Twice as many home owners voted Conservative as Labour last month

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  • [12-01] @Glensailing It's not your only home.Most two or three country home owners voted without researching.Europe's pro…
  • [16-12] @WestmonsterUK On the other hand if the stupid #labour supporters actually voted Conservative then maybe we would h…
  • [03-11] Can the people we voted for, please stop fucking around , settle down, and run the Country ?????? #Conservative #Labour
  • [16-12] @Holbornlolz Yep.I was Labour when first voted. After marriage, kids and house I changed to conservative. Now loo…
  • [16-12] Last year 312 Conservative MPs voted against forcing rented homes to be made fit for human habitation. No Labour, L…
  • [04-10] Heidi Allen MP pursues her own agenda in the Commons. She voted with #labour against the Conservative Govt's plan to reduce Tax Credits.
  • [01-12] Conservative MPs for #plymouth refused to vote in the #WASPI motion - luckily #plymouth has a Labour MP and so I voted for
  • [27-11] @TB12Terry @InsideSportsTD And after Goodell is voted back in it'll be #JerryJones wants names of owners who voted…
  • [24-11] #Labour #Conservative Conservative cabinet members, who are all millionaires, do not use publicly funded educationa…
  • [02-10] #bbcqt Second utterly shameless Karen Bradley lie, Labour didn't cause recession. Voted against forcing landlords let home
  • [16-10] @debski2222 @jeremycorbyn @scottishlabour You now want to pretend that #Labour wasn't #Labour bet the #Labour voters voted for them.
  • [01-10] @joneselizab @UKIP #Hull voted to leave #UKIP gave them that, all 3 Labour MPs voted to remain and voted against Brexit last vote.
  • [05-10] The difference between a #Conservative and #Labour voter. #Tory supporters want good things for everyone, Labour just want it for themselves
  • [04-10] The Conservative Party couldn't even reach 200 seats between 1997-2009. In 2017, Labour got 262. But Labour are "be…
  • [22-12] @g111y @thisisamy_ @chunkymark Er no! Every election I have ever voted in I have voted Labour. I thought #Corbyn wa…
  • [30-09] @AmandeepBhogal #Corbyn inspired by those who voted Labour for 1st time? The same man that voted against his own party more than 500 times!
  • [25-09] @NatashaC Can somebody please remind him @theSNP voted as one against Tory austerity in the #HoC? #Labour voted with or a
  • [12-09] All @Plaid_Cymru MPs voted against the #EUWithdrawalBill tonight. 7 Labour MPs voted with the Tories and 17 abstained. Gov
  • [06-12] If you voted leave in the #eureferendum & then voted for #labour, you made brexit a million times harder and it may no
  • [21-07] @patronsaintofca @1GKh Basically, Yessers who voted Labour or those who voted Tory/Lab tactically just to oust
  • [05-10] @JoRichardsKent You voted #Labour then you voted for a #Brexit Party It was in their manifesto.
  • [27-12] @Bubblejet Scotland voted Labour for decades and got what the English voted for, over and over again. You're not in…
  • [01-11] Well done @ysongoo2 for a fantastic month for Argyle and being voted your player of the month. #pafc ?
  • [26-09] @bbclaurak #labour leadership in very different place from rank and file and many of those who voted Labour in last election
  • [08-10] #BBCSP Thornberry’s telling me Labour’s position is staying in. Brexiteers who voted Labour should not have done.
  • [25-09] #Labour delegate keeps saying "You voted away..EU Single Market,EU protections,EU standards" No, Millions of Labour vot
  • [23-07] If I'd have been living in Scotland during #indyref I'd have been a Yesser and I just voted Labour. We can broaden Labour
  • [24-09] For all Labour voters who voted #Brexit #Labour has left you now… it does not represent workers anymore, just Stude…
  • [11-12] @theresa_may at #PMQs can you ask @jeremycorby as a ex @labour voter who voted #Brexit where labour stand on free m…
  • [16-07] Anyone in #Birmingham who voted #Labour hold your heads in shame, it's the Labour council in Brum which is why your rubbish is still there
  • [27-08] #Labour Leave (EU) MPs should have been been promoted after UK voted for #Brexit. Labour run by Remainers. (
  • [12-01] @Glensailing It's not your only home.Most two or three country home owners voted without researching.Europe's pro…
  • [08-01] So are the business owners the buildings owners, or has @CityOfJoburg failed to trace owners? This #JoburgRevenueBlitz might
Twice as many home owners voted Conservative as Labour last month
In retrospect, shouldn't Scotland have declared independence in 1979? Scotland voted for home rule ( devolution) in 1979, but a Scottish born Labour MP changed the voting rules on the referendum to make dead peoples votes count. So in 1979 51.8% of Scots that voted did so in favour of 'home rule', but this was ignored and we got years of Conservative rule. Without a voice Scotland was made a wasteland in the 80's. Had we a parliament things would have been different as the excesses of Westminster wold have been curtailed.
