Jacob Rees-Mogg is a ‘deadbeat dad’ says Harriet Harman

Labour's former deputy leader mocked the MP for North East Somerset after he confessed to never changing a nappy after the birth of his sixth child, Sixtus. 09-09-17
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Jacob Rees-Mogg is a ‘deadbeat dad’ says Harriet Harman
Labour's former deputy leader mocked the MP for North East Somerset after he confessed to never changing a nappy after the birth of his sixth child, Sixtus.
Current Events what are your thoughts on the petition against May's deal with the DUP, calling for her to resign rather then have this deal? No, I think she should stay for awhile as contingent on the opinion polls - But if she is forced to resign then they should pick the most suitable MP to replace her - The most likely person to get the Tories re-elected would be BoJo or Jacob Rees Mogg - An Old Etonian Mogg would be the best Prime Minister since Alec Douglas-Home.
Are poor voting for Corbyn and middle&high class for Theresa May? Unless Jacob Rees Mogg takes over soon, your country is doomed
Should Tommy Robinson become England's prime minister? Either, Boris Johnson or Jacob Rees Mogg - Both are Old Etonians
Look like Rees Mogg may be having 7th child-he wants stamp duty cut for new house purchases.Does it seem a bit self-serving? A 1 Policy man? I've loved Jacob Rees-Mogg ever since he appeared on the Ali G Show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szGxq3pvJPQ
Is Tory need for secrecy on brexit, a ruse?We've had secrecy on Brexit $,yet we find we will pay $ exactly which EU asked for.Is only UK pub? The Tories need desperately to conceal from us that they DON'T actually have a plan for Brexshit! No Plan A! No Plan B! Not even a Plan 9 from Outer Space! Although Jacob Rees-Mogg is working on that last one! Mad Cow 2 and her merry band of idiot public-school wankers are drifting in the current and heading straight over the falls! An asinine exercise in national self-harm - ill-conceived, ill-advised, ill-considered and hopelessly mismanaged by this sad apology for a UK government! The rescinding of Article 50 is the only sensible way to avoid the impending disaster!
Look like Rees Mogg may be having 7th child-he wants stamp duty cut for new house purchases.Does it seem a bit self-serving? A 1 Policy man?
Why do people big up Jacob Rees-Mogg?
Jacob Rees-Mogg 'lined up for ministerial job' Eccentric Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg is reportedly being lined up for a ministerial role in the next reshuffle as he is tested for higher office.
Ali G interview - Jacob Rees Mogg (6/2/1999)
Jacob Rees-Mogg: on the trail of the pinstripe pretender Some battle-scarred Tories believe the party needs its own outsider, its own Corbyn, to lead them into Brexit – and that that man is extreme rightwinger Jacob Rees-Mogg. We join the ‘Moggmentum’ disciples on the Conservative conference fringe… It is hard to be in Manchester, at a Tory party conference, with police helicopters juddering overhead and snipers on hotel roofs keeping an eye on face-painted Remainers, without those seminal lines from the bard of Salford, Dr John Cooper Clarke, running through your head: The bloody cops
Jacob Rees-Mogg MP Calmly Schools An Alt-Left Snowflake
Toffolo awkwardly apologises to Jacob Rees-Mogg for calling him a 'sex god
Protester tells Jacob Rees-Mogg he's 'despicable' - video A protester confronts Jacob Rees-Mogg during a Conservative party conference event in Manchester. The man told Rees-Mogg people are 'dying' because of policies supported by the MP. Rees-Mogg engaged in a discussion with the protester, telling him to 'leave my despicability to one side'. Conservative conference 2017: anti-austerity protesters disrupt Rees-Mogg fringe meeting - Politics live Continue reading...
Jacob Rees-Mogg is named in the Paradise Papers leak The prominent Tory MP made a $680,000 (£516,815) when he sold over 50,000 shares in the British Virgin Islands-based Lloyd George Management to the Bank of Montreal in 2011.
Jacob Rees-Mogg is MOBBED by anti-austerity protesters A group of protesters stormed the room where the meeting was taking place in Manchester and started chanting demanding the Tories be kicked out of office
Jacob Rees-Mogg takes on protesters: 'You're a despicable person Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg challenges protesters at a party conference fringe event in Manchester to a debate.
