Conservatives take four-point lead in latest poll - but Labour lead in another

  • [11-11] @Edwina_Currie #LABOUR LEAD IN EVERY UK POLL for the l ast several weeks
  • [25-09] Chukka (et al) wants Labour to lead the country, all Momentum wants is for Corbyn to lead the Labour Party. #Newsnight
  • [03-12] #Labour open up eight-point lead over Tories in new poll
  • [08-10] Poll tracker: #Labour lead of 2.7. Probability of becoming largest party in Commons: >50%
  • [06-12] Finally.....Laura comes clean. It's either support May or let the corporists (in Labour OR Conservatives) lead Brex…
  • [10-11] #Conservatives still on 40% with @YouGov (#Labour lead at three). Pretty good night for them in council byelections too. :
  • [19-12] #Newsnight For Evan Davis: Labour extends polling lead to 8 points over the Conservatives@
  • [09-10] FM: "The latest poll shows the SNP has a 17 point lead over our nearest rival." #SNP17
  • [20-12] .@Esquerra_ERC increasing lead according to latest #21D #Catalan election opinion poll.
  • [01-11] Latest poll gives Pro-Independence vote 5 point lead over Unionists ... 48.7% vs 43.6% #Catalonia
  • [04-12] @guardian #Labour’s poll lead shows the next election is there for the taking | anti #Corbyn #chickencoup plotting…
  • [23-08] Campaigning blitz powers Corbyn to poll lead over Theresa May via @LabourList #Brexit #Labour #StopBrexit
  • [03-12] Yesterday's finds...lead, lead, lead, lead & copper lol. It's not always glorious. Gotta keep moving.…
  • [22-07] See our latest #Birmingham, AL #job and click to apply: Lead Barista/Lead Café Server - Full-Time -
  • [25-09] On #Paterson @lisanandy says Labour are neck and neck in the polls with Conservatives. Actually we have a 4 point lead
  • [02-12] WESTMINSTER: Corbyn stretches lead over Tories to largest gap for five months in new poll / #Tories #Labour
  • [17-09] Glover for Lead Actor(Comedy) Viola for Lead Actress(Drama) Tracie for Lead Actress(Comedy) Sterling for Lead Actor…
  • [10-10] #Labour's George, Zippy & Bungle: House of Commons erupts in hysterics as Corbyn calls for Labour to lead Brexit :
  • [27-11] Where's this 20point lead that #TonyBlair said @UKLabour should be leading the @Conservatives by?
  • [20-11] Good on you, Australia. #TeamBinChicken is still in the lead in the @GuardianAus #birdoftheyear poll.…
  • [03-10] #LasVegas #IRMA Boris Johnson has missed his opportunity to lead the Conservatives, minister says
  • [27-09] LAB takes 4% lead in new YouGov Times poll #Brexit #Lab17 #StopBrexit
  • [01-10] #sundaymorning New Poll: majority of US do not believe Trump is fit to be president, and women lead this opinion. :
  • [14-01] How can #Labour seriously not eke out a lead against this lot?
  • [10-10] Get Theresa May and Amber Crudd out now please Conservatives. We have a leader that is unfit to lead us through Brexit. #MayOut #Tories
  • [25-11] @CatWomanResists Interesting that in this poll the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is in the lead with #MeToo second.
  • [03-01] "Fox News Poll:Enthused Democrats give Jones lead over Moore in Alabama"
  • [28-09] Labour Party infestation of antisemites is "mood music". Proof Labour Party is full of diabolical Cunts. Lead by a…
  • [28-09] #TheResistance #ThursdayThoughts Dems lead GOP by 11 pts. in generic Senate poll, plus country trusts @jimmykimmel ?
  • [05-10] Update: Which shirt to wear for the #Shadowhunters #NYCC panel on Sat poll. #TeamMalec has big lead. Keep voting! See pic
  • [23-12] Opening up a 10 point difference @UCCapitals lead @JaycoRangers 29-39!@KateGaze continues to lead the way with 1…
  • [17-12] I blame #MikeTomlin for losing the lead.Too conservative with his plays with a lead.But he is forgiven now that they scored the TD!
  • [03-11] Gay on #Spurs blowing 19-pt. lead: "We lost our intensity. We have to learn how to play w/ the lead. We were playing well.
Conservatives take four-point lead in latest poll - but Labour lead in another
Roy Moore holds a 10 point lead says a new Senate poll, does this make Alabama conservatives look like a bunch of Christian Pedophiles?
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Wouldn't it be great if the Majority of Americans Believed the Traditional MSM and Roy Moore wouldn't have a 10 pt lead for the Win? "Roy Moore wouldn't have a 10 pt lead for the Win?" He doesn't have a ten point lead. In fact he's behind is several polls.
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[UK] - Labour opens eight-point lead over Conservatives in latest opinion poll | The Independent
Hillary Clinton Holds 5-Point Lead Over Donald Trump, Latest Poll Finds Clinton Holds 5-Point Lead Over Trump Democrat Hillary Clinton’s lead over Republican rival Donald Trump stands at five percentage points, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, but the race is essentially tied when third-party candidates are included.
