Pensioners with sense of purpose live two years longer than cynics

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  • What could be the purpose of these enigmatic artifacts that were being produced with skill and precision up to 5000 years ago? The postulation that they are simple projectiles seems itself too simple. But does ‘Earth Grid Theory’ push their possible purpose to an unreasonably complex extreme? Which explanation makes most sense to you? Read more…
  • You Don’t Find Your Purpose — You Build It Damien Gavios/EyeEm/Getty Images “How do I find my purpose?” Ever since Daniel Gulati, Oliver Segovia, and I published Passion & Purpose six years ago, I’ve received hundreds of questions — from younger and older people alike — about purpose. We’re all looking for purpose. Most of us feel that we’ve never found it, we’ve lost it, or in some way we’re falling short. But in the midst of all this… View On WordPress
  • Preview: SummerStage 2017 Back in 1986, the City Parks Foundation created SummerStage in the spirt of Central Park’s original purpose — to serve as a free, public resource to help culturally enrich the lives of New Yorkers through live concerts, dance performances, and other cultural events.  And the festival’s first few years revealed relatively humble beginnings as its first few years of live… View On WordPress
  • this has been increasingly strong influence on my cognition and perspective for twelve years, as of this december. This winter will be my 46th bday, 12th anniversary of no longer being part of the real world, and I fear… the last knell of me having the ability to … what… live? be alive / pretend to be alive I’ve lost everything and I can sense the loss of the real memory of what’s gone - it’s just a story, mostly, now. Pain and the cheapest available cell are all of reality. 
  • I feel as though I no longer speak for myself- I no longer act and do for myself. I defend others, though I do not defend myself. I behave to make others happy, though I have yet to make myself happy. I allow myself to behave as though my own well being is meaningless. Why? Why do is it that I’ll kiss a stranger because they asked me to, but I can’t even wake myself up in the morning with a shred of concern about my own well being? Why am I so self destructive? There are times where I’m not necessarily doing it on purpose. I’ll just do the next reckless thing that comes into my sight. I can take charge of my life, and anyone can tell me that as well… but what if I don’t want to? What if I want to continue to live on autopilot while anyone takes me along for whatever ride they wish. Why am I like this?
  • [09-10] #Indians would live four years longer on cleaner #air
  • [25-10] "Sense of purpose is key to exceptional performance in the workplace" People-Purpose-Performance #JenniferThomas #ScotConf17 @
  • [04-11] Jim Stamper suggests a Scottish independence campaign could be 'Pensioners not Projectiles'. Spend on pensioners no…
  • [15-10] Goals have a beginning and an end. Purpose doesn’t. Purpose is what we live for. – Tony Dungy #sportstar #seahawks
  • [20-09] There is so much life to live while here. I won't die underachieving in my own SOUL PURPOSE #passion #purpose…
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  • [02-11] Thanks Clare, we've taken away a renewed sense of purpose and determination. #ACFID2017
  • [05-10] Good #leadership is creating a sense of purpose for people #HR #CEO
  • [03-10] @UN_Spokesperson @UN @antonioguterres This body is no longer fit for purpose. We need to be talking to #Russia and…
  • [10-11] Well thanks #LarryDavid I can no longer use the 'accidental text on purpose ruse' thanks to you. Now what? #CurbYourEnthusiasm
  • [25-09] Booo - #RioFerdinand's plan to box professionally is to 'find a sense of purpose' -
  • [08-10] #45 and his moron remarks give me a headache. He's a 'little man' with no sense of purpose. #UnfitToBePresident…
  • [25-09] @OffencePolice @jimwaterson Yep. But #Labour, post John Smith, has lost its sense of purpose.
  • [15-08] When #God leads you to find your purpose and you passionately serve un-reluctantly, happiness and a sense of fulfilment
  • [21-09] #sppc17 +ve unintended consequence of breathlessness- better personal relationships, sense of purpose and focus, resili
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  • [02-11] Charlotte Wright: Optimum aim is 'to share in that sense of purpose that is sustainable economic growth' #ScotEcon17
  • [28-09] Move in purpose, on purpose & with purpose. Make sure that your actions today will lead you to your ultimate goal! #focus #goals #leadership
  • [25-08] The world needs you and the purpose for which you were born. #God gave you your purpose. Your life's fulfillment is in your purpose.
  • [20-08] When you make a #Brexit gag at the Fringe, the audience no longer laughs – what has happened to our sense of humour? h
  • [13-11] What, exactly, is your purpose, #JohnKelly? Where did your sense of self-preservation switch from defending your co…
  • [10-11] Well thanks #LarryDavid I can no longer use the 'accidental text on purpose ruse' thanks to you. Now what? #CurbYourEnthusiasm
Pensioners with sense of purpose live two years longer than cynics
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Moses lived 120 years, and tradition says no one can live longer, so why do they? Genesis 6:3: And the LORD said: 'My spirit shall not abide in man for ever, for that he also is flesh; therefore shall his days be a hundred and twenty years.' In Deut. 34:7 the age of Moses upon his ...
Is there any difference between “a … sense of purpose” and “a sense of … purpose”? There’s an English-Japanese dictionary giving identical Japanese words for “a common sense of purpose” and “a sense of common purpose.” I’m wondering if both of the expressions are the same in meaning....
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HTC Sense live wallpaper picker Is there a way to set the image preview for the HTC Sense 4+ live wallpaper chooser? Currently, it just scales my thumbnail to a much larger size, which makes it look pretty bad. Here is an image of ...
Does it make sense to say “someone is the reason and purpose for me of doing something?” I'd like to put this in acknowledgements of my dissertation, expressing that someone is very important to me: X is the reason and purpose for me of writing this dissertation. But is that a ...
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How many pensioners are there in Britain? 12.000.000
How To Live 4-8 Years Longer (Studies) - Studies! If you love watching my videos then toss me a one-time tip at PayPal.Me/kevindrake714 to help me stay fan-funded. Support me on Patreon: ...
Justin Bieber - No Sense (PURPOSE : The Movement) ft. Travi$ Scott - Purpose' Available Everywhere Now! iTunes: Stream & Add To Your Spotify Playlist
Finding a sense of higher purpose | Richard Gerver | TEDxUnisinos - apresentou que sistemas e estruturas não mudam as coisas, quem muda são as pessoas. Ele falou sobre um professor chamado David: “Meus professores me ...
Jamie Smart coaches Jeanie on finding her sense of purpose and direction - During a module of the Certified Clarity Coach Training programme, Jamie coaches Jeanie around something that's been with her for many years; the search for ...
LIVE: Athene's Official Religion Gives You Purpose (Purpose cryptocurrency, 2x, no scammerino) - Livestream: Athene on Snapchat: TheRealAthene The Real Talk Podcast: ...
BBC Proms: 2017: Proms in the Park - Live from Glasgow -- Goosebumps illustrator on 25 years of scaring children -- Six years on people are still celebrating Ed Balls Day -- Rents fall for first time in six years --
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