21st Century Fox rejects Sky takeover bid concerns

21st Century Fox defends its bid for TV firm Sky, despite claims it threatens media plurality and broadcasting standards.
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21st Century Fox rejects Sky takeover bid concerns
21st Century Fox defends its bid for TV firm Sky, despite claims it threatens media plurality and broadcasting standards.
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U.K. to Refer 21st Century Fox's Sky Takeover to Competition Regulators
The U.K. government said it would refer 21st Century Fox’s $15.5 billion proposal to consolidate ownership of Sky to the country’s competition authority on both broadcasting standards and media plurality grounds.
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Reporter Attempts to Stop 21st Century Fox’s Bid to Takeover Sky News - A reporter who accused Rupert Murdoch's Fox News of peddling “fake news” is attempting to block 21st Century Fox's bid to takeover U.K.-based Sky News.
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