Why does Scotland vote Labour so much? I think it was to avoid a conservative rule. I'm Scottish, and I can see quite clearly that Scotland avoid voting conservative simply because of what Thatcher did. It's bitter resentment, and nothing more. Scotland, though I do love it, it's my home and most of it's people are some of the friendliest you'll ever meet, does have it's flaws and one of the big flaws is that it has an extraordinary will to hold a grudge. We're still sore about the English invading centuries ago, and we're still bitter about Thatcher. Okay, she messed up north of the border, but lets face it, she was human, humans make mistakes all the time. Labour has made too many mistakes this time around and it's time we let them go. The point of voting is to do the best for one's country. Labour is NOT good for any of us right now. SNP is not much better with it's "WE WANT INDEPENDENCE" crap, and Lib dem...well there's a reason they didn't get a look in. Who's left? In this election it was a matter of choosing the lesser of four evils...I've never voted conservative before, but I truly think it would be the better choice to get Britain out of the mess Labour has gotten it into. I don't want independence. I love Britian, I have no right not to, given that my anscestors on my father's side are English and Welsh and Scottish. I think it's time Britain just grew up and stopped bickering over things long past.
Why does Scotland vote Labour so much? Actually Scotland was not the only area that voted Labour. Look at the map of the results at the link below and you'll see that the big urban areas all over the UK voted Labour, i.e. not just Glasgow but Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham, London etc. Geographically speaking, most of Scotland voted non-Labour. So what we have is not an England/Scotland split but a city vs country split which could have some very interesting UK-wide consequences over the next few years. The reason Labour got so many MPs is really down to the incredibly unfair voting system and the sheer horror the Tories inflicted on us in the 1980s. Just look at the number of votes each party needed per MP: Labour: 33,000 Tories: 35,000 SNP: 80,000 LibDems: 125,000 If the voting system was fairer, Scotland would have returned 24 Labour MPs, not 41. @AdamC - Scotland is not the "least rich" part of the UK, far from it in fact. Just look at the other link below, and get your facts right before slinging mud around.
Scotland and Labour,a vote catching coincidence? Err.... I think you're labouring under the misconception that Labour are running Scotland. They aren't. Currently the Scottish Government is being administered by the SNP, a party that is, on the whole, further left than Labour (although that's not difficult, these days) and intensely disliked by them. When I say disliked, I may be underestimating, when you consider the other main parties in Scotland are all in a clique to attempt to derail the SNP. When you see Labour and the Conservatives making common cause, you know they really don't like someone. The policies you mention are SNP implemented and in most instances Labour voted against them as they didn't match the view of Labour in Westminster. Admittedly, it'd be much easier to get things done up here if fewer people voted for Labour.. the SNP is a minority administration with only a three seat cushion due to being in a voting alliance with the Green Party. And there's nothing wrong with being a cynical old git... I'm a cynical old git in training...
Are Tony and Cherie Blair Nothing But "CHAMPAGNE SOCIALISTS"? That's utterly ridiculous. They are not and never were socialists. Their (successful) aim was to drum any socialism out of the Labour Party and to continue the monetarist policies which Thatcher started in the 1980s, with a slightly more human face. EDIT: Ralf - I did vote for the Labour candidate in the last 4 elections. In 1997 and 2001 with a genuine belief that something different might arise. In 2005 and 2010 as an anti-Conservative vote in a Labour-Conservative marginal. My 2015 vote will be geared only towards unseating the chinless Tory prat who is currently my MP. If Labour is best placed, that's how I'll vote. I do hate what Blair and Brown did to the Labour Party, but worry that the party can't see that no one is genuinely excited and convinced by what they have to offer. The only positive thing which can be said about the Labour Party is that they aren't quite as shite as the other main parties. If you want to interpret that as an unequivocal endorsement of the Labour Party, and paint me as a Labour activist, then you haven't understood a word.
Why does Scotland vote Labour so much? Because we're stupid. How do I know we're stupid? Because there is a viable alternative that would ensure we'd never have to suffer the indignities of a Conservative government we never voted for ever again. And eighty percent of votes cast in Scotland weren't for that party. See? We're stupid. Anyone outwith that twenty percent of voters; stupid. Voting Labour, like so many fools did; stupid. Because now we've got all those Labour MP's and we STILL likely end up with a Conservative government. What therefore was the point of voting Labour? Oh wait, there wasn't one. I'm not sure what to make of your point about the Tories having a majority of nine without Scotland. If it's intended to be a 'see, it's Scotland's fault' you're on a hiding to nothing. You could as easily blame all those seats in England who returned a Labour MP. Edit - Sanny.. you normally vote SNP but you didn't vote... I greatly hope you've got a decent reason. Aberdeen Tyke... do all Yorkshiremen use words like 'quite vile?' Anyway, my point. If you think Salmonds vile, I'm interested to note that you don't seem to apply the same standard to Brown or the exceptionally smarmy Cameron. Neither of whom I would trust any further than Salmond. I might be a party member but wee Eck's a politician; I don't actually trust any of them to any great degree.
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Michelle Obama: 'Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice In candid remarks Wednesday, former first lady Michelle Obama said women who voted for Republican nominee Donald Trump over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton went against their "authentic voice" in the 2016 presidential election.
