Election as it happened: Boris Johnson says it would be an 'honour' to lead Conservative Party

  • [17-09] "Is there no one in the Conservative party at the moment who can tell Boris Johnson to shut up?" #Paterson to Damian Gre
  • [03-10] Boris Johnson just made a joke about Cambodian genocide in his Conservative party conference speech. #CPC17
  • [02-10] Morning! All eyes on Manchester today, as the Boris Johnson Show - sorry, Conservative Party Conference - gets properly underway #CPC17
  • [06-10] Retweeted Dave Broadway (@DaveBroadway): "Boris Johnson is for Britain" - no Boris Johnson is for Boris Johnson. #bbcqt
  • [15-11] Boris Johnson’s favourability takes a big hit among Conservative voters
  • [19-09] Is this a Boris Johnson election poster? #satire #borisisboris
  • [06-10] "Tory CONservative BORIS JOHNSON Vs THERESA MAY leadership challenge is under way" #Radio1Vintage #LabourDoorStep #SaveO
  • [02-10] Conservative conference 2017: Philip Hammond tells Boris Johnson he is sackable #CPC17
  • [04-10] @BorisJohnson #ryanair friend Conservative Boris Johnson, exploitation bringing down price...#boycottRyanair…
  • [22-09] She almost threw away the election. Now she wants to throw away #Brexit. Might as well hand Boris Johnson the keys to 10 Do
  • [25-08] UK #Brexit bill: Boris Johnson July: They can go whistle Boris Johnson August: We will meet obligations -Chaotic
  • [09-11] UK Conservative Party remainers deliberately sabotaging their party to force a General Election to change Brexit #UKIP #AMDWaters #jongaunt
  • [03-08] Lestarstjórinn í Gatwick Express hljómar eins og Boris Johnson - er mögulega Boris Johnson. #ráðgáta #UK
  • [02-11] @SkyNews Oh i likes Boris Johnson, Boris Johnson is my most favourite politician ever #BorisJohnson #Giggity
  • [05-10] "Boris Johnson is for Britain" - no Boris Johnson is for Boris Johnson. #bbcqt
  • [24-12] First Boris Johnson's dad on #ImACelebrity and now Boris Johnson's sister on #BigBrother.fuck off
  • [19-09] IFS has demolished Boris Johnson's repeated claim that #Brexit will lead to an £350m for #NHS.
  • [20-11] What happened on Sunday's #ImACeleb? Some nerve-shredding tasks, a fantastic debut for Boris Johnson's dad and Ant…
  • [03-10] #LasVegas #IRMA Boris Johnson has missed his opportunity to lead the Conservatives, minister says
  • [08-11] The media, including #r4today, bear responsibility for the creation of Boris Johnson with their "typical Boris" and "Boris
  • [12-11] Only people who believe Boris Johnson will be leader of the Tory Party and PM are the media,he will never get requi…
  • [06-10] The Conservative Party wants Theresa May in place at the next election, says Michael Gove #r4today
  • [12-08] After such a traumatic snap general election, what does the Conservative Party really stand for? #History #Tory #UK
  • [12-08] #BREXIT #Election Boris Johnson should be in prison over Brexit mistruths, says former chief of staff to David Davis
  • [27-09] Channel 4 Reveals Conservative Party have broken data protection & election laws #LabourConference17 #CorbynSpeech :
  • [04-10] The PM starts by outlining why she joined the Conservative Party - and immediately accepting responsibility for the election result #CPC17
  • [02-10] #Brexit head banger Boris #Johnson has suffered a bruising day at #Tory Party conference as calls to sack him grow. htt
  • [30-11] Last Election under Turnbull lost Nealy 1 million Conservative voters left Liberal party losing votersby the day…
  • [28-09] Which party you vote in next general election? #bbcqt #SLCasStH #TOTP Kevin Campbell Question Time Conservative May Labour Corbyn Libdems
  • [03-10] Conservative Gorilla news #R4Today Mr Johnson cannot cope on Conservative austerity pay £140K So We r sponsoring th…
  • [04-10] #Britain #Tories ... trouble Boris Johnson ran into on the same day. Not a fan of Boris for specific reasons, but he was supposed to be...
