Letters: Leaving the EU would have grave consequences for Britain

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  • Comment: Does Brexit mean no more Irish racehorses competing in England?Across the Irish Sea, they are finally waking up to a disaster looming over the future of one their chief economic sectors, which also has huge implications for Britain. At last week’s Dublin Horse Show, a “Brexit Equine Forum” discussed the consequences for Ireland’s horse racing and bloodstock industries of Britain’s decision, by leaving the European Economic Area, to become what the EU calls a…View On WordPress
  • Theresa May to make landmark Brexit speech in Florence on September 22Theresa May will fly to Florence next week to set out her vision of post-Brexit Britain in her most important speech about the EU since January. Downing Street announced that the Prime Minister would speak in Italy on Friday, September 22 and had chosen the venue to show that Britain was “leaving the EU but not leaving Europe”. Mrs May is expected to give fresh details about the future…View On WordPress
  • First off, my name is T. We’ll just leave it at that. My online persona Etiaos is a combination of the 6 most used letters in the English alphabet. This blog will serve as a way for me to monitor my daily thoughts, actions and their consequences. All in an effort to better not only myself, but the lives of those around me.
  • When I speak to people who voted for Brexit and ask them if they wanted to come out of the EU Single Market, most of them don’t understand the question. They tell me “everything will be alright” but can’t explain to me what exactly it was they did or didn’t want on the massive list of issues that must be now be resolved. I find this position extremely annoying, if nothing else, that they don’t want to discuss it rationally and that some kind of magical blind faith system will fix all the problems that they didn’t want to address at the time of the vote. What exactly did they all want? The government is taking the position that Brexit meant coming out of the EU Single Market, the common trading platform for business. This will have a profound effect on the way Britain does business with Europe in future. Yet, Brexiters didn’t primarily vote for this, they voted for reasons of immigration and sovereignty. Not understanding the linkages between things such as this, has led us all to this rather bizarre situation where the government does not know exactly what the people wanted. The consequences of leaving the EU Single Market for business are hugely important. It will mean Britain must accept all legislation from the EU in order to trade with it, yet have no control over the drafting of it. The government can’t even agree on these issues collectively at the moment. What do you think?
  • UK net migration hits three-year low after Brexit voteIs this the Brexit effect? Net migration to Britain has fallen to its lowest level in three years, with more than half the drop down to EU citizens leaving and fewer arriving, Net migration fell by 81,000 to 246,000 in the 12 months to the end of March. The biggest fall came among members of eight eastern European countries, including Poland and Hungary. Many came to Britain hoping for better…View On WordPress
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Letters: Leaving the EU would have grave consequences for Britain
Michel Barnier, said the British people need to be educated about the consequences of leaving the single market?
How long until Britain ends up having a civil-war after leaving the EU?
how long until Britain ends up having a civil-war after leaving the EU?
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Investors Shrug Off Possibility of Britain Leaving the EU
Investors Shrug Off Possibility of Britain Leaving the EU Investors have become so sure that the U.K. won’t vote to leave the EU next month, they have made little provision for Brexit and could be unpleasantly surprised should polls and bookmakers turn out to be wrong.
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