Jacob Rees-Mogg unsure Theresa May lead Tories at election The backbencher - who is tipped as possible candidate - pointed out that the PM's popularity nosedived in a way no one foresaw.
Jacob Rees-Mogg mobbed in abortion protest at Tory conference A packed Tory conference event featuring Jacob Rees-Mogg descended into chaos as protesters with placards chanted "Tories out" at the packed meeting on Brexit. Conservative supporters returned fire, shouting "Labour scum".
Brexiter Jacob Rees-Mogg was a cautious, defensive fund manager Emerging markets fund trailed benchmark when the Conservative MP was in charge
Jacob Rees-Mogg 'completely opposed' to abortion - even if the woman is raped Tory backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg has revealed he is opposed to abortion in all circumstances, including rape and incest.
MP Jacob Rees-Mogg defends ‘extreme’ anti-abortion views The Catholic father-of-six said he was not vain enough to believe he could move into Number 10.
Jacob Rees-Mogg insists he is ‘entitled’ to extreme views on abortion Jacob Rees-Mogg has insisted he is entitled to his opinions after sparking a row by claiming that abortion is wrong in all circumstances. The Conservative backbencher, who some have tipped as Theresa May’s successor, stood by his view that terminating a pregnancy was morally unacceptable even in cases of rape or incest. His comments on ITV1’s Good Morning Britain earlier this week were labelled “extreme” and some argued the views should disbar the eccentric politician from ever becoming Prime Minister. But in a newspaper interview today
Tories out!' Protesters disrupt Jacob Rees-Mogg meeting – video Demonstrators stage a protest in a fringe meeting organised by the Tory MP on Monday at Manchester town hall during the Conservative party’s annual conference. People hold up placards and chant, to which some Tory supporters shout back, before the protesters are pushed out of the venue Continue reading...
Brexiter Jacob Rees-Mogg’s lacklustre record as a fund manager Emerging markets fund trailed benchmark when the Conservative MP was in charge
Jacob Rees-Mogg MP SLAMS Conservative Rebel Dominic Grieve
Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg admits profits from abortion pills Jacob Rees-Mogg has defended the investment in the Indonesian firm Kalbe Farma. His firm holds a £5million stake in the firm on behalf of clients. None of the MP's own cash is invested.
Tory conference is like a North Korea rally, says Jacob Rees-Mogg
Jacob Rees-Mogg: hard Brexit would boost UK by £135bn over 5 years Pro-Brexit backbencher says dividend only possible with policy of free trade, reduced regulation and lower taxes The UK economy could enjoy a post-Brexit financial dividend of £135bn in the five years after its departure from the EU, Jacob Rees-Mogg has said, an opinion that attracted a direct if brief endorsement from the Department for International Trade. At a speech in London, the leading pro-Brexit backbencher lambasted what he called the “false assumptions” of Philip Hammond’s Treasury ahead of next week’s budget, insisting that
Jacob Rees-Mogg compares Tory conference to North Korea Jacob Rees-Mogg said party members are expected just to 'cheer the great and the good' and are not given an opportunity to speak from the conference floor.
Who is Jacob Rees-Mogg? Tory MP and Brexiteer touted as next Conservative leader JACOB Rees-Mogg continues to be touted as a future Tory leader and possible PM despite consistently playing down and leadership ambitions. The MP for North East Somerset recently welcomed his sixth child and caused controversy after airing his views on abortion and gay marriage. Here’s his story… Who is Jacob Rees-Mogg? Jacob Rees-Mogg is a […]
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Did harriet harriet Tubman tur her house into a home for the poor and sick negros? no she gave her home to an ederly person before she died
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Has Roger Rees ever been married? Roger Rees is openly gay and has been with his partner for many, many years now.
Did Tommy Rees change numbers? Yes, Notre Dame qb Tommy Rees changed his uniform number. Last year (2010) he wore number thirteen (13). This season (2011) he is wearing number eleven (11).
What does the name Harman mean? The name Harman means "soldier".
Who many chlidren did Harriet Tubman have with John Harriet? 900 kids
What kind of slave did Harriet Tubman mom want Harriet to be? she have to good
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When and where was baseball player Stan Rees born? Stan Rees was born February 25, 1899, in Cynthiana, KY, USA.
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