Latest opinion polls: Conservative regain one point lead over Labour

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  • [25-09] On #Paterson @lisanandy says Labour are neck and neck in the polls with Conservatives. Actually we have a 4 point lead
  • [12-11] Top win Australia! 10-point lead to take to Perth to regain the Cormac MacAnallen Trophy. It's not as good as the r…
  • [27-11] "#Labour ahead in every poll".Have you LOOKED at the opinion polls regarding:🔵Preferred Prime Minister?🔵Preferre…
  • [09-10] #Labour has taken a decisive lead in the polls - the public now thinks Corbyn would make a better PM than May
  • [21-09] Germany votes this weekend as opinion polls suggest Angela Merkel is heading for 4 more years at the top. Latest from Berlin #bbcgms 0645
  • [04-12] I’m afraid Doug Jones’ current 1-point lead in the polls is inaccurate due to the shame effect. Many people won’t a…
  • [01-12] Good #AL #VoteRoyMoore BREAKING: Judge #RoyMoore Takes Lead in Latest Polls - STEVE BANNON to Campaign with Moore Next
  • [03-12] (Unelectable?!!) #Corbyn led #Labour take an 8 point lead over #Tories yet still right wing Labour attack Corbyn...…
  • [03-12] #Labour open up eight-point lead over Tories in new poll
  • [17-09] In the 90s #Labour had a 40 point lead among #Catholic voters. In 2017 it's just two. They need #CatholicsforLabour
  • [03-12] Here's one you'll not hear about on #marr or #peston - Labour have an eight point lead - 'landslide' - from only correct p
  • [09-10] FM: "The latest poll shows the SNP has a 17 point lead over our nearest rival." #SNP17
  • [01-11] Latest poll gives Pro-Independence vote 5 point lead over Unionists ... 48.7% vs 43.6% #Catalonia
  • [24-11] #Labour #Conservative Conservative cabinet members, who are all millionaires, do not use publicly funded educationa…
  • [26-09] Chukka (et al) wants Labour to lead the country, all Momentum wants is for Corbyn to lead the Labour Party. #Newsnight
  • [18-09] Falcons fans: "You can't blow a 25 point lead if you never actually take a 25 point lead." #GBvsATL
  • [03-10] SET: Henderson picks out D12 to edge the third set 3-2 and regain the overall lead at 2-1! #WorldGrandPrix
  • [17-09] HOLD: Van Barneveld takes out 82 to regain the lead at 2-1. #BBCDarts
  • [06-10] #LasVegas #IRMA The Camry may regain the U.S. sales lead over the RAV4
  • [04-11] #lcfc regain the lead after a fantastic run and finish from @Mahrez22. #StkLei
  • [30-11] If the #LAKings are to regain official 1st place in the Pacific, they’ll have to lead outright in points vs Vegas,…
  • [21-11] The Greek Freak with a big block on Wall and the #Bucs regain the lead by two In Milwaukee against the #Wizards.
  • [30-09] Heelan stuffs a Tiger fake FG at the 25 to regain possession with 4:44 left and a 14-7 lead. #iahsfb
  • [15-11] Well said Dean Smith: "I won't be led by opinion polls. Something is either right or it is wrong. I won't be rollin…
  • [05-10] The difference between a #Conservative and #Labour voter. #Tory supporters want good things for everyone, Labour just want it for themselves
  • [04-10] The Conservative Party couldn't even reach 200 seats between 1997-2009. In 2017, Labour got 262. But Labour are "be…
  • [15-10] pontus needs to regain his edge and the midfield 5 need to regain their intensity and all will be well with the world #lufc
  • [09-10] #GermanElections: Angela Merkel's conservative union gets 32.5 pct of vote, main rival SPD 20 pct, AfD 13.5 pct: exit polls ht
  • [29-11] I'd like to see the opinion polls figures on "would you like to see pro life men deal with their personal shit and…
  • [10-10] @AntUGD At the moment opinion polls don't appear to be supporting it but I do believe tide is on the turn as the fu…
  • [06-12] .@markgkenny “recent polls hint at a narrowing”...put down the crack pipe dude...haven’t you seen the latest DISAST…
  • [13-12] This Conservative Government will deliver for the people of the UK as we leave the EU. What would Labour do? #PMQs htt
Latest opinion polls: Conservative regain one point lead over Labour
"Roy Moore wouldn't have a 10 pt lead for the Win?" He doesn't have a ten point lead. In fact he's behind is several polls.
