Comment: We cannot lose Mhairi Black from Westminster

We must not lose Mhairi Black MP from Westminster, argues Heather Saul.
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  • Mhairi Black mouthed 'you talk s****e hen' at Tory MP
  • 18th October 2017 "Forcing people into hunger does not incentivise work." The SNP's Mhairi Black MP gives her view on the...
  • Good piece by Jamie Ross and amazing speech by Mhairi Black. She ripped labour to shreds.
  • For today’s #theobserver #comment on the recent sexual assault scandals. For victims speaking out is a lose/lose. Speak out and...
  • "Comment: Lecherous MPs are finally being exposed. But the problem reaches far beyond Westminster" has been added to my site....
  • [10-10] Mhairi Black 'Why would Westminster want to keep us if we we're genuinely a financial burden?' #SNP17
  • [24-07] Mhairi Black: Progressive Labour supporters should work with SNP
  • [30-10] Mhairi Black worst performing MP - shows up to votes the least
  • [11-10] Mhairi Black: Why should we put #indyref2 on the ‘back burner?’ #SNP17
  • [12-08] Mhairi Black: Has anybody worked out what Labour's position on leaving the #EU actually is? (From The National)
  • [11-10] The moment where Mhairi Black absolutely eviscerated Corbyn in the best way #SNP17
  • [12-10] Mhairi Black Speech to #snp17 Drop in at 1.05 Are you sitting comfortably?
  • [10-10] Independence must not be put on the backburner, Mhairi Black tells SNP conference #SNP17
  • [11-10] “Let us ensure that we are always unapologetically radical," Mhairi Black told #SNP17 conference
  • [10-10] Mhairi Black says she is 'so disappointed' with Jeremy Corbyn at SNP conference in #Glasgow #SNP17…
  • [10-10] Mhairi Black 'The real question is, can Scotland afford not to be independent? ' #SNP17
  • [29-08] ? Mhairi Black: Labour should commit to retaining membership permanently. #indyref
  • [10-10] Does Mhairi Black realise just how helpful she is to the SNP's opponents with bonkers quotes like this? #snp17
  • [11-10] Mhairi Black calls for Scotland to have its own "publicly-owned public broadcaster" #SNP17
  • [10-10] Mhairi Black, who became an MP before she graduated university, calls on the SNP to reject "career politicians". #SNP17
  • [08-10] #SNP17 Please sketch Mhairi Black headbutting labour councillor while holding a can of red stripe.
  • [07-11] 'Baby of the House' Mhairi Black in front of the #scotnight cameras earlier. Join us at 10:30 to see the interview. ht
  • [11-10] “Don’t dare spread fear and utter drivel about an independent Scotland" Mhairi Black took aim at Corbyn #SNP17 :
  • [05-11] #illustration #theobserver #comment on the recent sexual assault scandals. For victims speaking out is a lose/lose.…
  • [12-10] 'I thought, finally, someone normal & sensible to work with in London.. instead we got more of the same London spin' Mhairi Black on #Corbyn
  • [04-10] If rich, Black NFLers r afraid 2 protest inequality when they have ? 2 lose, how do u expect more from poor Black men? #TakeAKnee #Cowards
  • [16-10] The most recent #YouGov poll suggested that the #Tories would lose 8 of their 13 Scottish MPs at the next #Westminster electi
  • [09-10] You can never trust Westminster #Scotref #Indyref2 How black gold was hijacked: North sea oil and the betrayal of
  • [04-11] #tories #westminster 3 bits of bad news ministers buried during the Westminster sex pest scandal
  • [19-09] Carabao Cup starts tomorrow. Comment below the big teams (Premier League) to lose! #CarabaoCup
  • [11-11] Comment être averti des promotions du Black Friday
  • [16-11] That pic of an all white #Trump administration is the answer to his question of what do black ppl have to lose #Morningjoe
Comment: We cannot lose Mhairi Black from Westminster
We must not lose Mhairi Black MP from Westminster, argues Heather Saul.
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Did Hillary Clinton lose the election because she's not a black pansexual muslim genderqueer?
Current Events is it right to name and show photos of the Westminster Terrorist attacker like this?
Mhairi Black: SNP must be confident to win independence
She told delegates: 'Scotland is a hugely wealthy country... Google it if you don't believe me.'
Mhairi Black: why should we put indyref2 on the ‘back burner?’
SNP MP Mhari Black has hit out at those who want nationalists to put independence “on the back burner” in the wake of June’s general election.
Mhairi Black mocks Theresa May at SNP conference – video
The Paisley and Renfrewshire South MP pokes fun at the prime minister by faking a cough. Speaking at the Scottish National party conference on Tuesday, Black says she is 'still suffering from a bit of a cough, but that the sign behind her 'is quite sturdy'. Black was mocking May's Tory conference speech, which was interrupted by a coughing fit and letters falling from the backdrop
Mhairi Black: 'I am so disappointed in Jeremy Corbyn' – video
Mhairi Black has criticised the Labour leader at the SNP conference in Glasgow. The MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South says she was heartened to see Jeremy Corbyn elected because he was someone 'normal' to deal with in London, but he has failed to live up to her expectations
Mhairi Black says Jeremy Corbyn has been "spreading drivel
Mhairi Black has branded Jeremy Corbyn a “disappointment” and accused the Labour leader of “spreading drivel” about independence.
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There has been little good news to come out of our police service over the last four years since the SNP government railroaded through their botched centralisation.
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Mhairi Black 'Ridiculous to fork out for palaces' - BBC News - SNP MP Mhairi Black criticises the decision to pay for the refurbishment of Buckingham Palace when the state pension age has been raised for some women.
Mhairi Black passionately debates to halt the #UniversalCredit rollout - 18/10/2017.
Janey Godley Voice over ELECTION SPECIAL with Mhairi Black - some more of my election special voice overs.
Comment I know it looks grisly, but don't give up on Westminster yet Conservative benches are - Comment I know it looks grisly, but don't give up on Westminster yet - Conservative benches are fizzing with talent. After the concerning revelations of the past ...
Journalists Comment on the Westminster Sexual Harassment Scandal | Good Morning Britain - Subscribe now for more! Andrew Pierce and Kevin Maguire join Good Morning Britain to voice their opinions on the ongoing sexual ...
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