  • [03-10] Boris Johnson's speech is called "Let The Lion Roar". #CPC17 #Boris
  • [09-11] #bbcqtLovely thread on Boris Johnson by the talented @CarolineLucasIt's a whole lot of things Boris has done.He
  • [27-12] I will lead #Labour into next general election, says Jeremy Corbyn: Party leader says he will…
Election as it happened: Boris Johnson says it would be an 'honour' to lead Conservative Party
Would you mistake Boris Johnson for Donald Trump? Boris Johnson has described how he was mistaken for Donald Trump during a trip to New York, describing it as "one of the worst moments". The London Mayor said he is "genuinely worried" about the Republican candidate becoming President in the election later this year. Mr Johnson said:...
Done deal! The high price of Government? But we wouldn't be in this situation at all if Boris Johnson had won the Conservative leadership contest in June 2016. The bottom-line is straightforward - Teresa May doesn't have the same electoral appeal as Cameron, Major and Thatcher etc - There wouldn't have been a Hung Parliament at all if Boris were in the driving seat. BoJo is a Superstar!
Why didn't Boris Johnson run for Tory party leadership last year?
Poll: Did you vote for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton? or neither? I could've voted for the left nut, or the right nut, but I voted for the Johnson. Not because I liked Gary Johnson, I was just hoping the libertarian party could get 5% of the vote, and I legitimately thought it could this past election. But nope, no such luck.
If Boris Johnson became prime minister, and went to see the queen about forming a new government, can she tell him to get lost.? If Boris was elected leader of the Conservative party of course HM would appoint him,otherwise not.
if riding a bike is meant to keep you fit and healthy why does Boris Johnston always look like a rather fat roly-poly over grown school boy? We must therefore conclude that the so-called benefits of voluntary exercise are egregious horseshit. If not then Boris Johnson is engaged in a cynical deception for the purposes of self-promotion.
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Boris Johnson is top choice for next Tory leader among Conservative party members, poll reveals
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Boris Johnson: Russia Could Hack U.K. Election Johnson said of Putin, “it’s blatantly obvious that’s what he did in France, so we have to be vigilant."
Conservative conference: Top Tories turn on Boris Johnson and warn 'no one is unsackable' Cabinet ministers and senior Tories have warned Boris Johnson that “nobody is unsackable”, demanded he get behind Theresa May and made clear they do not want a leadership contest. The backlash against Mr Johnson was spelt out in the back rooms at the Conservative conference, at fringe events and from the main stage, where successive big hitters called for unity. One cabinet minister told The Independent it “needs to stop” after Mr Johnson again publicly demanded changes to Ms May’s Brexit plans at the weekend, while another ex-ministe
Boris Johnson’s endorsement adds to Kenya election controversy UK foreign secretary is first international official to congratulate Kenyatta on his re-election
Boris Johnson ‘in the lead’ to take over from Theresa May as next Prime Minister, poll claims BORIS Johnson is in the lead to take over from Theresa May as Prime Minister, a poll suggests. Tory Party members want the PM to leave her post after Britain has completed the process of Brexit and would have Mr Johnson step into her shoes. A YouGov/Times survey of Conservative members, who select the party […]
Boris Johnson reminds Tory party why he is forgiven every time It was all fanciful nonsense but foreign secretary’s speech cheered up Manchester conference no end
Boris Johnson Intervenes On Brexit Again Ahead Of Tory Party Conference Boris Johnson has intervened on Brexit yet again, putting Theresa May under fresh pressure ahead of the Tory party conference.
Green party co-leader to call on Conservatives to sack Boris Johnson Jonathan Bartley will tell his party’s conference that the foreign secretary is a ‘poison’ and a ‘human wrecking ball’
Tory MPs call on Theresa May to sack Boris Johnson as infighting dominates party conference TORY ministers piled pressure on Theresa May last night by demanding she sack rogue Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. Boris stole much-needed limelight from the PM when he outlined his “red lines” for Brexit in an exclusive interview with The Sun on the eve of the Conservative Party conference in Manchester. May had planned to reach […]
Boris Johnson tops poll of Tory activists to be next party leader despite calls for Theresa May to sack him over Brexit meddling BORIS Johnson has surged back to the top of the rankings for who Tory activists want to be their next leader despite calls for Theresa May to sack him over his Brexit meddling. The Foreign Secretary leads the monthly ConservativeHome survey on 21 per cent as Jacob Rees Mogg sits in second place on 15, […]
Chile election: Conservative Sebastian Pinera takes lead Ex-president Sebastián Piñera is on course to win the first round, but may fail to avoid a run-off.