No. However, I vote for who I most agree with - voting only for who is most likely to win is just plain stupid. It IS enormously important so I'm impatient to know the result. Here in the UK, a general election makes great political TV for insomniacs. We vote by pencil and paper - none of that unreliable voting machine stuff - so it's all counted by hand and the big rush of constituency (electoral district) results comes in around 2-3 am. There's an informal race between the geographically small town and city constituencies most likely to declare a result first (the record is 45 minutes, so that'll be 10.45 after polls close at 10 pm) but most will take a few hours longer, and the really rural ones might not manage a declaration until next morning. Labour are most popular in cities, they're likely to declare earlier, so it can often look as if Labour are in the lead early on. But are they really? There will be speculation on TV about the swing in those constituencies... will this mean anything for the overall result? Maybe not, after all the Conservative results come in later. At which point I tend to nod off on the sofa. At any rate, we should know who the next government is by breakfast, or if we don't, we know it's heading for a tight result. Love it, but staying awake to follow it is another matter.
Any Democrat will crush him according to polls. And Trump and he's supporters are denying that with there beyond overused "same polls that had Hillary win?". Its so predictable. Her national lead was within the margin of error, she won 3 million more votes, The polls also had trump leading in all the swing states that he won. So the polls were spot on. But Trump supporters don't understand that either. For that reason the next election going to be a huge upset because Trump supporters wont take the Democrats lead seriously.
Because we're stupid. How do I know we're stupid? Because there is a viable alternative that would ensure we'd never have to suffer the indignities of a Conservative government we never voted for ever again. And eighty percent of votes cast in Scotland weren't for that party. See? We're stupid. Anyone outwith that twenty percent of voters; stupid. Voting Labour, like so many fools did; stupid. Because now we've got all those Labour MP's and we STILL likely end up with a Conservative government. What therefore was the point of voting Labour? Oh wait, there wasn't one. I'm not sure what to make of your point about the Tories having a majority of nine without Scotland. If it's intended to be a 'see, it's Scotland's fault' you're on a hiding to nothing. You could as easily blame all those seats in England who returned a Labour MP. Edit - Sanny.. you normally vote SNP but you didn't vote... I greatly hope you've got a decent reason. Aberdeen Tyke... do all Yorkshiremen use words like 'quite vile?' Anyway, my point. If you think Salmonds vile, I'm interested to note that you don't seem to apply the same standard to Brown or the exceptionally smarmy Cameron. Neither of whom I would trust any further than Salmond. I might be a party member but wee Eck's a politician; I don't actually trust any of them to any great degree.
He's more believable than either Clinton and he has a 5 point lead in the polls. OH BOO HOO.
That's utterly ridiculous. They are not and never were socialists. Their (successful) aim was to drum any socialism out of the Labour Party and to continue the monetarist policies which Thatcher started in the 1980s, with a slightly more human face. EDIT: Ralf - I did vote for the Labour candidate in the last 4 elections. In 1997 and 2001 with a genuine belief that something different might arise. In 2005 and 2010 as an anti-Conservative vote in a Labour-Conservative marginal. My 2015 vote will be geared only towards unseating the chinless Tory prat who is currently my MP. If Labour is best placed, that's how I'll vote. I do hate what Blair and Brown did to the Labour Party, but worry that the party can't see that no one is genuinely excited and convinced by what they have to offer. The only positive thing which can be said about the Labour Party is that they aren't quite as shite as the other main parties. If you want to interpret that as an unequivocal endorsement of the Labour Party, and paint me as a Labour activist, then you haven't understood a word.
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/r/AskReddit is the greatest sinkhole of popular opinion anywhere on this planet and that is the entire point of reddit itself -- the homogenization of thought through popular opinion of and as popular media.
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Is there a word that describes the need to form one's own opinion of someone new, rather than blindly accepting the opinion of a third party? I had a hard time trying to word this and I hope I didn't over-think it and make a total mess of it. I just can't think of a word even close and its driving me crazy. lol I'm interested to hear all opinions and suggestions.
How might the Framers of the Constitution have viewed public opinion polls?
Did the public opinion polls show support of the Iraq war? Yes, about 80%, apparently.
What did US public opinion polls show about support for the Vietnam War? An America that was equally divided.
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