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5 Undercover conservative activist rented basement apartment in home of top Democratic operative
4 Undercover conservative activist rented basement apartment in home of top Democratic operative
Undercover conservative activist rented basement apartment in home of top Democratic operative
Are Previous Home Owners Eligible to be Defined As First Time Home Buyers? According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (see link), it seems that previous home owners who haven't owned a home for over 3 years can be defined at as a "first time home buyer"...
Home inspection for home owners insurance revealed damage my inspection and my lender's appraiser did not see I recently bought a house in Iowa. I hired a company to inspect the home, they found a few minor things but nothing major. My lender had an appraisal and they didn't note anything either. I purchased ...
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Are renters covered under home owners insurance I own a home and rent it out the tenant slipped and fell on the hardwood stairs is his medical and hospital bills covered under my home owners policy? No, your renters medical bills are covered under their own major medical policy. Should your tenant sue you and you have the appropriate Landlords Dwelling Policy coverage with liability, your insurance company would cover the cost to defend you in court as well as any judgment rendered up to your policy limits should you be found liable for the tenants injuries. If you have only a homeowners insurance policy and failed to endorse your property insurance coverage for tenant occupancy then your home insurance is null and void and will not provide coverage for you at all.
Why did factory owners like child labour during the Industrial Revolution? They could pay them less and get away with it. They also, often, picked up children from orphanages and had them make a contract which, essentially, made them the property of the factory. In that case, they had to provide food and shelter, but it was of extremely poor quality. A second reason is that children are small and nimble and could work in the machines easier than large males (this also applies for the women of the time).
What is voted best home page? CNN.Com
Why was the labour party called labour? it was todo with their link/care for the working class (generally doing manual labour etc in industrial britain) they appeal to this "lower" class and thus took on the name Labour.
Can someone purchase land for unpaid taxes if there is a home on the land and the mortgage of the home is current. Will the purchaser own both land and home and evict the home owners? Rules and regulations would vary according to area on this, but yes subject to the same, you could pay the unpaid taxes and hold a tax certificate which can be paid with interest to you by the homeowner. If this is not paid within the area specified period of time, you can apply for a tax deed. The property can be put into foreclosure and depending again on the local regulations, the property can then be put up on sheriff's auction and you will have the opportunity to bid on it. Please check with your local property tax office to find out the rules and the procedures regarding this.
[08-12] What prefix could be added to the root word conservative to make very conservative?
Is a home mortgage covered and paid in a basic home owners insurance in the even of death? No. To cover mortgage debt an insurance company can write a life insurance policy on the mortgage holder/s. This policy usually is a term life insurance policy that in the event of death pays the balance due on the mortgage at the time of death. The term of the policy would be the length of the mortgage and the policy value decreases as the mortgage is being paid off by the policy holder, eventually expiring at the end of the term along with the mortgage. Since the benefit paid under this type of policy is constantly being reduced, and eventually becomes zero, the premiums are considerably low
Does your farm bureau home owners insurance cover you if you are working in someone elses home? Homeowners insurance policies are personal lines coverage and typically do not provide coverage for commercial or work related activities.
Will home owners insurance cover you if you brake a window of another home when playing golf? Yes. It would go under your liability coverage.
There was a robbery in my home my home owners nsurance company cancelled our policy. Will I be able to get new insurance now? You might be able to, you just have to shop around. Your insurance company has somehow notified other insurance about your issue (when someone looks up your info, there is a red flag by your name) and now, it's up to that individual insurance company if they want to pick you up or not.
Does home owners insurance cover required city permits due to damages to the home? Your insurance will pay the contractor. The contractor gets the required permits. The contractor will have already factored in the cost of any permits needed to make your repairs into his bid for the job.
Does home owners coverage cover theft of a trailer taken from th insured home? No. A trailer has to have it's own insurance policy.
In Brooks's Home Helen wants to throw a party after comes from the home owners' loan?
Will home owners insurance cover a broken pipe under the slab on your home? Probably not. It should cover any damage done by the break, but not the break itself.
What factors influence the cost of home owners insurance for an individual home? It depends where your house is located. Whether your home is in a secure or unsecure neighborhood will effect your insurance costs. If your house looks like its going to fall apart at any moment then you will be charged a higher premium. These factors influence the cost of home owners insurance for an individual home.
Does your home owners insurance covers hail storm damages to exterior walls of your home? A homeowners policy does provide coverage from hail, windstorm, etc.
Government programs for current home owners buying a second home? You won't like this answer. There aren't any. But, we might as well consider Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac government entities so in that sense yes. These loans currently require 15% down.
Can your home owners insurance drop your coverage if your home needs painting? Yes they can cancel your policy. Failure to properly maintain your home indicates a "Moral Hazard" that will surely lead to unnecessary and avoidable current and future damage to the property. Basically the home is being allowed to deteriorate due to the owners negligence.
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Labour mp barry sheerman sparks outrage by saying ‘better educated people’ voted remain — and brand - Labour mp barry sheerman sparks outrage by saying 'better educated people' voted remain — and branded brexit voters stupid.
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