middle-aged by encouraging them to walk to the shop instead of using a car and to take up walking on lunch breaks to add “many healthy years” to their lives.Health leaders believe that 10 minutes’ walking a day is likely to be seen as achievable by people who are chronically inactive and that the health benefits include increased fitness, improved mood, a healthier body weight and a 15% reduction in the risk of dying prematurely.PHE said walking required no skill, facilities or equipment and was more “accessible and acceptable” than other forms of physical activity for most people. Guidance issued by the UK’s four chief medical officers in 2011 instructed the British population on how much exercise they should be participating in each week.They said that adults should do at least two and a half hours of moderately intensive activity a week.Dr Jenny Harries, the deputy medical director of PHE, said: “I know first hand that juggling the priorities of everyday life often means exercise takes a back seat. Walking to the shops instead of driving or going for a brisk 10-minute walk on your lunch break each day can add many healthy years to your life. The Active 10 app is a free and easy way to help anyone build more brisk walking into their daily routine.”Prof Sir Muir Gray, a clinical adviser for the Active 10 app and the One You campaign, added: “We all know physical activity is good for your health but for the first time we’re seeing the effects that easily achievable changes can make. By walking just 10 continuous minutes at a brisk pace every day, an individual can reduce their risk of early death by 15%.“They can also prevent or delay the onset of disability and further reduce their risk of serious health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia and some cancers.”
  • This new breastfeeding help chatbot frustrates more than it informs [ad_1] Nursing a baby at 3 a.m. – especially when it’s not going well – can lead you down a Google rabbit hole. When all you want is for your baby to stop crying so you can both get back to sleep, getting hold of reliable and relevant information as soon as possible is vital. In an effort to help out new nursing parents at exactly this dark hour, Public Health England (PHE) has launched an… View On WordPress
  •           The next part of the world of tobacco is undoubtedly quite “big,” having been adequately named, “Big Tobacco.”  I’m sure you’ve heard the name before somewhere, perhaps in an anti-smoking advertisement, or maybe in a documentary, being clearly portrayed as some great big bad villain, with evil intentions and an army of little yellow minions eagerly awaiting an opportunity to be evil.  The truth, unfortunately, is not so exciting.  Big Tobacco is the nickname given to the world’s five leading tobacco corporations, “Philip Morris,” “British American Tobacco,” “Imperial Brands,” “Japan Tobacco International,” and “China Tobacco.”  Together, they make up over 60 percent of the world’s tobacco market, and continue to keep a tight grasp on that title over the years.  So, where did they come from? What do they do? Once again, we find ourselves looking to the past.             In the year 1954, the corporations of Big Tobacco were at the height of their power, when reports started gaining speed about all the potential dangers of smoking tobacco, and the companies needed to act quick.  They promptly paid hundreds of news media to publish an announcement from the tobacco industry that they had recognized the threat, and that they would fix it quickly, so nobody had any cause to worry.  As they went about doing this, they quickly swept any other signs of health dangers under the rug, and continued making their millions.             From this point, Big Tobacco were united in an effort to hinder the growth of anti-tobacco organizations and sentiment.  They quickly formed the best political lobbying organization, hiring all the best and most experienced government advocates money could buy.  As a result, Big Tobacco gave themselves a reputation as one of the most powerful special-interest lobbying organizations in the world.  In the early days, they could simply pass off anti-smoking science as unclear, but nowadays, it’s anything but.           For many years, despite all the regulations, Big Tobacco managed to hold off defeat by funneling “boatloads” of money into Washington D.C. for the sake of convincing congress to be more lenient.  They couldn’t always do this, though, and eventually took a 206 billion dollar hit in 1998, when 46 states banded together to file suit against the conglomerate.  Then, in 2009, Big Tobacco was even caught in a confirmed conspiracy to keep the public unaware of the dangers of smoking, one example of which is loss of memory.  Further exploration of the inner workings of human memory can be found in this episode of the audio series, Radiolab, by co-hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich.  In terms of politics, the Obama administration was thoroughly against the spread of tobacco, but whether the government will continue along this path following the 2016 election is unclear.             In the current decade, tobacco companies are now being forced to shrink after all the decades of resistance, combining their assets so as to stay afloat.  This was clearly shown when two large tobacco companies, Reynolds American and Lorillard, announced plans to merge into one company in 2014.  Clearly, if they intend to keep strong, they’ll need to find a new source of revenue.  Unfortunately for the health of the masses, they may have found one in the newest threat to public health: e-cigarettes.  
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NHS 'tobacco free' campaign launched by Public Health England
A quarter of all patients smoke and Public Health England wants to help them quit their habit.
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