@Conservatives: Watch the Conservative Party Chairman Patrick McLoughlin address Conservative Party Conference 2017.
Britain Elections: David Cameron's Conservative Party in Lead Cameron's chances have never looked better. So why are the Tories so glum?
Merkel’s Conservative Party Secures Big Victory in State Election Merkel’s Conservative Party Secures Big Victory in State Election Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party on Sunday secured a surprisingly big victory in Germany’s northernmost state, according to initial results, dashing hopes from the rival center-left Social Democrats ahead of the national vote in September.
Poland’s Ruling Center-Right Party Loses Election to Conservative Rival Poland’s Ruling Center-Right Party Loses Poland’s ruling center-right party lost a local election on Sunday to its conservative rival, its first election defeat in seven years and a litmus test of popular sentiment ahead of a parliamentary vote that may lead to a change of the national government next year
U.K. Conservative Party Wins Key Local Election Dealing Blow to Labour U.K. Conservative Party Wins Local Election Dealing Blow to Labour Trudy Harrison won a seat that the center-left Labour Party had held for decades, giving Prime Minister Theresa May a boost before she formally starts the U.K.’s negotiations on leaving the European Union.
FM Kurz’s Conservative party leads in Austrian snap election, right-wing FPO second – exit polls Read Full Article at RT.com
Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson to Appear on Election Ballots in All 50 States Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson to Appear on Ballots in All 50 States Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s campaign said that he will be on the ballot in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, marking the first time in two decades a third-party presidential ticket has appeared on every state ballot.
Theresa May has apologised to Conservative Party members for not securing the victory they hoped for in June's general election.
Germany's rightwing AfD party could lead opposition after election Scandals have failed to dent popularity of anti-immigration AfD, which latest polls put in third place on 11% of the votes Rightwing populists could make up the biggest opposition force in the next German parliament after a series of scandals appear to have galvanised rather than weakened the chances of the far-right in next Sunday’s election. The Eurosceptic, anti-immigration Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party has pulled up to third place in four of the last five polls conducted. A survey published on Sunday by the polling institute Em
How did the IRS know that Boris Johnson sold his house?
Does the Conservative Party of Canada have a ban on abortion in its platform? It would either be an outright ban (outlawed) or a ban on the public funding part (health care being all public in Canada). But I'm just asking: is there such a thing in their platform?
What does 'Become a scarlet letter' mean for a Senator who took advantage of the ‘Tea Party’ wave in the mid-term election? I came across a phrase, senators who become a scarlet letter, in an article of today’s Washington Post (Jan.29) titled "Tea Party Caucus holds first meeting without some who had embraced banner." The ...
Boris Group or 'the' Boris Group? Is article omission an error? From a native speaker standpoint, would it look OK if a company whose name follows the "X Group" pattern omits the use of the definite article when presenting itself on its website, like this (name ...
What’s the point of a party running with a list in the federal election if it cannot possibly pass the electoral threshold? This question is about the German federal election. Through a series of weird events, I learnt about the existence of a minor party called Magdeburger Gartenpartei, which apparently focusses only on the city of Magdeburg in the state of Sachsen-Anhalt. This party is running for the German federal election 2017, however they are running per list (Landesliste) only in the state of Sachsen-Anhalt¹ and only have one candidate running for a direct mandate (Direktkandidat)². For this election, this means that they cannot possibly get a seat by list, as this would mean that they have to surpass one of the following two electoral thresholds (Sperrklausel): 5 % of the proportional votes (Zweitstimmen). This cannot happen since Sachsen-Anhalt only makes for 2.7 % of the German population. Three direct mandates (Direktmandate). This cannot happen since they are only running for one direct mandate. This poses three questions: Did I make any mistake in the above assessment? For this party, what’s the point of running with a list? For the electoral administration, what’s the rationale of admitting this list, when every vote for them has the same effect as an invalid vote? ¹ according to Wahlrecht.de ² according to the stastical office of Sachsen-Anhalt and assuming that they do not have direct candidates in other states
Was it only Johnson & Johnson which hid the link between its Talcum powder and Cancer risk? [closed] Recently a woman successfully sued Johnson & Johnson for not giving enough warnings about the Cancer causing risks of its baby powder. But why only Johnson & Johnson? Do other Talcum powder ...
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