#BrexitRisks - Eurosceptics share a joke on Twitter and make up fake consequences of leaving the EU

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  • I honestly have visions of the future. When I’m dead and everyone sat at my funeral. Someone accidentally leaving a sentence open for a perfectly timed gay joke. I shall resurrect myself just to make that joke
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  • When someone around me tells a rape ‘joke’, my default response is, “In high school one of my friends was raped.”  I don’t say anything else. There are a lot of things that need to be talked about, when it comes to rape culture and ‘humor.’ But there’s often not much room to share them, especially with the type of person who thinks it’s ok to make rape jokes in public. So I don’t go there. I just share that one thing, and this pretty quickly changes the narrative. I can’t say exactly what point I’m trying to make in that moment, but it feels like the right response for me.  I’m curious about how other people handle these moments. How do you respond to rape ‘jokes’? 
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  • [01-11] when u make a joke event on twitter and ppl actually show up #aberdeen
  • [15-11] How "woke" twitter gang up on you in your mentions after you make a joke #SDLive
  • [25-08] #Brexit: We’re leaving? No. They’re leaving. (We’ll miss them when they’ve gone). Share @Jon_Danzig’s report. Link:
  • [29-10] Fake woke Twitter is quick to snatch Kim for dressing up as #Aaliyah. Kim didn’t do black face or make fun of her, so what’s the problem? 🙄
  • [26-08] It amazes me that #trump has allowed to keep his Twitter account. Thought twitter didn't support lies and fake news @Twitter and racist
  • [02-10] And then to make matters worse, folks on Facebook and Twitter share and retweet these stories without checking into…
  • [05-10] Y'a 2 semaine Kamilia c'est le sang,trop belle,baddies, no make up et aujourd'hui tgl , fake , hypocrite,Vous etes fort sur twitter #ss11
  • [13-10] @realDonaldTrump @NBCNews @CNN Twitter folks beware of the fake #POTUS the leader of spreading fake NEWS…
  • [23-08] Major detrimental consequences of the #Brexit and @EMA leaving London for patients and public health across EU Read
  • [05-10] @TillyFifle Fake discipleship "requires becoming 'fake submissive, fake meek, fake humble, fake patient, and fake f…
  • [28-09] There's a joke here about Benjamin making sure he fulfilled visa requirements ..... I would never make that joke #Ashes
  • [16-10] #AlMichaels make a joke, you wanted fire. What about the joke in the White House?
  • [30-09] @realDonaldTrump The only thing fake, is YOU. Fake POTUS, fake billionaire, fake success, fake IQ, fake "strongman"…
  • [17-09] I guess Nemeth felt like trying to make up for screwing us over in 2016 by leaving with helping us win tonight... by leaving #SKCvNE
  • [03-08] Add today's plethora of internet fake news & FPTP delivers populism. Trump & #Brexit are dysfunctional consequences. ht
  • [06-10] @realDonaldTrump Because it’s not fake news!! Just because you are a liar and hate the truth doesn’t make it fake! #Dotard
  • [19-09] #AungSanSuuKyi " I don't know why they are leaving ?" what a joke ! it's like @realDonaldTrump "there were wrongs on both
  • [28-09] Twitter users: Get rid of Trumps 20 mill. fake followers and Russian bots @Twitter: We hear you, here's #280characters
  • [19-09] #KevinDurant apparently feels "so bad" about the Twitter incident; Why not create another fake twitter account and tweet about it @KDTrey5?
  • [05-11] How bad is the #Ramaphosa fake negative campaign? Please make your fake news better!
  • [05-10] Hey @Twitter edit button- Make it happen. No edit button ruins my joke. We don't need #280characters we need an ed…
  • [01-10] So many jokes I need #280characters 1. Blow job joke 2. #iStand vs. iRack joke 3. Tokenism joke 4. Flag code joke 5…
  • [26-09] now come on. they're not even trying to make the fake snow look like fake sand. #startrek
  • [02-11] Smh how are #ESPN leaving the #Cubs out of the top 5 in power rankings... This is a joke... #MLB
  • [21-11] #FirstDates fake hair, fake boobs, fake nails, fake tan, fake eyelashes, looking for a real man 😂
  • [15-11] How "woke" twitter gang up on you in your mentions after you make a joke #SDLive
  • [21-11] #FirstDates fake hair, fake boobs, fake nails, fake tan, fake eyelashes, looking for a real man 😂
#BrexitRisks - Eurosceptics share a joke on Twitter and make up fake consequences of leaving the EU
Michel Barnier, said the British people need to be educated about the consequences of leaving the single market?
