Can you tell the Conservative and Labour 2015 election manifestos apart?

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  • Edinburgh councillor blogs – Councillor Joanna MowatJoanna Mowat is the Conservative councillor for the City Centre Ward. At Thursday’s council meeting the council adopted the coalition plan for the next five years based on principles in both the SNP and Labour Group manifestos.   As the opposition, the Conservative Group hold the administration to account, and here Councillor Mowat offers us her views on the plan – which you can read in full…View On WordPress
  • The Labour leader, a career-long Eurosceptic, has not agreed to recalibrate the party’s position on Brexit because he has fundamentally changed his mind about the EU. But Mr Corbyn is more of a politician than his detractors or his admirers often acknowledge. On some things, at least, he can do pragmatism and triangulation as well as any of the other grubby compromisers in the rough old trade. His inner circle and his allies in the shadow cabinet include both Eurosceptics and Europhiles. He has surely noticed – everyone else certainly has – the dislocation between his views about the EU and those of the crowd who adored him at Glastonbury. The younger voters who helped him to upset election expectations in June are overwhelmingly opposed to Brexit, as are many of his most passionate devotees within the party. A poll for Labour List, conducted before the announcement of this shift, found a substantial majority of party members thought Labour had not adopted a Brexit policy that was sufficiently different to that of the Tories.A sniff of power has wafted into Labour nostrils since June, and that mind-concentrating scent has influenced the mood at the top of the party. The shadow cabinet has had to think about what they would face if this minority Conservative government were to collapse and an early election propelled Labour into power to take charge of the Brexit negotiations. In the probably more likely scenario that the election comes later, Labour would obviously hope to reap a dividend at the ballot box if the Tories have delivered a bad Brexit deal or a disastrous no deal.
  • It looks like nothing can stop the Corbyn surge. It just took Scotland by storm. The Labour leader has leapt 62 points in personal approval ratings in a year, according to YouGov. Theresa May, meanwhile, has plummeted by 62: This is significant in the battle for Downing Street. In Scotland, Labour was the dominant power until it lost most of its seats to the SNP. So the country is key to the party winning the next election.Now on +20, Corbyn is the most popular politician in Scotland, according to the poll. Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson trails on +17, while SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has neutral approval ratings. May has nosedived to -49.Corbyn’s popularity isn’t all that surprising, considering his progressive credentials. In Scotland, SNP supporters are actually more left-wing than their Labour counterparts, according to a study by Strathclyde University. And more broadly, Scottish people are well to the left of the rest of Britain on a variety of issues, according to YouGov.‘Labour Party members are not passive onlookers’The results may boost Scottish Labour leadership candidate Richard Leonard. The MSP for Central Scotland is up against Anas Sarwar, who signed a letter in 2016 calling for Corbyn to resign because he didn’t provide an “effective opposition”.By contrast, Leonard signed a letter defending him:Labour Party members are not passive onlookers to be used and exploited at election time, only to be ignored thereafter – they are the lifeblood of our party, we are nothing without them… we therefore want to make it clear that we wish to uphold the democratic rights of Labour Party members and support the democratically elected leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.There has been a dramatic shift in opinion towards Corbyn in Scotland. The poll suggests a Scottish Labour united behind his platform could flank the SNP from the left at the next general election. On top of her -49 approval ratings, this is bad news for May and her party.Get Involved!– Read both the Scottish Labour leadership candidates’ pitches to voters in full here.Featured image via David Mirzoeff
  • ‘Hold your horses!’ Jon Snow gets a classic Rees-Mogg tongue-lashing during heated TV row The Conservative MP told Snow it was “most uncharacteristic” as they rowed over whether the result of the General Election was “a shambles”. Theresa May met with Tory backbenchers at the 1922 Committee on Monday to take responsibility for losing the Conservative majority in the vote last week. Speaking on Channel 4 News, Snow described the election as a “shambles” for the UK. He said: “Do you… View On WordPress
  • Election manifesto blues: For breakthroughsGrowth is the outcome of traditional inputs like labor and capital and factor productivity. In today’sopen and liberalized economy, productivity is the key for sustained high growth Illustration: Ratna Sagar Shrestha/THT In the post historical political change era also, election manifestos could not be catalysts and game changers at the operational level, particularly from the standpoint of the…View On WordPress
  • [04-10] I updated my election blog post on Latent Semantic Analysis of election manifestos to include word loadings.
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  • [01-10] Politics manifestos.... mean fuck all unless money is available, fuck #labour, fuck #conservatives, #brexit means brexit. Speak the truth
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  • [19-11] SNP responses to #RichardLeonard election so far.1. Labour are divided.2. Labour are now too leftwing.And that's
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  • [01-10] #Marr Jeremy Corbyn is Labour's best asset, Theresa May is Labour's second best asset just edging out Boris. Conservative
  • [13-10] Not just #PhilipHammond should ho, the entire conservative government should resign. General election NOW!
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  • [20-11] Great to be a part of the #Scottish #Labour leadership #election this year. Learn more about the election:
Can you tell the Conservative and Labour 2015 election manifestos apart?
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U.K. Conservative Party Wins Local Election Dealing Blow to Labour Trudy Harrison won a seat that the center-left Labour Party had held for decades, giving Prime Minister Theresa May a boost before she formally starts the U.K.’s negotiations on leaving the European Union.
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