German Conservatives' Lead Over SPD - Poll German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU bloc has improved its lead over the Social Democratic Party (SPD), by 1 percent from last week up to 15 percent, a poll showed on Wednesday.
Conservatives Regain Lead in New U.K. Poll Tories Regain Lead in U.K. Poll New survey says Conservatives would pass Labour for first time since last October, as poll shows party would get 37% of votes.
Greek Conservatives Retain Poll Lead Greek Conservatives Retain Poll Lead Greece's pro-euro zone New Democracy party is still in the lead ahead of next month's national parliamentary elections, but support for the anti-bailout Syriza party is growing.
U.K. Conservatives Score Second-Highest Lead: ICM Poll Post-conference bounce comes despite media furore over immigration policy.
Merkel’s Conservatives Keep 14% Lead Over SPD Month Before Election - Poll German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc of the Christian Democrats (CDU) and the Christian Social Union (CSU) holds a 14-percent lead over its main opponent, the Social Democratic Party (SPD), a month before general election, a fresh poll revealed on Wednesday.
Labour's lead now down to 0.3pts in our poll tracker: Lab: 40.6% Con: 40.3% LDem: 7.3% UKIP: 4.5% Grn: 2.6%
Welsh Political Barometer poll: Labour maintains its lead
Rangel Holds 13-Point Lead Ahead of Primary, Poll Shows Rangel Has 13-Point Lead Ahead of Primary, Poll Shows Rep. Charles Rangel is leading state Sen. Adriano Espaillat by 13 points just days before Tuesday's Democratic primary in the Harlem congressional race.
Donald Trump Holds 29-Point Lead Before New York Primary, Poll Shows Trump Holds 29-Point Lead Before New York Primary, Poll Shows Donald Trump is poised to run away with next week’s Republican primary in New York, with a 29-point lead over his closest rival, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC New York/Marist poll shows.
Donald Trump Holds Three-Point Lead Over Ted Cruz in GOP Race, WSJ/NBC News Poll Finds Trump Holds Three-Point Lead in GOP Race, Poll Finds Donald Trump holds a narrow, three-point lead in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows, with the data revealing potential cracks in his support.
Donald Trump Holds 15-Point Lead Ahead of Republican Rivals in Indiana Poll Trump Leads Cruz by 15 Points in Indiana, Poll Finds Donald Trump holds a 15-point lead over his rivals in Indiana’s Republican presidential primary, while Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has a 4-point edge ahead of Bernie Sanders, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Marist Poll finds.
Brazil's Silva Slightly Widens Lead Over Incumbent Rousseff in Latest Poll Brazil's Silva Slightly Widens Lead Over Rousseff in Latest Poll The latest poll on Brazil's tight October presidential election shows challenger Marina Silva slightly widened her lead over incumbent Dilma Rousseff, but the two still remain in a statistical dead heat
Nenshi has 17 point lead over closest contender in Calgary's mayoral race, new Forum poll suggests - Calgary
Conservatives Lead Down Under Conservatives Lead Down Under By Mary Kissel Are Australians tired of the Labor Party's big-spending, high-taxing ways?
U.K. Conservatives Edge Ahead of Labour Party in Opinion Poll The two main parties have been neck-and-neck in most opinion polls since the start of the year, with neither establishing a sustained lead.
Cameron’s Conservatives Have Lead in U.K. Vote Cameron’s Conservatives Have Lead in U.K. Vote Prime Minister Cameron’s Conservatives are forecast to win the largest number of seats in the U.K. Parliament, according to exit polls and early returns.
Greek Conservatives Take Lead Over Syriza Greek Conservatives Take Poll Lead Greece's conservatives are in first place ahead of next month's election, according to four separate polls, with the gap over the radical leftist Syriza party ranging from 1.3% to 5.7%.
'The right is back,' says frontrunner to lead French conservatives Laurent Wauquiez, a leading right-winger in France's divided The Republicans (LR), said on Sunday it was time the conservative party recovered from electoral defeats and unite to make their voice heard against centrist President Emmanuel Macron.
Conservatives' Lead Has Shrunk, but Remains Sizable The final opinion polls show a healthy lead for the Conservative Party but were badly wrong two years ago.
Vote to Lead Conservatives Close in France Close Vote to Lead France's Conservatives The two candidates vying to lead France's main opposition party both claimed victory, as ballot counting dragged into the late evening.
Kyriakos Mitsotakis Elected to Lead Greece’s Conservatives Greek Opposition Party Appoints New Leader Greece’s main opposition party New Democracy elected Sunday former administrative reforms minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to lead the party.
Greece's Syriza Party Widens Lead Over Conservatives Greece's Syriza Party Widens Lead Over Conservatives Greece's opposition Syriza party widens its lead over coalition leader New Democracy, according to a new poll, underscoring the government's fragility as it awaits a mammoth aid tranche.
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