Can I make a fake account on Snapchat?
How long does it take to make it to Açorianos plaza leaving from Palacio Piratini via Espirito Santo avenue and Borges de medeiros avenue??
Honda UK warns MPs of consequences of leaving EU customs union
Motor industry says threatened new tariffs could add £1,500 to price of an imported car, and make exports more expensive too The devastating impact of a hard Brexit on the UK car industry was laid bare on Tuesday to MPs, who were told every 15 minutes of customs delays would cost some manufacturers up to £850,000 a year. Presenting the industry’s most detailed evidence yet to the business select committee, Honda UK said it relied on 350 trucks a day arriving from Europe to keep its giant Swindon factory operating, with just an hour’s wort
Ministry, Twitter discuss fake news, fake account
Communication and Informatc Minister Rudiantara has met with Twitter Director of Public Policy for Asia Pacific Kathleen Reen to discuss issues on fake news, fake account, hate speech in the social media. The meeting has ...
Twitter is testing a 280-character expansion and everyone is making the same joke
Twitter tests a new feature, Twitter users respond with sass. <br/><br/>SEE ALSO: Twitter's #280characters is the new verified blue tick, because people are super jelly they don't have it<br/><br/>That's a general rule of our favourite microblogging platform. But now that with the 280-character experiment for a few chosen ones the platform wants to become less "micro" and more "blogging", the sass is reaching new heights. <br/><br/>You can probably imagine the joke everyon
This guy turned a joke on Twitter into a fundraiser and a published book. What have you done today?
If you're something of a Twitter fiend you may remember Nate Crowley (aka @FrogCroakley ) from the legendary Daniel Barker's Birthday Saga. What you may not know is that in December last year Crowley ended up raising tonnes of money for endangered frogs by inventing fake video games. You may also be unaware that Crowley has turned this strange happenstance into a published book.  SEE ALSO: Pepe the Frog's creator gets 'alt-right' children's book pulled off shelves Let's start at the beginning. Ok, why not. One like = one fictional video g
India’s millions of new Internet users are falling for fake news — sometimes with deadly consequences
At Comic-Con, Fake Lasers and Crossbows Are No Joke
A-Hed At Comic-Con, Fake Lasers and Crossbows Are No Joke Security staff at the comic-book-culture convention check over cosplayers’ Styrofoam and cardboard weapons.
Co-Founder Stone Leaving Twitter
Co-Founder Stone Leaving Twitter Twitter is losing another co-founder. Biz Stone, who helped launch the microblogging service in 2006, is leaving day-to-day work at the company.
Zeman and Putin Share A Joke About ‘Liquidating' Media
The microphones in Beijing caught some off-color remarks over the weekend.
President Trump on Twitter: "Wow, so many Fake News stories today. No matter what I do or say, they will not write or speak truth. The Fake News Media is out of control!
Giants head coach used a common injury shorthand and everybody on Twitter made the same joke
[LONG] Thought this would be a good place to share my favorite original joke :)
Can you make Contacts show the Twitter username (instead of the person's real name) when it autopopulates data from Twitter? I had Contacts integrate data from my Twitter account. It worked, but when I look at someone's Twitter name in Contacts, it shows their real name, not their Twitter handle. Above you can see my ...
"fake Twitter accounts believed to be linked" Just yesterday it emerged that hundreds of fake Twitter accounts believed to be linked to the Kremlin had been used to influence British politics . Source: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/nov/15/russia-meddle-western-politics-putin-superpower I suppose that the above sentence is grammatically correct. But the passage in bold in my non-native speaker opinion suggests that Twitter accounts have the capability to believe. Is this standard form? I would write: Just yesterday it emerged that it is believed that hundreds of fake Twitter accounts to be linked to the Kremlin had been used to influence British politics.
Do 'make a joke of' and 'joke around' have the same meaning? As I found in the dictionary, to 'make a joke of' something means 'laugh or be humorous about (something that is not funny in itself)', and to joke around means to act amusingly and without seriousness. From the dictionary definition, I'm not sure whether they mean the same or not, but I guess they do have similar meaning.. What I want to write is : 1) He used to say with a bit of a joke(not seriously) that he was a genius. And then both 2) He used to make jokes of himself that he was a genius. 3) He used to joke around with himself that he was a genius. have the same meaning? So 1),2),3) all mean the same and are interchangeable sentence here?
What are the consequences of joining / leaving factions? I read somewhere that you get really cool gear by joining some factions, but are there any downsides to it, such as, increased hostility from others, or any lost missions? How do I join individual ...
What are the consequences of not respecting a notice period when leaving a job? In Canada, is there a federal law of how much notice period an employer can demand? I thought the standard was 2 weeks, but then re-reading the fine print in the offer letter, I see it says : You ...
What are the consequences of leaving the fridge 2 inches open overnight? My girlfriend accidentally didn't close the fridge properly and left it open 2 inches all night (more than 8 hours). I had a lot of raw chicken breast and raw salmon in there. Is it still edible? When ...
Police violently assaulted your brother father and you they ripped their own clothes lied in court court records are a product of fraud leaving me suffering consequences of choices i didn't make?
What are the consequences with having a fake id in Alberta?
What are the consequences of leaving the state when the judge says you can't?
What are the consequences of leaving your house at 17 in California?
What are the consequences of using a fake diploma in Texas?
What are the consequences of teenagers leaving there parents house?
What is the share price for Twitter? Twitter is a private company.
How do you share any picture from web on twitter with just one click? By right clicking on the image and going to "copy image location", or "copy image URL."
Is it illegal to make fake nudes of an underage teen even though the image is fake?
Are share traders consumers or not can they make a consumer court against share trading agencies?
Is creating a fake profile with fake photos on a social networking site out of wanting to stay anonymous and building virtual friendships with people under a fake name and fake photos a fraud? yes and it is punishable by law.
What is a joke that will make your best friend go from sad to happy or just make them laugh?
I am a tween and me and my friend want to do a fake business sort of things you know make a fake company but sell real stuff other than homemade bracelets what else can we sell? I did the same thing! I sold mini toys such as action figures, bobbleheads, bracelets, and even things you have lying around your bedroom! Candy might work better for older kids, you can sell toys to 8-11 year olds, and candy to 12-14 year olds. Try Worlds Finest Candy or Hersheys assorted boxes, they are inexpensive, and you make about a 30$ profit. Hope this helps! :)
My exbf was talk on fb few months ago and one day this girl text me told me he kill himself and just yesterday he texted me tell me it was it a joke but i did not take it as a joke what do I do?
How do you make joke?
Why does an old man joke on you and gets close then you joke back on him and suddenly he changes and does not talk to you the way he used to?
What do you do when fake repo man uses fake corp names and addresses keeps car titles car and sells to himself under another fake name and police won't put on stolen list in Texas? You get a NON fake attorney and sue the fake man.  Firt of all ther is a crime comp called NCIC That goes all over the country If your police refuse to render aid as a paid public servent you can go to your state police They have more honor anyways And you don't need a lawyer ,you do have D.A.'s in Texas don't you or did George Bush Cut there job's to  Make copies of all your supporting evidence and send them by certified mail to the State Attorney General, Justice Division. Be prepared to testify and present as much evidence as possible to substantiate your claims, hopefully other scam vi
Which responsibility do you have when you make a joke?
MAKE JOKE OF- Padode baba ke bhakta make joke of mjo - MAKE JOKE OF- Padode baba ke bhakta make joke of mjo MAKE JOKE OF- Padode baba ke bhakta make joke of mjo MAKE JOKE OF- Padode baba ke bhakta ...
Joke of the lion and the consequences incalculable - Joke of the lion and the consequences incalculable.
MAKE JOKE OF and make joke of SHARMA JI KE DOST - make of joke video …here in this video there is a story about a guest and things happen to him… ENJOY !!! FAIR-USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER * Copyright ...
Teen's Joke Inspires Twitter's Coming-Out 'Glo Ups' - A Florida teen take to Twitter to share a powerful photo. Jason, Grace, and Carmit Bachar tell you about this "glo up." Let us know what you think of glo up.
Right-Wing Snowflakes Get Lefties Banned Over Twitter Joke - Support The Show On Patreon: Here's Our Amazon Link: Follow Kyle on ...
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